Ed Markey’s Allies Play the “acting white” Card….

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Under normal circumstances Ed Markey’s election to the Senate should be a cakewalk.  He has a ton of money 36 years of experience in congress and favors to call in and is running in a D +20 state that was carried by the president overwhelming in 2012.

One would think this would be enough, but when you are a career pol at a time when the congress is less popular and trusted than use car salesman, when you’ve just disposed of the favorite of organized Labor in a primary, facing an outsider with a great story, who has an ethnic connection to a base you would normally put efforts into delivering to the polls you get worried.  You start running negative ads even if they risk bringing up the visibility of your lesser known opponent (am I the only one who noticed Gomez face is washed out in those ads to make him look less Hispanic?)

But what happens when even after running those ads things like this happen.

the highly respected Cook Political Report has just changed its rating on the Massachusetts US Senate race from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.”

And suddenly for Ed Markey things are a lot worse.

A Senate Race in Massachusetts that would normally be ignored by the smart money in the GOP nationally suddenly decides it’s worth sending money and foot soldiers to take your opponent over the finish line and maybe, just maybe, a few ambitious democrats who think they belong in that senate seat instead of him might decide they don’t mind a Gomez victory figuring they can pull an Elizabeth Warren in a year so they give public support, but drag their feet on the heavy lifting.

Now you have to do something. What what do you do. Normally you would try to maximize your base, say turn out the Hispanic neighborhoods that are vital to Democrats in a close race, but can you and your allies risk bringing Hispanic voters to the polls where they’ll see a ballot with the name “Gomez” on it?

Well you and your allies might be reduced to this:

¿Qué es un LINO? (what is a Latino in Name Only)

Seriously, folks SERIOUSLY?

Gomez is the quintessential American story, a son of Colombian immigrants, Spanish as his first language, worked hard, joined the service, became a Navy Pilot,  Navy seal and afterwards a successful businessman and he’s Latino in name only.

Tell me what isn’t Latino enough about him? the Navy Pilot bit?  The Navy Seal bit?  The Successful businessman bit?  Or maybe it’s the hard work?  Is El Planeta and Jerry Villacres seriously trying to tell their Spanish language readers that a guy who manages all these things doesn’t represent the Latino community?  Talk about advancing a racist EBT card stereotype.

This is the type of thing that a candidate does when he’s scared.  It means although Gomez has a tough road to climb he has a real shot of winning this race…

as long as he doesn’t do anything foolish….