Every now and then you read a piece that you simply don’t want to excerpt because it is so well written, so well argued and fits together so perfectly that it’s almost a crime to take any bit of it out.

Robert Oscar Lopez’s piece titled:   My response to a same-sex couple that asked, “What do you say to our child to explain why you think our family doesn’t count?” is one such piece. It is not only a brilliant piece of writing it directly answers a lot of the question and cards the left is constantly playing.

It is simply the best piece on the subject I’ve ever seen, This piece needs to be read, it needs to be spread and it needs to be talked about. PERIOD!

I wish I wrote it, but as you read the piece you will understand why I could not.

Update:  I shared the link with Lisa Graas who added her own perspective:

That scenario includes me, and the point about intentionally forcing a charade on your children is an excellent one. I am a divorced mom, now living celibate because my kids only have one dad. In order to be a good parent, my life must be ordered toward the good of my children. This includes every aspect of my life, including my sexuality. My celibacy after divorce is good for my children because it teaches them, despite my divorce, that marriage is forever, that they have only one dad, and that they should be committed to their dad despite the problems that have befallen us.

Where does someone like me “fit” into the worldview of same-sex couples who demand that we see marriage as a selfish institution, as opposed to a selfless one? Redefining marriage means more than most people realize, in this respect. It changes society’s view of the institution from being one of selflessness for the good of children to one of selfishness, children be damned.

Like I said narcissism.

Lynch mob head: We’ll take them from here on, J.D.

J.D. Cahill: Just like that?

Lynch mob head: Just like that.

J.D. Cahill: Lightfoot, how far away would you say they are?

Lightfoot About 10, 12 feet.

J.D. Cahill: Make a good pattern for this buckshot Well, there’s no use prodding around. I’m willing to die trying to keep ’em. The question is, are you willing to die trying to take ’em?   Now I’m cold and hungry and wet and tired and short-tempered, so get on with it!…(pause) Hell, get out of my way!

Cahill US Marshall 1973

Yesterday Stacy McCain wrote a must read post that very accurately talks about the element that is missing from a community that was once populated by strong families and strong male role models but is largely populated by single parent families.

His long and powerful essay has me chomping at the bit to write my own on the subject but that’s a piece for another day, today I’ll focus on a specific bit at the beginning of his piece:

Frankly, after all the media hype about the potential of nationwide rioting if George Zimmerman wasn’t convicted — and all the protesters chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” — I was surprised the Baltimore Bolsheviks didn’t get their dream of a Marxist revolution. But that hasn’t happened yet and the only violence Saturday night was in Oakland

While his joke about Democrat voters is amusing there is something that struck me in what he said.

….the only violence Saturday night was in Oakland

and there was also some trouble in LA, but while it was easy to find protests with some angry faces and loud shouts there wasn’t anything resembling riots.


Supposedly Black America is outraged, people are looking for revenge and blood and given the frenzy whipped up by the media where are these riots as we saw in LA 20 years ago?

There are several explanations/differences:  The Zimmerman case involved an individual rather than authorities, there was an actual video in LA case, The Zimmerman trial was televised from start to finish so the public saw the trial and the weakness of the evidence to convict, many were appealing for calm, the police were ready for such events and finally riots might reflect poorly on this administration which is an ally of those warning of violence.

All of these are valid reasons and surely played a role in the lack of trouble this weekend but there is one other card in the deck that a lot of people are not willing to talk about:  Guns.

Over the last 20 years gun laws, particularly in the south have loosened, including concealed carry laws. While the media has not been big on reporting it, there have been regular stories of ordinary citizens using their personal firearms to repel criminals meaning them harm.

Ironically thanks to the debate earlier in the year on the subject even the lowest of low information voters are aware and/or believe that the average citizen, particularly in states like Florida are very likely armed and if the media meme is to be believed, just DYING to shoot people.

And unlike police whose primary goal it to contain such events, individual citizens, particularly in “Stand your Ground” states are not under an obligation to refrain from deadly force if threatened.

There is a big difference between popping off on twitter from the safety your home, and actually putting yourself on the line, and it’s simply amazing how much less attractive the prospect of violence for recreation or revenge becomes for those who would commit it when the targets of said violence can shoot back.

Now it’s possible I’m all wet, that the fear of an armed populace backed up by laws protecting self-defense had nothing to do with it and in the end.  For society the lack of riots and violence after the verdict is what matters.

But as Barack Obama tires to use the Zimmerman Acquittal to disarm American again I submit and suggest people look at what happened or  rather what didn’t happen this weekend and think long and hard before they willingly give up their arms.

Update: I meant single parent families not single family parents, must be a tad dyslexic.

The Pope continues to make media heads spin:

Pope Francis has been named Man of the Year by Vanity Fair’s Italian edition in recognition of his words and deeds during his first one hundred days as pontiff. The magazine’s front cover features the 76-year-old Pope Francis waving at a crowd, dressed simply in plain white robes and a white skull cap.

Vanity Fair? Vanity Fair?!? Well it’s the Italian edition so maybe that’s not a big deal. I mean it’s not as if you have famously openly gay international celebrities celebrating him

Elton John warmly said, “Francis is a miracle of humility in an era of vanity,”

Elton John? ELTON JOHN?!? Well in fairness given this story he certainly is right about the humility bit

The pope has ordered the removal of a statue of himself that was erected outside of the cathedral of his hometown in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

He was described as “horrified”

Francis apparently objected to the statue on account of his abhorrence of the cult of personality, a risk that appears to be very real, given the beloved religious leader was recently named “Man of the Year” by Vanity Fair Italia.

Pride is of course, the first of the deadly sins but this pope understands who he works for

a few weeks ago in Saint Peter’s Square, when Francis heard cheers of the crowd towards him, he asked the faithful to cheer Jesus.

And in two weeks in Rio millions of young people will come from around the world to do so.  I suspect that will have a lot more pull with the young than the whole “Keep Jesus out of my vagina” meme

Pope Francis continues to move the ball in the other side’s territory and the media keeps unknowingly blocking for him.

God continues to work in mysterious ways and everything continues to go as the Holy Spirit has planned.


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