There are some minor updates to the story of the Body Found on Maverick Street Fitchburg a few days ago.

I’ve looked at the police logs, the police were notified of the body by a call from 100 Maverick about the vehicle in front of the house for an extended time with a person in the passenger seat.

This would explain the seeming nonchalance I observed from the residence while observing the police at work with a body right in front of the house.

I also have reason to believe the witness who claimed to see the deceased enter the residence may have been mistaken.

Secondly there seems to be an interesting amount of silence on this event. Fitchburg Police did not comment beyond the log entries referring me to the State Police and the State Police referred me to the Worcester DA’s office have not returned my calls concerning this event.

As police did not close off the street at the time nor was there signs of any kind of search of the surrounding area at the time this would seem to preclude death by the direct actions of another yet if this was a death by natural causes sudden heart attack or stroke I presume silence would not be so golden.

If you do a google search for “body maverick street” the top five results are my post and the videos I shot at the scene.

Nothing else.

Not a one liner in a local paper, not a blog post from a chat room, not a local weekly, not an interested , not a facebook entry or a photo of the truck and trailer like this one:

mv 001

Not even a cell phone image.

If this was 100 years, 50 years, 25 years or even 10 years ago that wouldn’t be odd, but 2013? The year everyone has a phone that takes pictures and video, where if you fart in Uganda the whole world knows about it not a blip, not a sausage not a peep except for me?

Does anyone else find that just a bit odd?

The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary: Can the Doctor and his friends survive long enough to stop the return of the angels or failing that escape?

Plot: An Army of Angels have awakened on ;Alfalfa Metraxis and if that’s not bad enough the Doctor & Amy finally notice the Crack in her wall as a child is following her.

Writing:  Part two of Steven Moffat River Song return not only completes the tale of their meeting but also fully establishes the plot arc for the season as the major characters become aware of the crack in time that has been following them. I think that device slightly weakens the episode because Moffat needs to steer things in two directions at once.

Acting: Kingston continues to shine but this time Gilliam manages to keep up with her with weaker material it’s worth noting that Iain Glenn does his best to steal his scenes and nearly pulls it off.

Memorable moments:The Angels and comfy chairs, Amy’s countdown, The Doctor’s bedside matter, The Bishop Beggs to Differ and River & Amy Get a grip.

Oddities: The angels are supposed to move really fast yet they can’t catch a blind Amy Pond?

Pet Peeves: I’m sorry the idea that the Angels don’t finish the Doctor is pretty bad but the whole “instincts kicking in” scene is worse.

Great Quote(s):Many

The Doctor: I’m 907 years old. Do you understand what that means?

Amy Pond: It’s been awhile?

OCTAVIAN: Our mission is to make this wreckage safe and neutralize the Angels. Until that is achieved…
RIVER: Father Octavian, when the Doctor’s in the room, your one and only mission is to keep him alive long enough to get everyone else home. And trust me, it’s not easy. Now, if he’s dead back there, I’ll never forgive myself. And if he’s alive, I’ll never forgive him. And, Doctor, you’re standing right behind me, aren’t you?
DOCTOR: Oh, yeah.
RIVER: I hate you.

AMY: So, what’s wrong with me?
RIVER: Nothing. You’re fine.
DOCTOR: Everything. You’re dying.
RIVER: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Yes, you’re right. If we lie to her, she’ll get all better

AMY: So, what’s wrong with me?
RIVER: Nothing. You’re fine.
DOCTOR: Everything. You’re dying.
RIVER: Doctor!
DOCTOR: Yes, you’re right. If we lie to her, she’ll get all better

Of all the great quotes this is the best hands down

Octavian: [about The Doctor] You trust this man?

River Song: I absolutely trust him.

Octavian: He’s not some kind of madman, then?

River Song: I absolutely trust him.

Final Verdict. A strong story with some plot holes but enough great moments to make up for it.

Four Stars

Ranking in Series 5 to date 3rd out of 5

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. Flesh and Stone
4. Victory of the Daleks
5. The Beast Below

Ranking in Matt Smith Era (out of 5)

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. Flesh and Stone
4. Victory of the Daleks
5. The Beast Below

One of the regular arguments that we’re constantly told is that if the GOP would only support the amnesty Immigration Bill it will solve our problems with Latinos or at least be the first step in solving said problems.

Here in Massachusetts we have a perfect test of this hypothesis.

Gabriel Gomez is the GOP candidate for the US senate, he has from day 1 made it no secret of his support for the gang of eight and has bluntly said he would be a GOP vote for said bill if elected.

He ran on this and won in a 3 way GOP primary not only winning but drawing over 50% of the vote.

His Opponent is Ed Markey a career pol who has voted in lockstep with his party 99% over a 36 year career. He is a hack with a 36 year record behind him he has spent all his time and effort attacking his opponent who has done nothing with his life but become a Navy Flyer, a Navy seal and a successful businessman.

Now given that Gomez is not only a supporter of the Gang of Eight Bill but a latino supporter of the gang of eight bill one might assume that he would resonate with voters in general and Latino voters in particular.

Markey, the Malden Democrat, leads Gomez by 56 to 36 percent among likely voters and a 53-32 percent advantage among all registered voters in the poll.The one bright spot for the ex-Navy SEAL is that his best night of polling came this Wednesday, after his final debate performance against Markey. He trailed in that night’s sample by 13 points, indicating Gomez gained steam from the televised showdown.

Now maybe this poll is off, after all Scott Brown was down big in polls before is win in 2010 but you would think that the numbers would look a bit better. And let me remind you of this

not everyone sees him as a Hispanic trailblazer. The Boston Spanish-language newspaper El Planeta ran a column wondering if Gomez is a “LINO” (Latino In Name Only).

It’s bad enough that La Planeta raised this question — and worse that its answer was “yes.”

Litmus tests for ethnicity serve no purpose besides dividing our community. They are pointless, unnecessary and borderline offensive. Yet as more Hispanic candidates join the political arena, these questions seem to be the new norm.

Litmus test for ethnicity the new Norm??

So let me get this straight, you have Gabriel Gomez who has a life full of achievement as a Navy Flyer, Navy Seal and businessman, who won a GOP primary with over 50% proclaiming loudly and publicly his support of the efforts of the gang of 8, and the reaction is to Question if he passes a litmus test for being Latino?

If this is how an actual Latino, a son of Columbian immigrants, a person to who English was the second language he learned what makes who supports the gang of 8 bill is treated can someone explain to me why anyone would assume Latinos will even give a hearing to the GOP if they support this bill?

When you come up with an answer I’d be delighted to hear it.

P.S. Although I strenuously oppose the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill I will still vote for Gabriel Gomez in the general election for three reasons.

1. Ed Markey is a complete hack, Gomez is a far superior candidate on the issues.

2. Gabriel Gomez unlike others in the GOP has never pretended to be anything other than a supporter of the Gang of eight. He ran on what he is and took 50%+ He’s not telling me one thing and doing another. I can handle disagreement if it’s being done honestly.

3. The time for protesting against a party is not before a critical election that decides the future of your country or state, the time to do so is after such an election (see Barack Obama re-election of 2012)


Olimometer 2.52

Sunday starts a new week and a new attempt to make paycheck and the mortgage.

The good news is of course a new week means I have a new chance to manage a paycheck and bail the month of June out.

The bad news is with the three previous week failures to may my paycheck even a successful week will mean I’m short of the mortgage by almost a 1/3

But first things first, let see if we can manage the full paycheck this week and then I’ll worry about the mortgage shortage.