Gaza on the Senate or the “Latino vote” Myth

They all secretly believe that there is some pill you can take if you will tell them what it is.

Max Hastings & Simon Jenkins The Battle for the Falklands 1984

This tweet jumped out at me today


It linked to a following piece by Trevor Louden that started:

The Service Employees International Union is to mount a major campaign to punish Republicans opposed to the labor union’s militant ‘immigrants rights’ agenda.

What has gotten their dander up? The failure of the Senate Immigration bill to pass yet? Nope, something else…

The socialists are also incensed that on June 18, the Judiciary Committee, again along party lines, approved the so-called “Safe Act,” the federal equivalent of Arizona’s SB1070. Both the Arizona law and the Safe Act let local law enforcement stop, detain and deport people who don’t “look” as if they’re legal. Medina called the Safe Act “ideological and divisive.”

What? You mean to say that the SEIU and Democrats are going to campaign against the GOP and call them racist on an issue totally unrelated to the Gang of Eight bill?

That can’t be, we’ve been told by people like John McCain and Marco Rubio that passing Amnesty Immigration reform will mean Democrats and their paid allies in the Unions & Media will stop their constant BS about Republicans as the foes of Hispanics and free from these influences will embrace the GOP message of self-reliance and free markets.

And of course despite what the New York Times said today:

Mr. Obama’s political advisers say they are confident he will get the credit he deserves if the bill passes later this summer,

It doesn’t mean that the president will get all the credit with Hispanics activists and the media and none would go to congress.

The mindset that says to the GOP that this bill must be passed for the sake of the party’s future is the same one that claimed that once Israel pulled out of Gaza the Palestinians would see Israel’s good faith and if they didn’t, and if they continued to attempt to destroy the Jewish state the whole world would see the reality of the Jewish state and their devotion to peace and the vilification of the Jews in universities worldwide would cease.

That worked really well

There is a word for people who believe this immigration is the magic potion to make Democrat voters fall in love with us. One clue: it rhymes with “pucker”.


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