The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary:  Something Van Goghing on 1890 and the Doctor is going to find out what.

Plot: The Doctor notices something Amis in a painting by Van Gogh and decides he and Amy must find out what is going on.

Writing:    I really expected better of Richard Curtis of Black Adder fame. While there are several really humorous moments the story itself doesn’t invoke really have the feel of a Doctor Who episode. It just may not be the type of thing for him. Over time it has grown on me because of the number of good individual bits but put it together, meh.

Acting: Tony Curran is not bad as Van Gogh but doesn’t have a lot to work and Bill Nighy works well in his bit part. All in all the actors do well with the material he has.

Memorable moments: The Doctor’s images 1st and Second, “I buy my own drinks” The “I’ll be there will be hundreds of new paintings scene” The Bow Tie Appreciation Society

Oddities: Where exactly does Amy get all those sunflowers?

Pet Peeves: Seriously Van Gogh has a painting that’s been out there forever and it isn’t till his 11th regeneration that the doctor recognizes? Please.

Great Quote:

The Doctor: Nice bowtie!

The Doctor: [to Amy] Bowties are cool!

Curator: Oh! Well, yours is quite…

The Doctor: Oh, thank you,

Final Verdict: Three Stars.

Ranking in Series 5 to date 9th out of 10 I once ranked this episode dead last but it grew on me over the years.

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone
6. Cold Blood
7 The Hungry Earth
8. Victory of the Daleks
9. Vincent and the Doctor
10. The Beast Below

Ranking in Matt Smith Era (top 5 out of 10)

1. The Eleventh Hour
2. Time of the Angels
3. The Vampires of Venice
4. Amy’s choice
5. Flesh and Stone

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We’ll be talking Trayvon Martin and the story nobody is talking about, WHY he was in Sanford Florida the night he died.  Then we will talk to Tim Imholt about his PJ media piece about voter verification and then we’ll finish up with the IRS hearings in the house that the MSM has found so uninteresting.

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I got home from a couple of errands wondering what I was going to say about Detroit and Obama’s statement from last year at election time:

And I was still thinking about what I was going to say about the incredible testimony on the IRS case that went down yesterday:

Still, what landed was a bombshell. And Democrats know it. Which is why they are so desperate to make the investigation go away. They know, as Republicans do, that the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency.

But what was all over the news? This:

Suddenly there is no other story in the country, suddenly no other topic matters and suddenly MSNBC & CNN have another reason to talk about anything but a bad economy, Detroit and a scandal that continues to move closer and closer to the white house operation is nowhere to be found and that short Obama speech is going to be topic one for the entire weekend news cycle.

People wonder why Barack Obama would spontaneously make himself available to talk about the Trayvon Martin today.

I don’t

Update: Why replaces what in that last paragraph, I don’t.


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Mr. Davis . is however only 4% toward to goal of raising the moment to take care of the final expenses of his wife.

A man who has served as much as him could really use a hand.


Any person with a rudimentary knowledge of politics understands that Rand Paul has been grooming himself toward a presidential run doing his best to win plaudits from both the right and the Rand Paul’s willingness to move in a direction the media likes.

While Paul has been quietly building strength in the background Jonah Goldberg notes the Jack Hunter (AKA the Confederate Avenger) business is not helpful to that cause:

Last week, the Kentucky senator hit some turbulence when the Washington Free Beacon reported that Jack Hunter, Paul’s aide and the co-author of his book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, was once the Southern Avenger.

Who’s that? Starting in the 1990s, as a radio shock-jock, Hunter would wear a wrestling mask made from a Confederate flag, while making jokes about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and having the South re-secede.

Goldberg reminds people of some history Ron/Rand Paul fans might not appreciate however he then makes the following point:

Rand Paul shares his father’s ambition to be president. Color me skeptical. Even though he’s a vastly better politician — morally and strategically — than his father, in a climate where politicians like Mitt Romney and John McCain can be demonized as bigots, should Rand Paul ever be nominated, one can only imagine what his opponents, in and out of the media, would do.

and that’s where Jonah’s falls apart in flames.

One of the reasons why the attacks on Mitt Romney and John McCain when demonized as bigots was so effective was because the ran away with their tales between his legs when attacked.

Rand Paul is not of that type, and the Paul family no matter what you think of them is highly skilled at both defense and counter-punching.

Does anyone for a second doubt that the family is well-practiced at countering these questions? Do you think Rand Paul is going to just let the MSM punch him and not hit back? Has he ever, EVER just sat there and taken it?

The problem is not going to be the left’s attacks, they will come if the nominee is Rand Paul, or Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Chris Christie or even Ted Cruz or anyone else.

Rand Paul is not my first choice for the GOP in 2016, he’s not even in my top 3 and the questions Jonah raises about the Paul movement in general are not unreasonable, but there is one thing I’m totally sure of.

If Rand Paul gets the nomination when the media attacks him, he will fight back and do so effectively. That will make him superior to either McCain or Romney if he wins the GOP nomination for president.

The question is, can he get it?


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Two Days ago I watched Hating Breitbart for the first time and was reminded that one of the things Andrew Breitbart constantly taught was in a New Media Era it was a lot harder for the old media to hide truth.

He seemed to me convinced that given the right information the American people could figure out reality vs the left’s fantasies and make the right decision.

Yesterday in Andover MA a great example took place of people figuring it out.

market basket 110

The people gathered to protest work at a Supermarket chain, Market Basket which operates stores in Massachusetts and other New England states. Prime Blue state country that Barack Obama took with very little trouble.

market basket 111

They were carrying signs and camped for hours on end in the heat to show support for Arthur T Demoulas, a multi millionare CEO of a company that had over 5 Billion Dollars of sales last year.

market basket 107

These blue state denizens of were of many different races and colors and were neither rich, nor unionized.

market basket 109

But they were united in their support of Arthur T Demoulas and their opposition to his proposed replacement.

market basket 106

I interviewed many of these people, at least all who were willing to talk to a strange guy in a Brown Fedora and a 12 ft Doctor Who scarf in 90 degree weather.

market basket 112

And during those interviews they talked about how Arthur T had taken care of them while still making millions for the company.

market basket 108

But the key moment for me came in the middle of the last interview I conducted

I was framing a question to highlight that Market Basket’s ability to retain talented workers through good times and not just bad, I prefaced the question talking about the bad economy of the past five years when a fellow off camera said: “What bad economy?”

He and the people I was interviewing pointed out that while others were suffering, Market Basket was growing, the company and the employees were making money and doing well.

The reason for this? No debt. These people have a good pension and profit sharing plan, and they understand that if a new CEO chooses to borrow against the company and pile up debt, the future of first their pensions and then the company itself will be in doubt as eventually all that borrowed money will have to be made up with interest.

market basket 113

Think about this for a second, a bunch of ordinary workers, not rich guys, but college students, lower middle class cashiers, middle class managers are protesting and more spent yesterday in 90 degree heat for hours for a CEO who understands you can’t finance prosperity with massive debt.

And they are making that case on the same day that Detroit filed for bankruptcy.

Detroit was once like Market Basket thriving, expanding. a solid and successful city.

Then during the 60’s just before I was born something happened, Democrats didn’t just win an election in the normal back and forth of time, democrats won the city and kept it. In 1974 Coleman Young held the Mayor’s office for 20 years and was followed by increasingly more and more liberal set of mayors who saw no issue with building up debt, tax, spend and borrow some more.

The people started fleeing the city in droves, the values of houses dropped like a rock.

But we were told not to worry, the Obama administration fresh from pumping borrowed money into the general economy, pumped borrowed money into the auto industry, actually the auto unions. When people like Andrew & Glenn Beck made the case against this saying you can’t borrow and tax your way into prosperity, protesters were bussed in to attack, protesters who couldn’t even defend their own signs. The farce reached its pinnacle when with the help of the media, the administration bragged that just before the election that they didn’t allow Detroit to become bankrupt.

And now with the election safely over Detroit is.


The Market Basket employees are non-union, they weren’t bussed in by an organization. They were protesting in shifts, some left for work while other came when their shifts were done. Those middle class market basket employees protesting in that 90° heat, are making the same argument that Pork Busters and the Tea Party has made since 2006, the same argument that Conservatives have been screaming at the federal government.  They are speaking to the board of directors and saying as loud as they can:

You can’t borrow your way to greater prosperity!

Arthur T. Demoulas understands this and has run the company accordingly, the Blue State Market Basket Employees see this and are doing their best to highlight it. They understand that a company that keeps out of debt is in a position to both make a profit and share those profits with them.

If Barack Obama managed this economy the last 5 years the way Arthur T. Demoulas ran Market Basket during the same time we would be looking at a different situation today. If Arthur T. Demoulas spent the last 40 years working for Detroit instead of Market Basket the city might not be bankrupt today.

These workers get it, they understand this, that’s why they can say “What Bad Economy?” during a time when most Americans are struggling.

I submit and suggest that they Market Basket workers are the epitome of Conservative values and they are making the practical case for conservatism perfectly and doing it in a way that can be clearly understood by the average voter.

I think conservatives should be talking about them, I think conservatives should be embracing them, and I think conservatives should be making their arguments and taking them to Washington.

They are Breitbart, they just don’t know it.


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But I want to for a moment talk about someone else. A blogger by the name of Peter Davis who was brought to my attention by Cynthia Yockey.

Peter is a Viet Nam war veteran and Texas sheriff’s deputy retired on disability and coping with Parkinson’s disease

Peter had just lost his wife and he could use your help

I hope my dear gentle readers will read their story below and donate to Peter by clicking the GoFundMe button above. The donation goal is $1500 with the hope that if he doesn’t need it to cover the costs of Linda Lou’s final care and cremation, or the skyrocketing costs of his own prescriptions, that he can use it to buy a much-needed new computer to stay in touch with family and friends. It’s not easy for Peter to do that by phone because he is hard of hearing, what with all those decades of shooting firearms. I’m hoping that for all the years of service to his country and in law enforcement protecting strangers, that strangers will thank him with a donation to express their gratitude and help him heal from his loss. (I have set up this GoFundMe account especially for Peter and all the proceeds will go to him.)

I would be very happy to get that last $82 and a full paycheck, but I think I’d be happier if Mr. Davis was able to cover the burial/cremation of his wife.