Yesterday in a pouring rain I traveled to Hudson Mass to cover Brigitte Gabriel at the Portuguese American Club.

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Local Tea Parties along with Act Boston sponsored the event and were well represented
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The crowd was large.

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I ran into Marty Lamb former legislative & congressional candidate in Massachusetts and he talked with me about the new upcoming Massachusetts Gas Tax designed to go up every year no matter what.

Remember Massachusetts you are doing this to yourself.

In case you missed it (and even if you didn’t) last week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio with the Right Wing Granny is available here.

Don’t miss this week’s show either with author Leften Wright talking about his new book The Handbook for Closet Conservatives. My Amazon review is here.

Personally, I’d beat the rush and buy it now.

I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. . . . I am in earnest — I will not equivocate — I will not excuse — I will not retreat a single inch — AND I WILL BE HEARD.

William Lloyd Garrison

On Monday I wrote about the how the left sees the IRS scandal.  They see this as an incredible chance to shut down the right forever,

What the right sees is something totally different not only in the scandal itself but in the possible endgames.

For many years the conservative right answered the left’s vilification of them in silence, then came Rush & talk radio, then Matt Drudge and the blogs and finally the tea party.  The right has seen the tactics of the left and has fought back.

The tea party was vilified in the media for years.  Every kind of insult was acceptable if it was directed at the tea party.   You had no less that a president of the United States suggesting the tea party was violent and I experienced this reaction first hand during my trip to Georgia to cover the GA-4 race three years ago:

a 60 something black woman with a cane came in with two other women say 3-5 years older than me. A few minutes later while doing her rounds a person who worked there said people were asking what I was doing there? I thought it an odd question since I had been approaching people right along so I turned to the ladies who just came in and said I was there to report on the Ga-4 district and the race. I was then asked by the ladies what party I was, I said I was a conservative, and was then asked if I was a tea party member and I said yes.

It was if a switch was suddenly turned on with ice in her voice I was told: “I have no comment”. For the rest of  the time I was there I was stared at with contempt as if I was something lower than low. My race had not been an issue nor the Crucifix being Catholic in a very protestant state, but once it was known I supported the tea party it was as if I was wearing a Klan outfit. I heard the ladies talking among themselves saying you could tell I was a tea party man just by my appearance. When I left glares followed me out.

Now we are at the point where the left’s attacks are not simply via the culture they control, the academy they rule or even the media that they steer, we see the actual levers of government itself used to squash and retard Americans exercising inalienable rights in America.  Worst of all we see that these actions took place directly after an election (Scott Brown in MA)  that went against them in the hope of repressing and restraining groups opposed to the re-election of the government that did so.

The Washington Examiner put it very well:

What the IRS has done during the Obama years far exceeds previous abuses of the tax agency and threatens the fundamental health of the nation’s political system. It’s one thing for the tax returns of a few politically powerful individuals to be scanned. But forcing hundreds of organizations representing millions of people to endure endless interrogation and other degrading harassment is typical of authoritarian regimes. It is, as Becky Gerritson put it so well, un-American. No effort should be spared to bring all of those responsible to a full accounting and just prosecution.

The IRS scandal are the logical extension of these attacks by the left and that raises a very important point.

For years I’ve been hearing from a very small but slowly growing number of people on the right that the left’s endgame is, and always has been, more than just finishing us politically.

I began by telling them no, that’s not their intentions, but as the Obama years went on and I had the displeasure of covering event and seeing them covered that migrated to even if they HAVE such intentions the American people will not put up with it.

Unfortunately the IRS scandal changes that equation, the systematic attempt to use the most feared arm of the federal government to not only stifle protest but to intimidate those who might be willing to contribute to such causes makes any such argument of mine empty.

And if that’s not enough all of this has come out just a few weeks after an effort to hinder the ability of Americans who oppose the administration from buying firearms.

In one sense that IRS scandal is an incredible opportunity.  It is the chance to demonstrate clearly and distinctly that the US government will not tolerate it’s citizens political rights quashed based on their opinions.

Given all we’ve seen the burden of proof however has shifted, it is the government that has to prove conclusively to the tea party that this is going to be stopped.

And more over cries of “this guy is a republican” won’t wash.  The GOP has done it’s best to marginalize the tea party as soon as it was apparent the wink/nod culture of Washington was not going to be tolerated by them.

The people responsible have to be uncovered, they have to face serious jail time and there has to be a permanent political cost for this behavior to everyone involved in promoting it.

The left is totally misreading this situation, they see getting away with this scandal as their big chance, it isn’t  it’s their last chance.

And I’ll explain why later this week.


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