The Dream Meme Police

They’re driving me insane
Those men inside my brain

The dream police, they live inside of my head (live inside of my head)
The dream police, they come to me in my bed (come to me in my bed)
The dream police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh, no

Cheap Trick:  The Dream Police 1979


Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis, Trayvon Martin

Three names the media have made famous, but it’s kind of odd because none of their situations are particularly notable.

Sandra Fluke is one of millions of leftists who have gone to Catholic colleges over the years who have been disappointed that a Catholic school might have rules that are you know, Catholic.

Wendy Davis is a senator in a minority party who because their side doesn’t have the votes has to use other tactics to stop a bill.  Her example is repeated in the US senate whenever it changes control and on the state level the 4 GOP senators in Massachusetts senate could tell her a few things about being in a minority party.

As for Trayvon Martin unfortunately there are plenty of mothers in Chicago who could tearfully testify that a black teenager meeting a violent death is,  disgracefully, not a remarkable event statistically.

That being the case why can even the most casual news follower aware of who they are?

Because the Media are the left’s Meme Police.

Need to push the meme of the GOP trying to take the pill away from women in an election raise a Sandra Fluke to symbolize a debate nobody is having.  (Never mind that when George Stephanopolus rasped the question at the GOP debate nobody had any idea where he was comign from.)

Need to paint the foes of Abortion as “anti-woman” Raise up Wendy Davis as a feminist hero for her filibuster in Texas.  (Never mind that conservative woman are leaders in the fight against abortion, that young women march against abortion in the tens of thousands every year in DC  and that sex selective abortion eliminating girls are a real issue.)

Need to gin up the black vote and the democrat left in an election year.  Make Trayvon Martin a martyr to white on black violence.  (Never mind that not only is George Zimmerman no more white that Barack Obama and also has black ancestry but that the overwhelming number those who kill young blacks men are…young black men .)

The facts and the reality of the case doesn’t matter, to the Media’s meme police and their leftist allies.  The meme and the message is all, and if for example you need to paint George Zimmerman supporters as racists we’ll send our own left wing activists with signs with the image they need and shouting racist messages and if discovered after the fact, claim sarcasm.

And because the media and their allies control the primary sources that expose the culture it can’t be escaped

Cause they’re waiting for me.
They’re looking for me.
Ev’ry single night they’re driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.

The meme police they live  inside of our brains, the meme police they come to us in our beds.

We’ve not yet reached the point were the meme police come to arrest us, but with this president, you never know.

Cue the music