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One of the problems with trying to stop the Immigration Amnesty bill is so many monied interests would like to see it.

An influx of cheap labor that is not covered by Obamacare is something that would serve the purposes of many of the organization whose lobbyists are sitting on K street and the desire to please these potential sources of campaign funds is a very powerful incentive for sitting GOP senators to support it despite all the advantages it will give to the left and the National party whatever they say officially, really wants to please those people.

However there is one thing that you can do that will get attention.

The calls are good, the e-mails are find and the twitter noise is effective but there is one thing that a national party in general and the National Republican Senate Committee NRSC on twitter will understand.

Every single day you get mails, e-mail and fundraising requests for senate candidates for organizations and for groups from the party, every day they beg you for that $5, $10 or $100 to help stop this that or the other thing.

What would happen if there was a mass movement online to unsubscribe to those emails?

What would happen if those fundraising letters were returned empty or even better with a single penny which would have to be reported?

What would happen if it was made clear to the NRSC that if this senate Gang of Eight Passes it will be the end of your willingness send them those small contributions that funds these candidates and allow the consultants, staffers and friends the comfortable life they lead?

I suspect THAT would get their attention in a most effective way.

The I propose the #noamnesty NOT ONE RED CENT PLEDGE
Red cent

It goes as follows:

We the undersigned hereby inform the National Republican Senate Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the GOP of the following.

We pledge that we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to the NRSC as long as this bill is alive in the senate.

We pledge that we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to any GOP candidate who supports this bill or PAC that funds such a senator and will do what we can to encourage or support primary challenges to the same.

If this bill passes the senate we pledge we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to the NRSC and that all mailing from the MRSC will be returned with words NOT ONE RED CENT written on the contribution form.

We pledge to unfollow on twitter and unsubscribe to their e-mails of the NRSC.

and finally we pledge to repeat this process with the NRCC if a passed senate bill passes the house.


These people live on your votes and your money, if you want them to hear you, make sure they know it will cost them both.

(BTW I’m not one for online petitions but if you want to agree with this pledge you can do so in a comment below, if you want to dissent you can do the same. and yes I get the irony that such a site was set up when the NRSC supported Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio, perhaps the Senator needs to be reminded of his own history)


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I pledge I’ll be willing to fight when the MSM is not and to never forget who the people are who make my living possible.

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They all secretly believe that there is some pill you can take if you will tell them what it is.

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This tweet jumped out at me today


It linked to a following piece by Trevor Louden that started:

The Service Employees International Union is to mount a major campaign to punish Republicans opposed to the labor union’s militant ‘immigrants rights’ agenda.

What has gotten their dander up? The failure of the Senate Immigration bill to pass yet? Nope, something else…

The socialists are also incensed that on June 18, the Judiciary Committee, again along party lines, approved the so-called “Safe Act,” the federal equivalent of Arizona’s SB1070. Both the Arizona law and the Safe Act let local law enforcement stop, detain and deport people who don’t “look” as if they’re legal. Medina called the Safe Act “ideological and divisive.”

What? You mean to say that the SEIU and Democrats are going to campaign against the GOP and call them racist on an issue totally unrelated to the Gang of Eight bill?

That can’t be, we’ve been told by people like John McCain and Marco Rubio that passing Amnesty Immigration reform will mean Democrats and their paid allies in the Unions & Media will stop their constant BS about Republicans as the foes of Hispanics and free from these influences will embrace the GOP message of self-reliance and free markets.

And of course despite what the New York Times said today:

Mr. Obama’s political advisers say they are confident he will get the credit he deserves if the bill passes later this summer,

It doesn’t mean that the president will get all the credit with Hispanics activists and the media and none would go to congress.

The mindset that says to the GOP that this bill must be passed for the sake of the party’s future is the same one that claimed that once Israel pulled out of Gaza the Palestinians would see Israel’s good faith and if they didn’t, and if they continued to attempt to destroy the Jewish state the whole world would see the reality of the Jewish state and their devotion to peace and the vilification of the Jews in universities worldwide would cease.

That worked really well

There is a word for people who believe this immigration is the magic potion to make Democrat voters fall in love with us. One clue: it rhymes with “pucker”.


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This immigration bill might be a suckers bet for the GOP but if you hit DaTipJar and get me to that $305 weekly paycheck you know what you’ll be getting.

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On the day of the vote I want to see you in the front row. Keep your eye on the doorkeeper. If I don’t need your vote, Fishbait Miller will give you the sign and you’ll be free to vote your district.”…

…when Leo took his seat in the front row, he looked around and saw thirteen other guys that Sam had in his pocket in case he needed them. It wasn’t just Leo. The entire front row was sitting there and waiting for the nod from Fishbait Miller.

Tip O’Neill Man of the House 1988

Looking at the “Gang of Eight” bill I’m reminded of the last days of Obamacare.

Democrats had a vast majority in the house, more than enough votes to get Obamacare through but as citizens became angrier and angrier at what was coming members of congress understood that not only was the GOP going to give them absolutely no cover but voters were so upset at this bill that a Republican would win a senate election in Massachusetts for the first time since the Nixon years.

Democrats has stalled and stalled but when it became clear that the media was not going to convince any more members of the public and Scott Brown’s election meant nothing else was going to pass the senate she needed a fig leaf to give her some of her members cover.

Thus came the Stupak Amendment and the fig leaf he provided while proving disastrous to him and his followers was a Godsend to others as he said later:

“I had a number of members who thanked us after because they could vote no.”

But Stupak fig leaf would quickly wither. His seat and 62 others for democrats would not survive election day and even more shocking to the left the New GOP majority would remain even after the re-election of President Obama and the popularity of his bill remains so poor that the re-election machine of the president is still running ads to sell it.

Which brings us to Corker-Hoeven.

It’s axiomatic that if this was a good bill, a bill that would solve problems, a bill that would both secure the border AND take care of the problem of millions of illegal aliens, a bill that would make Hispanics happy with pols who passed it not only would the GOP be falling over itself to pass this bill with the democrats but there would be absolutely no chance that any Democrat running in the 21 states they are defending in 2014 would fall away.

The reality is the bill is over 1000 pages of trouble and for all the 70 vote talk each day the bill remains un-passed  voters hate it more and the Danger becomes that even with the 4 GOP members of the gang of 8 + Ayotte voting for it,  Harry Reid will still need every single Democrat to pass this bill, which means, that every Democrat becomes the 60th vote.

This is why Corker-Hoeven is so important, not for the GOP but for Harry Reid. Reid needs every GOP vote possible to allow him to give the senators in those 21 states who haven’t already announced retirement the ability to give a no vote that they can tout in their districts.

“The bill can’t pass as it’s currently written,” one GOP aide told Breitbart News. “They can’t get 60 votes as it’s currently written. The bill has to be amended with not only stronger border security measures but should also include verification that progress is being made on the border before the legalization process begins.”

“If Corker-Hoeven doesn’t pass, then the most likely scenario is that the bill can’t pass,” the source claimed.

Harry Reid has put himself in a box, with all the 70 vote talk if this bill fails it becomes his failure so even if he has to whip every democrat for their vote to get this bill passed he will, but what he really wants is the ability to give 4 to 5 democrats the ability to vote “no” and help preserve them for 2014.

If Corker Hoven passes and brings some republicans with it and the bill still only manages 60 or 62 votes nobody will remember how many democrats voted No, they will only talk about the number of republicans who voted yes, and like the Stupak Amendment if the bill actually becomes law the provision of that Amendment will be finessed until they become meaningless.

We’ve seen this picture before, but what is amazing to me this time is not that some kind of face saving cover is being provided for Harry Reid, what is amazing is that it’s the GOP is the party that is providing it.

Update:  Pay no attention to the people in Dirksen 201


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