Just got off the NRCC conference call here is a quick summery of what went on:

Andrew Clark Digital press secretary welcomed us

Digital director Gerrit Lansing came on briefly to say The NRCC is winning because we are on offense, anxious to hear the ideas from those on the calls (twitter & new media folk).

I like that, more offense, less defense

Next came NRCC Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR)

How we are staying on offense:

1. We are finding terrific recruits

2. Exceeding budget on fundraising

3. Timing, Historically 6th year is a bad year for a party, but “We have to make our history it doesn’t make itself.”

Stepping up on digital outreach. Being aggressive in the creative approach (in addition to traditional media & shoe leather)

some predict 2-7 seats & I’d like to do more.

Then the congressman took questions: (answers are condensed summaries I was typing as I went along I include my own comments on the answers after them).

Question (DaTechGuy): In the immigration bill what are we doing to make sure the grass-roots are not angered by Immigration Bill and stay home as they did in 2012?

A: Those decisions are made across the hall but We’re not going to pick up the senate bill and move that. House will use different procedures than senate.= and will address border security.

I would have like more along the lines of “this isn’t going anywhere” myself.

(Tom Dougherty:) What is the NRCC and the RNC doing to ensure the GOTV effort & boots on the ground will be a larger part in 2014?

A: To the extent allowed under the law we will partner with those efforts and learn from our mistakes, that will be the key to success. You have to do the boots on the ground and reach out. Building up and proofing out systems in 2014 to use in 2016.

A good idea, there are some systems in NH that Andrew Hemingway is working on at the NH Republican leadership group that look really good, I hope they look into it.

(NRCC Kim Gardner): Not so sure we do as good a job selling to our own base how will that be addressed?

A: Good point, many competitive voices out there on what may work. We try to help our members try to articulate our viewpoints. 99% are on the same page of the goal of repealing Obamacare. Repealed 1099 and other items in the law. Sent 3 bills to delay individual mandate & corporate mandate & keep IRS off as enforcement agent. Always need help to articulate the message.

At this point the site NRCC Redzone.org.org was mentioned to highlight top targets 7 up there at the moment.

(DaTechGuy): To what degree can we include Conservative Bloggers & radio get involved in spreading the word in local races (debates etc)?


A: It’s important to seize every opportunity to highlight every point where the dems are off and Pelosi is back in charge we are the only blocking force. We’ll feed you info & answer questions when we can and provide info via that redzone site.


Glad to hear we are in the loop

Bail of balofrights.com: Any plans or strategies to reach out to the Youth vote?

A: Get up with the right people and the right content to use them to reach out to the younger voters. It’s their future on the line and young people ought to be furious about what’s going on.

This shouldn’t be a hard sale for people graduating from college with high debt and no job

This was a short but informative call, looking forward to more such calls in the future.  Engaging the new media this way is EXACTLY the right way to go.

Update:  Tom’s last name misspelled, corrected.

George: What do you think, Bob, one more?

Bob: No George, always leave them hungry.

Black Adder Goes Forth Major Star 1989

Well the world on the street is yet another part of Obamacare is being delayed:

The Obama administration has delayed a key provision in President Obama’s healthcare reform law that would limit out-of-pocket insurance costs for consumers until 2015.

The cap, which includes deductibles and co-payments, was supposed to limit consumer costs to $6,350 for an individual and $12,700 for a family. But administration officials have quietly delayed the requirement for some insurers, allowing them to set their own limits starting in 2014.

The reaction has been a tad snarky on the right Hotair:

Actually, ObamaCare doesn’t need Republicans to discredit it. The train wreck of its rollout accomplishes that task all on its own. Furthermore, the White House itself adds to the discredit with each delay it unilaterally imposes for the Democrats’ electoral benefit, showing it to be nothing more than political machinery rather than a real solution to rising health-care costs.

Michelle Malkin (Doug powers actually)

On Sunday, Rep. James Clyburn said the Dems designed Obamacare so they could run on it in 2014. Many Dems are as anxious to campaign on Obamacare in 2014 as Hillary would be to run on Benghazi in 2016, but they don’t really have a choice.

Wesley J Smith:

Employer mandate–Delayed;

Out of pocket caps–Delayed;

Verification of eligibility for premium subsidies–Delayed. Now, it’s on the honor system! That will sure control costs.

What a vivid demonstration of governing incompetence.

Gateway Pundit:

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on FOX News this morning and said this latest move by the Obama administration is illegal.

Greg Pollowitz

I’m not sure the GOP needs to defund Obamacare as much as wait and watch it collapse under its own weight

Right Wing Granny

It seems as if there are a lot of unresolved problems and questions regarding ObamaCare. I am really uncomfortable with ObamaCare going forward when it seems to consist of delays, exceptions for the people who passed it and their staffs, and broken promises.

Alas all of these pundits on the right are missing the cunning plan behind this latest Democrat move.

The Democrats are not ducking Obamacare for 2014, they are prolonging the vote for election after election after election.

You see if Obamacare was actually unpopular they would have implemented it all at once and taken the hit a single time & been done with it.

But because they know it’s going to be more popular than the AFLAC Duck James Clyburn & crew don’t want to just run on it in 2014, they want to run on it in 2016 & 2018 & 2020 etc etc etc and gain the advantages every single year!

In fact I bet we’ll see parts of Obamacare not implemented in my lifetime because Democrats yet unborn will want the pleasure to run on it.

After all that’s GOT to be it!  We know the law is eventually going to become popular, Nancy Pelosi said so, that’s why Democrats will want to run on it till the day I die.

And maybe by then we’ll finally find out what’s in it.

Kinnoch:   With respect, Mr. Gandhi, without British administration, this country would be reduced to chaos.

Gandhi:   Mr. Kinnoch, I beg you to accept that there is no people on Earth who would not prefer their own bad government to the good government of an alien power.

Ghandi 1982

Morning Joe has been talking about stop and frisk a lot after the following ruling came down from a NY Judge:

A federal judge blasted the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk as unconstitutional on Monday and appointed a federal monitor to oversee the program

She expanded on this.

in its current form, “the policy encourages the targeting of young black and Hispanic men based on their prevalence in local crime complaints. This is a form of racial profiling,” she said.

The city, she found, “acted with deliberate indifference toward the NYPD’s practice of making unconstitutional stops.”

Meanwhile Bloomberg is absolutely livid:

There is just no question that Stop-Question-Frisk has saved countless lives. And we know that most of the lives saved, based on the statistics, have been black and Hispanic young men.

“It’s worth remembering that as recently as 1990, New York City averaged more than six murders a day. Today, we’ve driven that down to less than one murder a day.

“Think about what that change really means: if murder rates over the last 11 years had been the same as the previous 11 years, more than 7,300 people who today are alive would be dead.

“Stop-Question-Frisk has helped us prevent those and other crimes from occurring – which has not only saved lives, it has helped us to reduce incarceration rates by 30 percent, even as incarceration rates in the rest of the nation have gone up.

That’s a pretty powerful argument, and I thought this counter argument made on twitter by a person of color in NY is pretty valid too.


It’s easier for me to discount the effect of this mentally because of course I’m not the person who deals with it daily.

Now I don’t doubt the demagogues who make their fortunes on the race industry but I don’t see I big difference in a person accepting additional risk to protect their 4th amendment rights…:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

…then people willing to assume additional risk to protect their 2nd amendment rights:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So you end up with a community that is caught in a quandary, the balance of 4th amendment rights and fear of the police vs the basic right to live safely in their community.

The basic issue here is the police, in the sense that the community doesn’t trust them to not base their decisions of whom to search based on race.

Well I have a rather simple answer, it’s drastic but it will solve the problem.

The communities in question should secede from NYC and become their own city(s).

This would dramatically change many equations:

1. It would create a majority minority community

2.  As a smaller more compact city the people representing the city would be closer to the communities they represent.  The Mayor and all the counselors of the city would be from that community.

3.  This would mean the police of the city would recruited from the city would reflect the demographics of the city and hopefully be closer to the neighborhoods they are policing.

4.  It would put the racial demagogue equation out of the game

Bottom line the people making the decisions on how to police the area and the voters who would elect them would be the folks most affected by these decisions.  If they want to assume the risk of lighter police presence they’ll have the votes for it, if not they can decide that too.

Part of Freedom is the freedom to assume risk, if the community wants to assume the risk and pay the price that’s fine, if not that’s fine too, they will have their own skin in the game, literally.

Give the people the chance to make their own cities work or fail on their own and live with the consequences one way or the other.

That’s what I think


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