Jay Leno Nails it

Jay Leno inadvertently nailed an important truth in his monologue concerning the Monica Lewinsky tape that came out a bit ago. Here is the whole bit: The key quote That's kind of sweet and charming don't you think an audio tape, that what people used to do before you could take pictures of your junk … Continue reading Jay Leno Nails it

Sontarans Schmalfeldt and Honor

Tom Hagen: He never asks a second favor when he has been refused the first. The Godfather 1972 Spock: It was far easier for you as civilized man to act as barbarians, than for them as barbarians to act like civilized men. Star Trek Mirror,Mirror 1967 Col Mace: My God, they're like trolls. 10th Doctor: … Continue reading Sontarans Schmalfeldt and Honor

DaTechGuy with Ed Naile, Pat Martin and the Roma Band Now available

Did you miss the first every episode of DaTechguy on DaRadio with a live band in studio not to mention Ed Naile, Pat Martin? Shame on YOU but you can listen to it here. and you can find out more about the Roma Band here.

No Liberal Angels for Tina Brown

I've suggested the multi million dollar sales of the Boston Globe to the Red Sox and the Washington Post to Jeff Bezos illustrate the value of a liberal Angel to the left in avoiding a more profitable conservative buyer. They also demonstrate that for Tina Brown that skill in finding such a person may have … Continue reading No Liberal Angels for Tina Brown