Thank you, Gabriel Gomez

I. Thank you, Mr. Gomez

Gabe Gomez has a family, a life, and a career.  He didn’t have to step up and try to do an utterly thankless job: attempt to defeat the Massachusetts Democrat machine for the chance to represent the state for a mere 17 months. Gomez ran every road race, met any voter who would shake his hand, criss-crossed the state, and talked to business owners in their diners.  His team was a joy to work with on Election Day – some of the nicest, hardest-working people out there.  So pardon me if I fail to join in the fashionable bashing of Gabe Gomez and instead say “Thank you.”


Ed Markey won 54.8% of the vote and Gomez won 44.8% of the vote.  Before we tear the guy to shreds over a loss that is barely in the double digits, let’s remember a crucial fact: in the last thirty years, about 90% of Republicans who have run for statewide office have lost.  In the last ten years, the only person to win was Scott Brown.
Let’s also take a hard look at that much-maligned 44.8% of the vote: it’s a higher percentage than those won by Sean Bielat (both 2010 and 2012), Karyn Polito (2010), Charlie Baker/Richard Tisei (2010 Gov/Lt. Gov), Bill Hudak, Marty Lamb, Jeff Perry, Christopher Sheldon, and Jim McKenna.


It’s not like these people were running against super-stars of the Democratic party, either: Martha Coakley defeated McKenna by a 2-1 margin.  Sean Bielat is a Marine, Harvard-educated, young, and a businessman – this sounds like Gomez, here – who couldn’t come within ten points of Barney Frank and lost to Joe Kennedy III by twenty-eight points.   Mary Z. Connaughton couldn’t manage to defeat Suzanne Bump for auditor (although her 49% of the vote was the best showing since Brown-Coakley 2010).

If the issue is that Gomez didn’t rally the base,I must ask: are you alleging that Bielat, Connaughton, Hudak, Perry, McKenna, and Sheldon weren’t conservative enough?


II. Control of the Senate and the future of America


Besides, if you’re going to whine like a small child that your preferred candidate didn’t win the primaries, so you’re going to take your ball and go home, allow me to remind you of a few things.


Things like Christine O’Donnell, attacked almost as much by her own side as by the Democrats; Sharron Angle; Joe Miller, whose own party refused to support him; Richard Mourdock, left for political dead after defeating Lugar and then thrown under the bus when he made the mistake of saying that all children have a purpose in life.  Let me remind you of a few other things, like Olympia Snowe and Scott Brown – “RINOs” in deep blue states who were replaced by Democrats.  Allegedly, this purity contest should have us winning elections, taking back the country, and creating a Reagan-esque paradise.  Except that when O’Donnell, Angle, Mourdock, Brown, Snowe, and Gomez lost (or retired, in Snowe’s case), they were replaced by Democrats.

If those six seats were in the hands of an (R) and not a (D), the Senate President would not be Harry Reid.  We  would have passed a repeal of ObamaCare and put it on Obama’s desk.  The Senate would have a budget.  Judicial activists would have  a tougher time surviving nomination, and travesties like today wouldn’t happen as often.  The IRS, DOJ, NSA, and other alphabet soup federal agencies would have some hard, uncomfortable questions to answer.  This is when I get a big cheesy smile on my face, make the thumbs-up sign, and say, “You go, little buckeroos!  Rock those ideological purity or electability contests!” Because this s—t handed control of the Senate to the Democrats at a crucial time in our nation’s history.  Go, little buckeroos! Make it about you and not America!

Update DTG: I agree with Roxeanne that anyone willing to run deserves in this state deserves credit and her figures are pretty good but I would note one thing. Every other races that she cited were regular general elections with plenty of other democrats on the ballot, Mr. Gomez race was mano a mano special low turnout election just like Brown Coakley. Given that circumstance a candidate who his the base is the wrong for the party.

That being said one can’t fault Gomez. He ran in the primary as the candidate he was and won 50% of the primary vote. What was he supposed to do try to lose?