Dear British Home Secretary I formally request to be excluded from England

An open letter to the British Home Secretary:


To The Rt Honorable Theresa May MP

Dear Madame Secretary

As a defender and advocate of the freedom of speech I would like to formally request denial of entry into the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

With the decision to exclude Pam Geller and Robert Spencer who have argued tirelessly against Jihad, against Honor Killings and against Islamic Violence you have taken an action that is so diametrically opposed to the principles of freedom of speech and expression that I would not think a country that calls itself “free” would dare do so.

As a person who has long admired England and its history I am simply astounded that the land that brought us Magna Carta  the basis for the limitation of the power of royalty, the Nation whose common law has been the foundation on which the principles of the protections of right of men all over the world, including those United States  have their origin.  The country that stood alone against one of the greatest and most powerful forces of repression that the world has faced has decided that a 50 something Jewish Woman of modest means and a soft-spoken Catholic man are so dangerous, so unacceptable and so beyond the pale that their presence and live presence at a political rally threatens the peace of the nation.

I have often wanted to go to England and only the incompetence of those in charge of our travel  kept my wife and I from honnymooning there a quarter century ago.  I have dreamed of visiting some of the places where the history of the world was made and shaped not to mention indulging my sons and I in our Doctor Who fandom.

However I can’t reconcile those desires with the exclusion of my two countrymen whose only offense is to try to protect the equal rights of all Englishmen of any race, creed or color under British law and know that if I found myself in England in addition to all the things I would want to see and do I would be ethically compelled to seek out the political allies of Ms. Geller & Mr. Spencer and if they will have me, speak in their place.

Therefore to save everyone the time and effort of investigation, letter writing and appeals I hereby request to be denied entry to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland until such time as said restriction is removed from Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

My Best

P Ingemi

Aka Pete I DaTechGuy , or DaTechGuy on DaRadio

Update: Stacy McCain has the same idea:

I’m trying to get an e-mail address for Theresa May, so that I can send her a request that she also ban me from the nation whose honor she has so despicably surrendered to the despotic rule of sharia.