I drove around a bit today visiting campaign location. Here is what I saw.

I also called around to contacts and I seemed to be hearing the same message over and over.

Democrats not all that enthused about Markey

Not much of a Hispanic Turnout

A very low turnout expected but in some areas not as horrible as they thought, slightly better than primaries.

Additionally I’ve been talking to democrats who have said bluntly they have gone to vote for Gomez and I’ve heard this more and more today, much more than expected not because they really like Gomez, but they figure they can give him a shot for 18 months rather than for a 36 year guy.

Put bluntly I’ve been seeing an awful lot of the Coakley type reaction from Democrats willing to either stay home or vote Gomez, but I haven’t seen the same enthusiasm for Gomez that I saw for Scott Brown.

There is also one other thing going on here.

Not a single democrat has any skin in this game, no city pol, no other statewide office no nothing. The only motivation for any person to go and vote for Ed Markey is because they either:

1. Like Ed Markey or

2. Hate Gabriel Gomez.

What does that mean?

It means he has a chance, and if enough of the tea party people like myself bit the bullet and turn out for him (and I’ve done my best to make that case over the last couple of weeks) he can win this.

The irony is if he wins it will not be so much because of the Hispanic vote coming out for Gomez, or for tea party people coming out for Gomez, it will be because the democrats and independents who bothered to turn out decided he was worth a chance for 18 months because they can always replace him.

Oddly if he loses a close one, it will almost certainly be because that small base of the party stayed home.

BTW the question becomes, Why didn’t I have this post up before?

Two things:

1 All my evidence was anecdotal.

2. I know what side I’m on and unlike some in media I’ve never pretended otherwise

I’ve been calling people and trying to convince tea party people to turn out, that there were signs that things might be turning and the last thing I wanted to do is give the Markey people a heads if they had no idea this stuff was going on.

I’d rather shut up and help facilitate a possible longshot GOP win than to alert the Democrat machine that has the money and the manpower to get last-minute people out.

If some of you are upset because of this I’ll have to deal with it.

Update: Race called for Markey with about 80% of the vote, apparently pretending south of Texas and Florida is one giant country called “Hispanica or Latinia” is no substitute to actually having a candidate the inspires the base to work for them, and wouldn’t it have been nice to have a candidate that GOP workers and cash would have been willing to come from out of state to work?

The Klingon Homeworld (Federation News Network):  Arrog  Son of Wuugh’zc spokesman for the Klingon Empire reacted negatively to the news that the US Supreme Court in a 5-4 Ruling held that states and their citizens could not be held responsible for or treated differently based on discrimination that took place generations ago.

“Such a ghuy’cha’ ruling could only come from a court populated by petaQ”

the court stated that the formulas and standards written 48 years ago were not germane to today when measuring voting rights and providing corrective action:

“Congress —if it is to divide the states — must identify those jurisdictions to be singled out on a basis that makes sense in light of current conditions. It cannot rely simply on the past,” Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority.

While the concept of not pushing the children for the sins of the father has a long tradition particularly in Christianity some Christian religious figures are very upset:

(Jessie) Jackson says the ruling will destroy gains in “inclusion and expansion.”

He says he’s calling on President Obama and the Department of Justice to “speak out today” and challenge the ruling.

Muggg son or Paa’ an expert on Klingon jurisprudence and tradition was even more blunt in his assessment of the ruling:

“The law of heredity is very clear: G’now juk Hol pajhard A son will share in the honors or crimes of his father. The idea this court is unwilling to inflict punishment beyond the 2nd and 3rd generation for the sins of the father is something that can have only one reaction: QI’yaH!

While that last explicative can’t be properly translated he did expand on his remarks:

Alone this single ruling might be considered insignificant but that’s how it starts, you no longer hold people responsible for the crimes of their ancestors and the next thing you know Klingon warriors start declaring things like: “This boy has done me no harm and I will not kill him for the crimes of his family.

Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep. And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.

Mark 4:5-6

Today is election day and Gabriel Gomez faces an uphill battle to win what should be a well deserved victory against career pol Ed Markey.

Unlike the Scott Brown race there has been no democrat panic at the very end and not even an outlier to suggest that Gomez might make the same and no rush of national bucks to save the day (although anything is possible)

Yesterday at a Tea Party event I saw the leader who is both a tea party member and active in the local GOP committee (if only the GOP had someone like this as chairman) who I’ve seen at standouts and events for Gomez talk about her conversation with him this weekend extolling his virtues and I took off my “blogger” hat to make one final pitch to the tea party faithful assembled quoting from this piece that even if we have objections on some issues that it is vital that we get out and vote Gomez and encourage others to do so.

That such a pitch has to be made at a tea party event shows the difference between 2010 & 2013.

In 2010 nobody outside of Massachusetts gave Scott Brown a chance to win, when the GOP was giving only “pro-forma” support the Tea Party was active, working hard for Brown. It was the grass roots, the bloggers who led.

Brown campaign declared himself “Nobody’s man but your own” he ran on personality, and the closest thing he did to distancing himself from the tea party was declining to have Sarah Palin come to campaign for him. It was only when the National GOP saw that the Tea party and the grassroots were ready to drag him over the finish line did they jump in.

Brown’s victory, inspired activists nationwide and made the 2010’s Big Red Wave Possible giving the GOP the majority but also sent a wave of tea party members who voted not in deference to the GOP establishment but based on the support of the people.

While national republicans  appreciated their chairmanships they didn’t like having to bow to the people who made them possible.

In the next cycle the establishment supported non-tea party people in primaries, for congress and for president, Scott Brown distanced himself and the CPAC conservatives who once welcomed him as a hero noticed. In return while declaring they would vote for him, they would not work for him and without that grass root support both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown lost re-election (I suspect this had a lot to do with his decision not to run for this Senate seat).

Flash forward to 2013 a contested GOP primary for the seat Kerry once held. A conservative Tea Party candidate Mike Sullivan is winning straw poll after straw poll over Gomez and the dynamic Rep Dan Winslow.  The National Party supports Gomez who pitches himself as a “new kind of Republican” and gives him a huge money advantage and when election day comes Gomez has won over 50% of the vote  and the right to face Democrat Ed Markey.

And that’s where the miscalculation came in.

To the national party Gabriel Gomez was a dream candidate, Navy Seal, Vet, successful businessman and LATINO!

But to the grass roots locally and nationally didn’t care Gomez’s race, they looked at his positions. Pro Manchin/Toomey, Pro Gang of Eight, Pro Global Warming declaring himself “A New Kind of Republican” as if there is something wrong with being a member of the GOP.

I don’t blame Gomez. He has never to my knowledge attacked the tea party and has been very forthright about his positions not even bending before a conservative Fox News Sunday audience.  That’s more honorable than one who says one thing during a campaign to get money & votes and then flips. (hi Senator Rubio, how ya doin?)

Nationally the Grassroots who felt themselves burned with Scott Brown and Mitt Romney kept their pocketbooks closed. You saw no stream of activists rushing to Massachusetts to ring doorbells and sell Gabriel Gomez to the people of the state and locally one of the most prominent conservative commentators urged people to just stay home.

And that’s why on the eve of an election where every hand need to be on deck to stop a career poll like Ed Markey who votes dem 98% of the time I was obliged to make a pitch to Tea Party members to show up and vote for GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez.

That’s a really bad sign.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps Latino voters who have been rather silent during this race will turn out in huge numbers without the left shuttling them to the polls or without local activist groups bringing them to vote for the first of their own ignoring those who call Gomez a LINO (Latino in name only)  For the sake of my state and my country I hope they do

If not the Miracle Max video in Ed Morrissey’s post will be quite apt.


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