The Huma Muruna?

I asked for an Explanation for Huma & the Silence of the Muslims on her situation. And Godfather Politics gives an answer: I believe the answer can be found in a Muslim word ‘Muruna’. There are times when Muslim leadership believe it is more important to plant a spy to gain valuable information than it … Continue reading The Huma Muruna?

Subscriber Tease Gordon Ramsey’s Embassy Nightmares

This week's subscription commentary is titled Gordon Ramsey's Embassy Nightmares: Want to hear the entire commentary well hit DaTipJar for any amount and I'll send you the link as soon as I see the confirmation e-mail, hit subscribe for any amount Beanie : $2.00USD - weeklyCap : $10.00USD - monthlyHat : $20.00USD - monthlyFedora : … Continue reading Subscriber Tease Gordon Ramsey’s Embassy Nightmares

Bob Filner Knew the Bill Clinton Rules

Dr. Benjamin Franklin: Mr. Dickinson I'm surprised at you, a rebellion is always legal in the first person, such as "our rebellion." It is only in the third person - "their rebellion" - that it becomes illegal. 1776 (1972) Ace links to a critical update to this story on Bob Filner: The local Democratic Party … Continue reading Bob Filner Knew the Bill Clinton Rules

The Brock-Dowd Gambit

The Master:  Oh!  Now I can say I was provoked. Doctor Who: Utopia 2007 Sam Houston: In 1815, Napoleon escaped from Elba. He moved swiftly to consolidate before the Grand Alliance could move against him. Wellington, with fewer men, retreated ahead of Napoleon, forcing Napoleon to chase him through Belgium. Wellington had a vision of … Continue reading The Brock-Dowd Gambit