Voices at the RNC Amy Hedtke (TX)

I spoke to a young lady from TX on day one wearing a Ron Paul button Her son is a big Doctor Who fan and she wears a Doctor Who Scarf Well As does a friend of her's from Texas too.

Voices at the RNC Mark Mezzina (MA)

I spoke to Mark Mezzina at the start of the RNC Event in Boston It's these young people that will make this party and considering the Obama Record (Can't move out, can't find a job, can't pay the student loans) the GOP should be the easiest sell in the world.

Voices of at the RNC Dr. Ada M Fisher (NC)

My first interview at the RNC event in Boston was Dr. Ada M. Fisher author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions: I first met her because she noticed my toe shoes and commented on them and that began our conversation. She has an easy way with people and after the interview while we sat down and … Continue reading Voices of at the RNC Dr. Ada M Fisher (NC)

The RNC Boston Meetings prologue.

The Westin Hotel Boston 8:40 AM Just nine months ago the lobby of the Westin Hotel was the place were republicans were embarrassed to be. Not that the Westin Hotel isn't a beautiful place, it's a fine hotel that has comfort and class written all over it. However the big story and the players were … Continue reading The RNC Boston Meetings prologue.

Liberalism Here is your god!

Macro:   Although he is now a God he is still same lovable young man we've always known, I can attest to that. And to enable his relationships with all of us to continue exactly as they were he has decided for convenience to retain his mortal form. Oh by the way his sister Drusilla … Continue reading Liberalism Here is your god!