Glenn Reynolds in the NY Post notes the Government wanting to decide who is a reporter and who is not:

Sen. Dick Durbin thinks it’s time for Congress to decide who’s a real reporter. In The Chicago Sun-Times last week, he wrote: “Everyone, regardless of the mode of expression, has a constitutionally protected right to free speech. But when it comes to freedom of the press, I believe we must define a journalist and the constitutional and statutory protections those journalists should receive.”

I can understand why Dick Durbin and this administration would want to decide who is a journalist and who is not, after all if you define, a journalist as someone, for example, who reports on facts to keep the government honest most of the Washington press corps would not qualify and least not while a democrat is in office.  More importantly if he can define who is a journalist and who is not he could prevent stuff like this out of the Gallup poll per newsbusters.

A Gallup poll released moments ago found more Americans consider Fox News their main source for news than any other news outlet in the nation:

What if Democrats had the power to declare Fox News not a news organization as Media Matters keeps trying to assert?

How long would do you think it would have taken this administration to lock them out?

No time at all

And that would suit Dick Durbin just fine.


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Today Stacy McCain put up a rather amusing tweet that I got a charge out of

he included this tweet in an update to his post on the Pope’s tweet concerning immigration saying about an instalanche I received declaring it

A miracle! Like loaves and fishes!

and advising readers to

“Go thou and do likewise.” Amen.

While I certainly endorse linking to Stacy at all possible times little does he realize the truth of what he said.

Yesterday piece on Pope Francis’ encyclical was the first piece of a new week, therefore it had my morning Tip jar shake toward my weekly paycheck.

It had been a VERY bad 5 weeks for my whole 60 x $20 x 12 system as income. While I had successfully made  my mortgage from February through May via a $300 a week reader DaTipjar paycheck, June had been a real disaster.

First the actual mortgage bill went up (or I should say the property taxes rolled into it did) so I was obliged to raise my weekly goal to $305. At the same time Over $500 in car repairs hit along with other unexpected expenses. Suddenly the appearance that we were finally turning the corner financially in the house looked bleak.

And to top it off I failed to make that $305 a week goal every week for the entire month putting me a full $400 short of the Mortgage in June,  and the first week of July ended short too.

So when on Sunday evening I saw a tip jar hit I was very pleased. When I opened the email it was a $5. Combined with the $2 a week from a subscriber who pays on Sunday that hit got me to $7 on my quest toward the $305 weekly paycheck but the real surprise was not the amount but who it was from:

The Sisters of Jesus.

Now it’s not odd that nuns might read this blog, particularly a post on the Pope. I’m a very catholic guy. I went to Catholic School, My brothers and sisters went to Catholic School, I sent my children to Catholic School and one of them to Catholic High school. I live 4 blocks away from the church I’ve attended all my life, was baptized, confirmed and married in and I still take off my fedora whenever a nun or priest is within 6 feet of me. I’ve dealt with nuns all my live in full habit, partial habit and no habit, the type of nuns the LCWR would not recognize, nuns who have lived vows of poverty and obedience, nuns who have given their lives to serve Christ, the Church and their fellow-man.

Be that as it may while in my life I’ve been solicited for many a donation from a nun never EVER did I imagine I would see a tip jar hit from sisters. It brought to mind this passage from Scripture:

When he looked up he saw some wealthy people putting their offerings into the treasury and he noticed a poor widow putting in two small coins. He said, “I tell you truly, this poor widow put in more than all the rest; for those others have all made offerings from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.” Luke 21-1-4

I was very touched so as I always do before I update my site with the figures of a donation,  I wrote a short note of thanks, noting how every bit helps and closing that while I really appreciated the five dollars I would be even more grateful for their prayers.

I then finished up my post on useful idiots scheduled it for about 5:30 AM and eventually hit the sack.

In the morning I sent out my daily e-mail to the bloggers on my e-mail list promoting the useful idiots post and then after an interesting exchange on twitter with Doug Mataconis ( Which you will read about tomorrow morning) I noticed a tip jar hit.

I figured that my lead post on Egypt had been linked, but it had not, yesterday’s post on the Pope  lead post had been Instalanched instead.

Now an instalance is not an unknown event around here so I updated Sunday’s post to note the delayed instalanche and continued with my work finishing my lead post for tomorrow and scheduling it before actually looking at my morning e-mail.

I was swamped! From links and tweets and re-tweets , the volume of hits was staggering compared to a normal instalanche.    June had been the slowest month on the blog in over a year.  Today has not only been my biggest traffic day ever but today’s traffic alone is as of this writing over 75% of the traffic I had in the entire (slow) month of June.

And then there were the tip jar hits.  As you might expect far less that 1% of readers who visit in a week hit DaTipJar but the sheer volume of hits meant the tip jar was on overdrive, from $3 to $300 people kicked in.  I literally spent hours writing thank you notes and before Rush Limbaugh was off the air today not only was this weeks’ full paycheck made but enough over this week’s to make up for the entire shortfall of last month. With luck by the end of this month I’ll be totally caught up and with a little to spare.

As Sheldon’s mon would say: Don’t tell me prayer doesn’t work!

So my advice to all is this. While I highly encourage linking to Stacy McCain whenever possible if you get a chance to get the Sisters of Jesus praying for you by all means do so.

And throw a prayer or two their way as well.

And to all of you who have hit DaTipJar today. One more time, thank you so much. I’ll do my best to be worthy of your support.

Friday I wrote this about Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehed El-Haddad’s attempt to dupe the western media:

So it seems Gehad El_Haddad is back to his old game tweeting out the Muslim Brotherhood line in the hope that the Western media doesn’t spot the scam.

Well I shouldn’t worry after all if a mere blogger like me can spot it, I’m sure the rest of the major western media can do the same,

well except for the NYT.

Saturday I repeated the question during my radio show while speaking to Robert Spencer and Pam Geller and Ray Hanna of Act for America: who in the media is stupid enough to fall for this guy BS?

The Hill gives the answer:

“I don’t understand what naivete can behold any person to see all the ingredients, political signs of a coup, and not see the coup,” El-Haddad said on ABC’s “This Week.”

This week.  ABC’s this week had him on camera?

Well OK the Muslim Brotherhood is news right now, so ABC asked a few questions of the guy.

It’s not like they made a video of him on the streets of Cairo pretending he is a man of the Egyptian people and not someone who’s primary purpose is to look good for the west while giving the Muslim brotherhood line while their followers repress them.

Oh come ON guys!

Well that’s the MSM at least there aren’t members of congress, particularly Republican members, willing to give the president cover in re-empowering the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Reluctantly I believe that we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and a free and fair election,” McCain added.


ABC calls McCain a tough critic of Morsi but apparently he wasn’t tough enough to cut off aid when he was in charge.  Now that the Brotherhood is out he is apparently tough enough on Morsi’s foes to give president Obama and the Brotherhood cover to do the one thing that can empower islamists in tough spot.

But Maybe I’m overreacting to the Brotherhood after all doesn’t every political movement throw teenagers off buildings and beat them to death for celebrating their defeat, sanction rape and shoot Coptic priests when angry.

Or even station snipers to shoot Cairo residents.

That’s no reason to keep them out of the political process is it?


Olimometer 2.52

While the useful idiots are self identifying. I need to identify a different set of people.

I need to identify 15 people willing to kick in $20 this week to support independent blogging, radio and reporting to the tune of $305 this week.

If you think this price is worth paying, hit DaTipJar below