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Actually the “Oh Shit” would be if they Didn’t find the bomb

Update Fr. Longenecker on the Papal visit

Then, this afternoon I watched Pope Francis arrive in Rio de Janerio. There too was an incredible continuity of history. The man in the white soutane. The third pope now who I has been my Holy Father, but the same pope. The same uniform, a different man. The same message, a different style. The same gospel, a different emphasis. The same message, a different messenger. At the welcome he quoted Peter himself: “Silver and gold I have none. But what I have I give to you: Jesus Christ the Lord.” Surrounded by throngs of young people I realized that this faith–ever ancient and ever young was suddenly alive to me and true to me as never before.
What other institution, what other political party, what other ideology, what other celebrity, what other religion can marshall such crowds and inspire such joy, freedom and power? No wonder the powers of this world hate and fear the pope. No wonder Catholicism is the one religion–despite all its human faults and frailties–that remains at once ancient and wise yet youthful and strong. Only the power of the Holy Spirit himself could pour out on the world this great surge of faith, love and hope.

All of this is summed up with the images of a poor man in his seventies surrounded by hundreds of thousands of young people.

And all those supermodels are constantly eating Cheeseburgers too. Celeb endorsers to push Obamacare to Youth.

The Lonely conservative asks the obvious question:

I wonder how many of these useful idiots have concierge doctors to take care of themselves and their families and will never be subjected to the worst aspects of Obamacare.

I don’t wonder at all

Ah those heady days when people actually believed Gay Marriage wasn’t going to have an effect on anyone else’s marriage:

Sikh temples have been advised to halt all civil marriage ceremonies on their premises to protect them from possible legal challenges for refusing to conduct same-sex weddings.

It is the first example of a religious group altering its marriage practices to avoid potential litigation based on equalities or human rights law.

I suspect this is a feature rather than a bug to some.

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Perchik:  Money is the world’s curse.

Tevye:  May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover.

Fiddler on the Roof 1971

Welcome to the world young prince, I have some good news and some bad news.

The Good News is that unlike the majority of the people in the world you will never want for anything. You will never have an empty belly, have a day when you have to worry about being cold in the winter, warm in the summer. In fact you will not only never know any form of basic discomfort or physical need you will have every possible physical comfort and luxury available for the rest of your life.

If there is something you want, you will almost certainly get it, people will fight for the privilege of giving things to you that you want.

Most of the known world will defer to you, will honor you and accord you every possible consideration and this will be the case as long as you live.

And if you know illness or discomfort of any type the best doctors in the world will be at your side to treat you.

Now the bad news:

You will be under a microscope for your entire life, every move you make every thing you do will be scrutinized.

When you disappoint your parents as every child does, or as an adult fail as every man does you will have to worry that you don’t do so in a way that embarrasses an entire nation or endanger British Diplomatic efforts.

When you succeed you will be expected not to celebrate in your success but to restrain yourself so as not to make yourself too ostentatious.

You will be expected to comport yourself in a particular way at all times, no matter how happy, or how sad you will be.

For your entire life you will be expected to symbolize all the virtues that the British Prize while rejecting all they reject.

And while doing this you will be scrutinized by a predatory press that is looking for any sign that of failure, embarrassment that can allow them to sell papers.

Oh and there will be a price on your head every single day starting now and people anxious to collect it.  There will also be plenty of people who will hope to knock you off simply for the fame of it.

Worst of all consider this scripture:

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Amen, I say to you, it will be hard for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”  Matt 19:23,24

If it’s hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven how much harder is it for one of the richest people in world but one belonging to one of the richest of all time?  You’ve got your work cut out for you.

A large chunk of the world would trade places with you in a second, a smaller piece wouldn’t take your position for anything short of salvation and some not even for that.

Either way this is your reality, you’re pretty much stuck with it, may you make the best of it you can.

I never liked Terrorists, not even the pretty ones

Jon Sable Freelance 1985

I noticed Robert Stacy McCain’s post linking to Donald Douglas post on the Oakland anti-police protests.

His piece is loaded with photos and Stacy McCain had a bit on Viral read about who exactly is showing up:

The major Communist organizations represented in the Anaheim protest were the Party for Socialism and Liberation and A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), a front for a Stalinist splinter group known as the Workers World Party. There was also a contingent from the Latino racist group known as the Brown Berets and at least one protester representing herself as a Spartacist (International Communist League), an extremist faction expelled from the Socialist Workers Party in 1963.

Now in a county of over 300 millions there are going to be plenty of crazy uncles so the idea that you might be able to enough fringe groups to draw 500 in a Major US city.

And while there are plenty of photos that Douglas took this one caught Stacy McCain’s eye as well as my own.


Now the irony of a bunch of anti-capitalists using iPhones is a valid point but I suspect that is not why the man who brought us Rule 5 Sunday would choose this particular picture.

It’s marketing, not only for Stacy’s Blog but for the group itself.

A fringe group, like any product has to be marketed and if you want to sell a group to the population as a whole and particularly to a younger crowd say young guys who don’t fit in. How do you manage to get them to show up and add numbers to a group of aging or fringe communists? What is the right bait to attract such folk to carry a sign and march in line and perhaps in hopes of impressing be willing to be a part of some mischief that the older and wiser in the crew are smart enough to avoid..

Douglas’s video & Stacy’s tweet provides the answer.

One of the argument’s I’ve heard on twitter is that to blame the Democrats for the failure of Detroit is folly.

While Detroit has been under Democrat control for 50+ years it’s hardly the only city where democrats have a stranglehold on the vote.

And I’ve also heard people be very careful about race.  Detroit’s mayors have been black since the early 70’s and sometime in that decade became a majority black city but race itself isn’t an explanation, there are plenty of places in the country where blacks are the majority and they are not in the state Detroit is in.

But the problem of Detroit, isn’t so much about Democrats, or even about Blacks, it’s about a particular fringe and meme within both communities and what happens when they get power.

And if you want to see what that meme looks like, Al Sharpton was showcasing it this weekend.

One of the Hallmarks of the “No Justice no Peace” crowd is its unfailing loyalty to grievance, a demand for action, and a shakedown for funding.

The simple example being the slaying of young black men.

The Sharpton crowd is marching and shouting and demanding justice, what is “justice”?

Well to them “justice” is change to laws, “justice” demands money to fund “programs” to produce justice, programs that will, by an odd coincidence be run by allies of the left.  We are told  by Sharpton that this will promote “harmony” and “progress”.

 To Democrats it’s great, it funds the party apparatus that is used to get out the vote every 2 years.

To the establishment GOP it’s a small price to pay as it (for a time) gets the media & Sharpton off their back.

To the wealthy liberal elites it’s great because it means they’ve “done something” without giving up anything.

And for the black community it gives them a “victory” over the “racist White Culture’ that has oppressed them.

But the real winners are the ultra liberals in that community they reap both the rewards in terms of funds and administration but the political rewards that come from being “leaders”.

The one thing that it doesn’t do is solve the problem, because the reality is that the solution doesn’t address the reality that the #1 cause of death apart from abortion, of young black men. In fact let’s not forget one of those solutions put Young Mr. Martin on the road to his death.

But that’s OK because the money to the local activists makes the ultra liberal “no justice no peace” crowd a bit stronger on the state and local level eventually to the scale where they can influence and maybe votes  on a state level and demand local and not just national concessions to enrich themselves.

And if it doesn’t happen fast enough they can just wait until a suitable case can be found and the cycle begun all over again.

But what happens when the cycle is accelerated? What happens say if a cataclysmic event takes place that get the grievance crowd actually in power? What happens to say, a city when said people have the actual levers of government and can vote themselves the money and the solutions on a regular basis with the votes of the aggrieved to sustain them?

What Happens?

Well you give a job to every good comrade who deserves it, you put your own people in charge, you change the law to sustain the grievance industry at the highest level and if people complain you cry “racism”.   You tax and spend and borrow some more, after all you ARE the government and when the taxes become too high and those who can, leave GOOD RIDDANCE!  They weren’t voting for you anyway so the base becomes farther and farther left (after all the grievance left doesn’t associate with conservatives) you simply have a bigger voter margin to win by and the candidates that come up for city, state and federal office have a bigger incentive to move farther and farther left.

Until finally there is no more money to fund the basic service that the people who have backed you all these years need.

There are no more rich to tax because the rich and the middle class have fled

There are no more oppressors to blame because they aren’t the law. YOU are.

But you’ve never really learned how to govern, you’re a bunch of community organizers & professional protesters who have used government as a gravy train but have slowly let off those who you can’t pay the fare anymore.

Of course the national media will tell you that this is a case of global trade, the left will tell you it’s because the state or federal government has not given enough aid and the Sharpton crowd void of oppressors in the city to blame will point to the capital and tell the people they are the new oppressors and the cause of all your troubles, but it doesn’t change the answer to the question:  What happens?

Detroit happens!

Update: Along the same line:

Then I watched as progressives staged a coup to take over the Garland NAACP chapter and many others, including the national organization. Their agenda is angry, calling for every black man, woman, and child to be dependent on the government from cradle to grave – wards of the state, addicted to government handouts, living with a perpetual victim complex.

It’s all about self worth, not of the people they represent but of themselves.

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