Why do I see #Freekate when I read #teamsnowden?

I’ll wager Greenwald and Firedoglake would not have been crying over Winston Wood Bolt.

DTG blog Sept 30, 2011

John Breen:  Who were you going to shoot?

Beau Merritt:  The winner

John Breen:  Whose side are you on anyway?

Beau Merritt:  Mine

The Fighting Kentuckian 1949


Yesterday after declaring my impression of Edward Snowden as being between 1 & 2 on the Rosenburg, Roeder, Brutus Rommel scale? I got a bit of blowback by people who insisted that Edward Snowden was a hero.

I heard the same on twitter from someone who I might normally agree with.


Stacy McCain has also noticed the same kind of pushback as he’s been less willing to give Mr. Snowden a pass.

We know why the Left loves Snowden: Because they hate America.

Anyone who damages U.S. prestige and undermines America’s national security, they love. You know

Let’s point out that the same Glenn Greenwald who is pushing Snowden is the same Greenwald who was crying foul at the drone death of Al-awlaki two years ago. You know the Al Awlaki who is the reason why Molly Norris is still in hiding.

The most interesting this about the rush by many to crown Snowden their hero is how similar this is to the same rush to judgement on Kate Hunt from just a few weeks ago.

Kate Hunt with full knowledge and after warnings to the contrary violated Florida law by a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old minor. The police report was pretty clear and like the Snowden case the facts concerning the violation of law were not in dispute.

Yet the media dashed to crown Ms. Hunt as Saint Kate of the Blessed Finger and if you dared suggested anything different, you were a racist, bigot sexist homophobe.

If the story had ended at that point then we might still see Kate Hunt celebrated in the news, but time and 3 weeks of solid reporting transformed the Hunt family from a media juggernaut that raised tens of thousands in a few days to being reduced to holding fundraisers at local gay bars as support slipped away.

As the days go by we are going to learn a whole lot more about Edward Snowden. For example we can conclude Sheldon’s Cooper’s words “He must be very skilled at Coitus” doubtless applies to Mr. Snowden given these photos of his lady but while an interesting conjecture that will doubtless produce a lot of hits at the Daily Caller this doesn’t reliably inform us of his motives nor change the three facts that we have in evidence:

Edward Snowden violated federal law and his oath.

Edward Snowden leaked a highly classified security program

Edward Snowden fled to a Communist Country our single biggest rival/enemy

So if you are on the Snowden is a hero bandwagon right now, I suggest you sit back and read Stacy McCain’s entire Free Kate thread from first to last.  Then follow Legal Insurrection’s example.

I’m very suspicious of Snowden’s motives and modus operandi in conveniently dropping the bombshells at a critical time to ease Chinese cyber-espionage diplomatic problems, and then conveniently setting himself up cynically in Hong Kong, under the watchful eyes and possibly protection of Chinese intelligence services.

So I’m not accepting that Snowden is as pure as he would have us believe. But I’ll wait and see before I jump on a boat.

It’s good advice and it costs you nothing to look before you leap.

Closing thought:  Legal Insurrection points out that this program was reported on three months before the last election with a different fellow.  For some reason the MSM didn’t jump all over this case at that time.

I wonder why?

Update: Read this piece at the Daily Beast too


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