At the risk of giving Amanda Marcotte an aneurysm I’d like to comment on something that happened A few days ago on MSNBC. Something I considered rather amazing and more important that most of my readers might think.

Mika Brzezinski pointed out on the set of Morning Joe that she gained 15 pounds and said she felt better mentally and physically with that extra weight.

Good for her!

Mika is a handsome woman, Stacy McCain not withstanding that is a neutral objective fact, she’s not Linda Carter circa 1975 or Raquel Welsh circa 1970 but who is? She was lovely before the extra weight and the addition of the weight in question makes her look even better.

Now I don’t know if Mika intended it as a cultural statement but I think it’s a very important one. Tastes change, I’ve always thought the idea that women needed to be practically anorexic to be attractive is a dangerous thing, physically & mentally not to mention false.

mika kickMika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything, consider this photo.

Mika may or may not have considered it a fun picture, but there is no question that this pose was used for its erotic value and not to highlight her ability to hold her own in an argument nor the excellent chemistry & patter between the two hosts.

In a place where Erotic capital is a premium a woman’s weight can be critical, particularly when there are literally hundreds of women 15 to 20 years her junior who would likely not hesitate to make an even more provocative pose for a chance to take that seat next to Joe Scarborough every morning and saw those 15 pounds as an opening.

I think it’s very important to make the point that you don’t have to starve yourself obsessively to be attractive. Women who want the career Mika has need to hear it as do producers locally. It’s a key cultural statement Granted it’s MSNBC but I’m sure SOMEBODY heard it.

Mika is charming in person, a solid host and honest enough to put her bias’ out there. Her husband is a lucky man and Joe Scarborough is even luckier to have her as a co-host because she makes him better. That doesn’t make her any less wrong on things like the Mika Burger and when she’s wrong I’ll happily call her on it, but in terms of a role model of how to carry yourself if I had daughters instead of sons I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to point to her as an example.

Mind you this doesn’t change basic facts of life, with very few exceptions we are not going to see men with my weight or hairline be the goto guy nor are we going to see even plain women in the front chairs. This is a simple fact of life that I don’t have a huge objection to.

I, like most men have absolutely no problem finding myself viewing beautiful women on my TV or admiring the view of the “legs” chair. You put a pretty woman in front of me I’m going to look, I’m married not dead.

But as a person who thinks that society as a whole does better when we are not totally obsessed with a phony meme of what is physical perfection this is a good first step and people should stand up and notice.

Update: Cut & paste gone wile, this morning’s “Mikaburger” post was accidentally included, fixed.

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Well while I’m not above such tactics I generally write what pops into my mind and this was it.

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As you might guess I regularly get e-mails from GOP groups and operatives.

I get a lot of e-mail so such messages generally are spared a quick glance and unless the message jumps out (occasionally) or is on a topic I’m planning on covering (also occasionally) they go to the bin.

This is a common thing for bloggers and my friend the lonely conservative got such a message from the GOP and finding it interesting posed on it but she also replied with an e-mail to the sender reminding them of something the subject but something about the subject hit her

“Why would people vote Republican if the only difference between parties is that you aren’t as perverted and creepy as the other guys? Sure, maybe you’ll pick up a seat here and there, but until you can lay out the reasons why conservative policies trump progressive policies, you’re going to be stuck playing secondary characters in the Democrats’ never ending soap opera.”

This is a very important thing particularly when I am reading stuff like this

Gutiérrez said many of the Republicans supportive of immigration reform don’t want to be identified, but he insisted they would support comprehensive immigration reform.

“If they ask me today, go find those 40 to 50 Republicans, I’ll tell them I found them. I know where they’re at,” Gutiérrez said in an interview with Ed O’Keefe at The Washington Post.

Now this might be just a strategy to try to create support where there isn’t but if the GOP doesn’t fix this perception fast I suspect there will be a lot of trouble raising money from the base and the #gop will be set up for a historic loss in 2014 as the conservative tea party electorate decides to give them their collective finger.

The choice is theirs, but if they doubt these voters will stay home, two words: Mitt Romney.

Red State nails it

One difference between the two major parties is that Democrats harness the energy of their base to fight legislative battles; Republicans make end-runs around their base to obviate their energy.


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If you are a GOP voter who has been burned by candidates who have promised conservatism but given something else, might I suggest that my $305 paycheck will not only deliver you a more consistent conservative opinion but will provide support for a whole group of conservative candidates.


ThisYesterday morning on Morning Joe Mika touted they would be at a protest Aug 29th in Detroit pushed by Rep Keith Ellison: (Emphasis Mine)

“They’re very effective,” says U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minnesota Democrat and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “They’ve brought attention to appalling conditions with workers putting in very long hours … and not making enough money to survive. This I think is scandal. .. We believe it’s essential to be paid livable wages. We know the companies can afford it. These are highly profitable businesses. It would be good not just for the family budget but for the national budget.”

Mika seemed to agree that the businesses could afford it although Joe Scarborough was not so impressed.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Lucky for all there is a really simple way for Morning Mika and her entire crowd to prove their point over Joe.  It’s a simple three-step process

1. Acquire a fast food franchise, here is info on McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s a tad more expensive than McD or BK:

2. Hire Workers at $15 dollars an hour, in this economy this should be a piece of cake.

3. Watch the money pour in.

I’m sure a bunch of high-powered and well-connected people like Mika can come up with the franchise fees and an experienced marketing man like Donny Deutsch can make it profitable no matter how many other McDonalds, Burger Kings or Wendy’s paying $9 or less near by.

If this can be done and at a profit then these folks shouldn’t just be doing it to prove a point, they should be JUMPING at the chance to get themselves the easy money from a profitable franchise and help people workers at the same time.

Of course it might be much harder for Mika , Donnie, Mike Barnicle et/al after all the easiest business to run is somebody else’s.

Update: This post was originally scheduled for last night but a last-minute change moved it to this morning & I forgot to change the “This morning” to “yesterday” at the top, fixed.


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