Just changed the channel and was surprised to see the not guilty verdict, when I heard the jury ask about manslaughter I presumed he was in trouble.

There are a lot of long faces on MSNBC and CNN isn’t all that happy either but in terms of what it will mean for rating and their memes they do a lot better with an acquittal than with a conviction. With an acquittal you can play the race card all day long.

Already Sharpton is talking a civil rights case and the MSNBC expert is really blaming the prosecutors.

I think it’s unfair to them. The Prosecutors had a lousy case and they did the best they could with it in terms of lawyer.

The ball is in the community’s court

Update: Did Angela Corey actually try to say this case wasn’t about race? This entire prosecution was about race and she insults our intelligence by saying so.

Update 2: At the press conference the lead defender was asked how this case would have gone if George Zimmerman was black (he is actually) his answer was dramatic, provocative and absolutely true” “If George Zimmerman was black he never would have been charged with a crime”

The best comment I’ve seen however comes from Robert Stacy McCain: emphasis mine

Honestly, I thought the jury was going to convict on manslaughter — even had that set up as the headline and then was shocked when I heard, “Not guilty.” But I was never emotionally invested in this story, one way or the other. There were arguments to be made either way. A kid should be able to walk to the store and back without ending up shot dead; on the other hand, the original finding of investigators was that Zimmerman was exercising his right to self-defense, and there were those who believed Zimmerman was put on trial simply to satisfy political agitators.

Justice may have been the winner in that Zimmerman should not be locked up but the bottom line is Martin is dead, Zimmerman’s life is likely destroyed and the country is divided and none of this from the shooting to the charging to the trial needed to happen, period. Everyone involved needs prayers.

Update 3:  A very good point by Ed Morrissey:

The panel appeared to have taken its duty seriously, and reached the only verdict possible with the evidence presented to it.  Clearly the second-degree murder charge was ridiculous on its face, and the prosecution’s decision to overcharge could possibly have undermined its credibility, too.

The second-degree murder charge was unreasonable — and the prosecution provided almost no evidence in support of it.  A manslaughter charge was at least rational, though, and a jury might have convicted on that charge, if they could find no reasonable doubt that Zimmerman had rationally feared for his life or grave bodily harm without the use of lethal force.

I’m wondering if the state charges Manslaughter and plays the case from day 1 based on that charge does it win?  after all they Jury took many hours to ask the manslaughter question.  That suggests the entire process was political in nature rather than justice driven.

The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary:  Something’s brewing deep underground and it coming to the surface

Plot: The Tardis crew finds was dressed for Rio but instead find themselves in England at a drilling location They’ve discovered the Silurians, but the Silurians have discovered them what happens when both start capturing each other?

Writing:    Chris Chibnall gives us so much to think about here, misdirected Tardis, Future Echos, Amy kidnapped early, and a selection of Human personalities with different strength and flaws.  There is so much here you almost wonder how he managed to put it together

Acting: This episode to me more about the supporting cast than the leads and there wasn’t a bad performance there period.  Additionally Rory was used well again.

Memorable moments: The whole Dream vs Nightmare sequence is the closest thing to a real memorable moment, but this one nothing really jumps out.

Oddities: You know the Tardis DOES have a scanner that allows one to see outside,  Can someone explain why they never use them?

Pet Peeves:   I really never card for the Silurians.  The better makeup and writing helped but it still doesn’t make me any more of a fan of them.

Great Quote(s):

Elliot: Have you met monsters before?

The Doctor: Yeah.

Elliot: Are you scared of them?

The Doctor: No. They’re scared of me.

Nasreen Chaudhry: This is like every day to you.

The Doctor: Not every day. Every other day.

Final Verdict: Four Stars but strangely enough I found myself constantly giving up chances to watch it.

Ranking in Series 5 to date 6th out of 8 That an episode with the strengths of this one can rank as low as 6th at this point is a testimony to the quality of the season as a whole not an attack on the episode.

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone
6 The Hungry Earth
7. Victory of the Daleks
8. The Beast Below

Ranking in Matt Smith Era (top 5 out of 8)

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone

This is the first episode so far to not break into the top 5 when given the chance.

You might have heard of the Peter Principle:

The members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success and merit will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability.

The theory being once a person is promoted to a job they can’t handle the people in charge of making promotions will stop doing so.

However as we have already noted, for a couple of weeks the left and MSNBC while touting Hillary Clinton as the inevitable Democrat nominee are not only doing their best to ignore her time as Secretary of State but they, when challenged are unable to name a single accomplishment she achieved in that office.

The lack of any such success would normally, under the Peter Principle disqualify her from any kind of office beyond Secretary of State, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Therefore it is apparently time to create an amendment to the Peter Principle, The Hillary Principle:

If a democrat is promoted to an office beyond their level of ability, the very act of holding said office, regardless of the lack of success or degree of  failure, will be considered evidence of success , particularly if said Democrat is a member of a “protected” or “oppressed” group as defined by the party and/or media.

If anyone can come up with a better explanation for the pass Hillary Clinton is getting for her time as Secretary of State I’d be delighted to hear it.


Update:  the rest of the web is catching up.

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