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After leaving Manchester yesterday I headed south on Interstates 293, 93, 495 for Lawrence Ma to cover Tim Imholt (who once blogged as DaScienceGuy and currently contributes on PJ media) as he launched his Race for the third district in MA

Manchester and Imholt 016

I got there as an inventor friend of Tim’s was introducing him

he then took the stage just as I was changing my Batteries

and took questions on Niki tsongas his opponent

On attracting voter in cities like Lawrence

and took a question about the base of the party

Tim has a doctorate in Physics (his wife in an engineer so they have that Bang Theory Doctor not a Doctor thing going) As a scientist he thinks like a problem solver and more importantly he not only has a life but will have a life when his time in congress is done which we need a lot more of.

Let me close with this interview with Richard Tisei who was there to Support Tim

Now Tisei is a bit a social liberal and you don’t get much more socially conservative than me. If both of us like Tim Imholt (I met him on the airplane 3 years ago and have stayed in touch since then) odds are you’ve got someone who can unite the GOP in MA-3. You can find out a lot more about him here

the question is can he draw enough support in a district that was strong for Brown to overcome a strong incumbent like Tsongas? Time will tell.

Incidentally Tim was my guest when I guest Hosted conservatively speaking last week. You can hear that show here.


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Friar Tuck: Then what do you intend to do?

Robin Hood: I intend to give this miracle every opportunity of manifesting itself

The Adventures of Robin Hood Goodbye Little John 1960

Thinking of the silence in Islamic circles over Weiner & Huma There a joke in Christian circles that applies:


There was a faith filled minister whose favorite sermon revolved around his favorite scripture passage from Isaiah 11:5-8

Justice shall be the band around his waist, and faithfulness a belt upon his hips. Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; The calf and the young lion shall browse together, with a little child to guide them. The cow and the bear shall be neighbors, together their young shall rest; the lion shall eat hay like the ox. The baby shall play by the cobra’s den, and the child lay his hand on the adder’s lair.

One year the minister lead a trip to he holy land.  On the trip his group visited a Zoo in Jerusalem was absolutely astounded to see a leopard sharing a habitat with a kid.

He was absolutely astounded and immediately talked of it as a miraculous manifestation of God in this holy city to his tour group when a Zoo keeper came who seemed totally unphased by the entire situation.  The preacher was insulted at his nonchalance at the whole thing.

“Aren’t you the least impressed by the sight of the kid sharing that area with the Leopard?”

Not really.”

The preacher was indignant!

“Oh ye of little faith, what WOULD it take to impress you?”

“If he’s still there when I bring the Leopard’s tomorrow’s kid.”

The Moral of the story?  If the lion is lying down with the lamb odds are there is a chain on the Lion’s foot.

In the Catholic Church we have a Pope who can speak infallibly on matters of faith yet there are plenty of dissenters who raise loud objections to things they dislike.

Islam is not the papacy.  There is no central controlling authority that speaks for the entire religion so you have many free agents able to make pronouncements.  One foot wrong, one tiny perceived insult against Islamic sensibilities and individuals, families and even countries will react loudly to it and have done so for a long time.

If the lions of Islams are not leaping or even roaring over Anthony Weiner & Huma Abideen, I’d be looking for a chain or a muzzle.


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On Tuesday I reported James O’Keefe promised to return to NH to expose voter fraud in NH again.

Apparently Granite Grok decided they didn’t want to wait till then:

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-District 21, has eight people registered to vote under her single-family address in Portsmouth. Several of them came to New Hampshire to work on campaigns for various periods of time and voted in elections before moving on.

When asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status, Clark said:

“By and large, the young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire, but given their age, whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.”

In fact Granite Grok is all over this story.

The New Hampshire State Board of Education’s newest member is Emma Rous from Durham. There are four voters hailing from 50 Adams Point Road in Durham, where Emma lives; Emma Rous, Walter Rous (Emma’s husband), Nahanni Rous (Emma’s 38 year old married daughter), and Ben Rous (Emma’s 38 year old married son).

Funny, how these twins never moved out. Common in cases of voter fraud.

and even more funny are the connections involved with some of these guys

Sidley Austin Brown & Wood…isn’t that where Barack Obama was a Summer Associate at the Chicago Office? It’s where the current President met his wife Michelle, who was then an assistant associate. So Nahanni’s father in law has strong connections to Presidential politics and the Democrat party…going all the way back to Jimmy Carter; and strong connections to the President for whom Nahanni and her brother probably voted in November, not from their own Homes where they and their spouses live, but from Durham, New Hampshire, where they do not live.

So, are these also “young people” who were committed to New Hampshire whose staying was impossible to predict or Democrats whose mother is active in the Democrat state party, was an elected member of the NH House, who sat on the State school board, who knew their vote would matter in a swing state, and who–along with others–encouraged them to come here and vote here?

The latter, of course.

And it was mentioned when I interviewed three NH state reps yesterday…

at O’Keefe’s final appearance in the Granite state where after prospective congressional candidate Ryan introduced him

He spoke of voter fraud again

I seem to keep hearing more and more stories along these lines concerning 2012.

No wonder the left react to O’Keefe like this:

I have the feeling that only after the Obama’s are out of the white House many will be shocked at what was done to keep him there.

I won’t be.


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