The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary:  Is it peace or is it war between Humanity and Silurians.

Plot: Both the Silurians and the Humans have Hostages, but can Amy and Nasreen negotiate a permanent peace before the fearful and the warlike slaughter them all?

Writing:    Chris Chibnall gave us a lot to characters to think about it part one and now he adds a bunch more on the Silurian side, even better he doesn’t simply reflexively make them noble and the humans warlike. There is so much to digest here and that’s before the huge twists in the end. I really think Chihnall could write a whole Big Finish side series on the Silurians and their civilization and make it work. I think the ending was a tad contrived but that likely was required for the story arc of the season.

Acting: Once again until the near end this episode really engages the supporting cast over the main cast, but both Amy & Rory get big parts and some big scenes. The Doctor becomes more prominent about half why through but once again it all works.

Memorable moments: Rory at the end, Amy’s forgetfulness, The negotiation table.

Oddities: This is a pivot point in time? If that’s true it threatens to almost totally re-write every single episode of the series that takes place after the year 2200 and since when is Ambrose a woman’s name?

Pet Peeves: Yeah, when designing an underground sanctuary for my race to survive the very first think I make sure I install before anything else is a way to deliver poison that would wipe out the entire population. It’s like the chompers from Galaxy Quest.

Great Quote(s):

Rory Williams: Amy, I thought I’d lost you.

Amy Pond: What, ’cause I got sucked into the Earth? You’re so clingy.

The Doctor: In future, when you talk about this, you tell people that there was a chance but you were so much less than the best of humanity.

Final Verdict: Four Stars, once again a 2nd part better than the first.

Ranking in Series 5 to date 6th out of 9 Again it is only the quality of the episodes before it that forces this episode to where it is and if Alex Kingston was the least bit worse it would kick Flesh & Stone out of 5th.

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone
6. Cold Blood
7 The Hungry Earth
8. Victory of the Daleks
9. The Beast Below

Ranking in Matt Smith Era (top 5 out of 9th)

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone

There were a fair amount of tweets last night that simply should not have sent I’d like to talk about this one:


I was VERY surprised to see this tweet in my timeline, and it provoked some strong reaction from people who saw it as well it should.

At any time that phrasing would be racist on its face, it sounds like something out of Jim Crow, but to tweet out such a phrase right after one of the most watched racial case in the country while people are still worried about rioting is not only outrageous, it’s irresponsible and provocative.

But there are two outrages in this tweet and while one is easy to spot most will ignore 2nd.

The fact is for all his poor choice of words and the lack of sensitivity in both content and timing Mr. Haley is telling the truth.

Don’t believe me, here is something from

In relation to homicide the number one killer of black men is other black men. It is a national tragedy that black-on-black crime ranks as the 4th leading cause of death for black men. In the age group of 15 – 34 black-on-black crime is the #1 killer of black men

This has been true for a long time, and none of the people in the MSM seem to be all that upset about it.  I think what I wrote the day the Zimmerman case first became a national story still holds up:

I have sons near the age of Mrs. Martin. I can’t imagine what she’s going through and I don’t begrudge her one bit of her anger or desire for justice for her son. It seems to me however, that the activists and media personalities so outraged today, had none for the young black men who’ve been slaughtered in cities for years:

That is the true disgrace, daily bloodshed in the Black community that is left unchecked. The statistics are telling:

The hundred or so homicides in Oakland each year are part of nearly 6,000 murders nationally committed by blacks, mostly of other blacks, compared to just over 5,300 homicides committed by whites and Hispanics combined. (Blacks are 12.8 percent of the U.S. population, whites and Hispanics, 81 percent.).

Where is the outrage in the black community. Why does not the black leadership or the elite liberal opinion address this outrage, because it doesn’t fit their template of racism as the primary cause of the suffering of the Blacks in America.

You can’t find that outrage because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders that you will see on every channel for the balance of the Trayvon Martin case.

The Trayvon Martin case is a tragic, but the regular murders of young black men in the cities by other young black men and the unwillingness of people to talk about it nor the media’s willingness to write about is the real national outrage.

“…because it has no political value to either activists of the left or to the self-appointed black leaders”

I don’t begrudge anyone being outraged about the words used in that tweet, but if you are more outraged by Mr. Haley’s use of language then the fact that young black men are being slaughtered in cities by other men of color, then I submit and suggest that like the black “leaders” who can’t find the time or the inclination to make this a national issue,  your moral priorities are off, way off.


Final thought,  A person can send out a single tweet that they might regret I looked at Mr. Haley’s timeline after that tweet and didn’t see a repeat of such language,    Marlon Waynes has no such excuse.

As I watch MSNBC and see Al Sharpton et/all go crazy over the verdict of the Zimmerman case and hear the NAACP appeal to the federal government for relief I kept remembering a repeated meme that I’ve seen at Instapundit

George Zimmerman is blacker than Homer Plessy.

For those of you who are not schooled in American History Homer Plessy subject of the famous Supreme Court Case Plessy v Ferguson that established the doctrine of “Separate but equal” until Brown vs Board of Education overturned it.

As Ann Althouse and Michael Barone pointed out George Zimmerman is 1/4 Black (via his grandmother)

The Irony is overwhelming, it’s the 50’s all over again!  Consider:

A 1/4 black man has been acquitted of murder and we are seeing a  group of powerful and influential people determined to make him pay.

A 1/4 Black man has been acquitted of murder and we are seeing a mob of people willing to publicly threaten to kill him for it.

I guess they were right, Jim Crow is back after all

One final thought:

If George Zimmerman had run for and been elected president in 2004 the same people who are calling his acquittal a travesty and calling for his murder would have cheered and celebrated him as the first black president.

Update: Instalanche, but I have to disagree with Roger Simon. His presumption of the president being a “big loser” is based on his disgraceful actions, not on his goals. He forgets for the left the ends justifies the means and because of this Barack Obama is a big winner. Now only was he able to use this case to spike black turnout in 2012 but this verdict allows his partisans to continue to use this case as a club in 2014 races and beyond.


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