The Flight of Edward Snowden, an exercise in Irony…

Those championing Edward Snowden as an international hero for the Cause of Free Speech have taken another hit.

The choice to flee to Hong Kong had already provoked reactions such as this one from Bob Schieffer on Face the nation:

I don’t remember Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks running off and hiding in China. The people who led the civil rights movement were willing to break the law AND suffer the consequences. That’s a little different than putting the nation’s security at risk and running away.

Well obviously in an era of Drone strikes and targeting of political foes in America some sacrifices had to be made so libertarian favorite Wikileaks sprang into action.

WikiLeaks said in a statement on its Twitter feed that it had “assisted Mr. Snowden’s political asylum in a democratic country

A Democratic country, an excellent idea for champion of free speech and press freedom! There are plenty of good choices that could certainly provide a world-wide platform in the internet age.

Perhaps Norway or Sweden the countries tied for first in Freedom House’s rankings for worldwide press freedom. I’d heard rumors of Snowden going to Iceland, a good choice as it makes the top 10 list tied with Liechtenstein who nobody has mentioned in connection with Snowden.

If he didn’t want Europe, St. Lucia would do. It’s 12th in the Rankings but #1 in the Americas. If the Americas were too close to the US for comfort New Zealand or Palau can suffice, they’re tied at 13th one spot behind St. Lucia but are also tied for #1 in the Asia-Pacific Region.

All the above are great choices for a free speech and free press hero. So what is the itinerary of Edwin Snowden’s Magical Mystery Tour?

Well he left Hong Kong (ranked 71) for Russia (Ranked 176), to be followed by a stop in Cuba (191 of 196) and from there he is to finish at Equator (Ranked 134)

Venezuela (Ranked 168) apparently didn’t make the list perhaps the death of Chavez made it unsuitable.

Maybe it’s me but maybe, just maybe that’s not the itinerary of a free press champion. The only location on the list above that isn’t ranked “Not Free” is Hong Kong (Ranked Partly Free) which is in fact controlled by China (Ranked 179) and as for Ecuador, Human rights watch had this to say just a week ago:

The Communications Law that the Ecuadorian National Assembly approved on June 14, 2013, seriously undermines free speech. The law includes overly broad language that will limit the free expression of journalists and media outlets.

you don’t say

“This law is yet another effort by President Correa to go after the independent media,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director. “The provisions for censorship and criminal prosecutions of journalists are clear attempts to silence criticism.”

While the irony might be lost among the hate America crowd the Irony is not lost on the National Journal

So say you’re a citizen of Hong Kong, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or Ecuador, and you want to protest against your government, maybe even leak some big secrets. What kind of conditions and treatment might you expect? Nothing close to Snowden’s standard for his own country, that’s for sure.

Or Doug Powers

Is there a country called “Irony-Land” Snowden could flee to? That would be the perfect fit.

Edward Snowden’s fans are certainly the big losers by his choice of destinations, but I submit and suggest there are two big winners in his choice of stops…

…Barack Obama and the MSM that loves him. Why? That’s my follow-up post…


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