The 3% Solution

For a very long time we in the Pro-Life Movement have maintained that Planned Parenthood's operation was based on Abortion and taxpayer money. The left has howled in disbelief at the very idea that this might be the case, remember the Susan G. Komen business.  They were attacked mercilessly because they were removing money from … Continue reading The 3% Solution

Why Obama staged his Impromptu Presser on Trayvon in three images

Three Images from Memeorandum 6:20 PM July 19th 2013 Image 1: Memeorandom on the IRS Testimony: Image 2: Memeorandum on Detroit Imgae 3: Memeorandum on President Obama's I could have been Trayvon Speech? Any questions? ******************************************** Still Looking to fill this week's paycheck only $70 to go .