Two small updates to the Maverick Street body story

There are some minor updates to the story of the Body Found on Maverick Street Fitchburg a few days ago.

I’ve looked at the police logs, the police were notified of the body by a call from 100 Maverick about the vehicle in front of the house for an extended time with a person in the passenger seat.

This would explain the seeming nonchalance I observed from the residence while observing the police at work with a body right in front of the house.

I also have reason to believe the witness who claimed to see the deceased enter the residence may have been mistaken.

Secondly there seems to be an interesting amount of silence on this event. Fitchburg Police did not comment beyond the log entries referring me to the State Police and the State Police referred me to the Worcester DA’s office have not returned my calls concerning this event.

As police did not close off the street at the time nor was there signs of any kind of search of the surrounding area at the time this would seem to preclude death by the direct actions of another yet if this was a death by natural causes sudden heart attack or stroke I presume silence would not be so golden.

If you do a google search for “body maverick street” the top five results are my post and the videos I shot at the scene.

Nothing else.

Not a one liner in a local paper, not a blog post from a chat room, not a local weekly, not an interested , not a facebook entry or a photo of the truck and trailer like this one:

mv 001

Not even a cell phone image.

If this was 100 years, 50 years, 25 years or even 10 years ago that wouldn’t be odd, but 2013? The year everyone has a phone that takes pictures and video, where if you fart in Uganda the whole world knows about it not a blip, not a sausage not a peep except for me?

Does anyone else find that just a bit odd?