Father’s day at Funspot/Bike Week in Laconia NH

On Father’s day I had what I thought was a cunning plan. I figured you can’t be a father without your kids and (hopefully) a wife so I figured a tip to Funspot in Weirs Beach NH was the right call. My son & I could enjoy the pinball while Da Wife could hit the all day bingo and perhaps we’d hit a quilt shop for her too

Unbeknownst to me this week was Bike week in Laconia where motorcycle enthusiasts from all over come down and pretty much take over the area. The Quilt shop decided to close, Funspot cancelled their bingo and traffic was slow.

On the plus side I’ve never seen Funspot so quiet so there was no problem getting to any game or machine you wanted as parents of young kids decided to stay home.

Nevertheless if you are into Bikes it was the place to be and there was plenty to see and do. People came from all over to enjoy the time and event but to also see venders who travel from all over country offering accessories like Reckless Motorcycles

Some delicious Bar-B-Que

and even mechanics with portable shops ready to tune your chopper for maximum performance

Funspot is open year round but Bike week is an annual affair.

If you want to join in for their 91st year keep
June 14-22, 2014 open and check this web site often.