Take the #noamnesty NRSC Not One Red Cent pledge

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One of the problems with trying to stop the Immigration Amnesty bill is so many monied interests would like to see it.

An influx of cheap labor that is not covered by Obamacare is something that would serve the purposes of many of the organization whose lobbyists are sitting on K street and the desire to please these potential sources of campaign funds is a very powerful incentive for sitting GOP senators to support it despite all the advantages it will give to the left and the National party whatever they say officially, really wants to please those people.

However there is one thing that you can do that will get attention.

The calls are good, the e-mails are find and the twitter noise is effective but there is one thing that a national party in general and the National Republican Senate Committee NRSC on twitter will understand.

Every single day you get mails, e-mail and fundraising requests for senate candidates for organizations and for groups from the party, every day they beg you for that $5, $10 or $100 to help stop this that or the other thing.

What would happen if there was a mass movement online to unsubscribe to those emails?

What would happen if those fundraising letters were returned empty or even better with a single penny which would have to be reported?

What would happen if it was made clear to the NRSC that if this senate Gang of Eight Passes it will be the end of your willingness send them those small contributions that funds these candidates and allow the consultants, staffers and friends the comfortable life they lead?

I suspect THAT would get their attention in a most effective way.

The I propose the #noamnesty NOT ONE RED CENT PLEDGE
Red cent

It goes as follows:

We the undersigned hereby inform the National Republican Senate Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the GOP of the following.

We pledge that we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to the NRSC as long as this bill is alive in the senate.

We pledge that we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to any GOP candidate who supports this bill or PAC that funds such a senator and will do what we can to encourage or support primary challenges to the same.

If this bill passes the senate we pledge we will not contribute ONE RED CENT to the NRSC and that all mailing from the MRSC will be returned with words NOT ONE RED CENT written on the contribution form.

We pledge to unfollow on twitter and unsubscribe to their e-mails of the NRSC.

and finally we pledge to repeat this process with the NRCC if a passed senate bill passes the house.


These people live on your votes and your money, if you want them to hear you, make sure they know it will cost them both.

(BTW I’m not one for online petitions but if you want to agree with this pledge you can do so in a comment below, if you want to dissent you can do the same. and yes I get the irony that such a site was set up when the NRSC supported Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio, perhaps the Senator needs to be reminded of his own history)


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