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I like Joe Scarborough and he’s always treated me well, however that doesn’t prevent me from calling him out when he says a whopper and today said something so amazing that I can’t believe actually said it on the air.

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Now this is the first chance I’ve had to see Morning Joe since Tuesday since I was in Boston Wednesday & Thursday at the RNC meetings. I interviewed people from 30 states and in order to expand Joe’s social circle let me introduce him to some of the people I interviewed:

Meet T. W. Shannon speaker of the house in Oklahoma

Meet Marilinda Garcia (R-NH) from the State legislature.

Meet John Burnett (R-NY) the GOP alternative to Client #9 for Comptroller in NY

Meet Anitere Flores (R-FL) who serves in the Florida State legislature

Meet the Changs (R-HI) Husband and wife

Mrs. Chang is a state rep in NI & Mr Chang is the State Party Chair in HI

Meet Glenn McCall (R-SC) State committeeman

Meet Ann Clanton (R-RI) Executive Director of the RI GOP

and finally meet Dr Ada Fisher Author and State Committeewoman from NC

Her book is Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions: Solutions For What Ails Us (Volume 1)

And as I’m typing this I’m sitting in a room ready to hold 170 NH Republicans

Waiting to see this gentleman who just arrived as I began pasting that last video…

col west nh 001

In fact they are paying MONEY to do so.

col west nh 002

Now the with the exception of Col west I tweeted out every single one of those interviews this morning after Joe said what he said and do you know what the reaction of the viewers were.

Yup every single interview is “cherry picked” as if I ignored any non-white person at the RNC Boston event. One look at my YouTube Channel gives the lie to that business.

I have a much better question for Joe Scarborough et/all and all those folks on the left who breathlessly linked to Mediaite’s piece on his words.

With the exception of Col West who I’ve covered before the first time I met or was aware of these people was at this RNC event. Why hasn’t MSNBC in general or Morning Joe in particular found these people worthy of a spot on the show? Why haven’t I seen them on CNN, or PBS, or This Week or Meet the Press or Face the Nation etc etc etc

I think that’s a very good question and I would love to hear a very good answer from the MSM, but I think I already know it.

Update: Next time Joe is in NH I should introduce him to Karen Testerman gathering signatures for a US Senate run


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I spoke to Ron Kaufman at the RNC event in Boston on Thursday

Immediately before him I spoke to Morton Blackwell of Virginia.

Note the two emphasis. Mr. Kaufman emphasized the fundraising and the examples of the sitting governors. Mr. Blackwell emphasized the bringing in of the new activists into the party to grow it and make it work.

I submit and suggest BOTH of these things are vital to get the GOP in the W column in 2014 & 2016 and if either is neglected it will be the country that will continue to pay.

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How many times do we let ourselves get into terrible situations because we don’t say “I forgot”? Let’s say you’re on trial for armed robbery. You say to the judge, “I forgot armed robbery was illegal.”

Steve Martin Saturday Night Live season 3 Episode 9 1978

Kuni: Stupid! you’re so Stupid!

UHF 1998


I remember a few weeks ago seeing a post at RS McCain quoting an e-mail from Bill Schmeldafelt to the court concerning a violation of an order concerning my friend W Hoge. Stacy McCain critiqued his e-mail to the court explaining contact made via twitter in violation of the order.

While one might disagree with the tone or what the language used indicated, strategically the move was sound. Any person familiar with twitter might certainly believe a person could have accidentally forget to remove Mr. Hoge from a comment line. So a person unfamiliar with the history of this story might reasonably believe this was accidental, therefore is a chance that a judge might believe the violation of said order was accidental too.

While the accidental violation argument might work in that case I don’t think Kaitlyn Hunt can make that case:

The 19-year-old Florida cheerleader accused of having a lesbian affair with a 14-year-old has violated a court order to have no contact with her alleged victim, prosecutors said Thursday. A document that prosecutors filed with the judge overseeing the controversial case says Kaitlyn Hunt sent the younger girl more than 20,000 text messages, “lewd” photos and an explicit masturbation video even after Hunt was arrested and ordered not to contact her victim.

20,000 text messages?  20,000 TEXT MESSAGES!

I don’t think you can make a “butt dialing” call there.

and that doesn’t even count her decision to send a copy of the “Kate Hunt’s do it yourself porn video”….

Oh, my goodness: Just saw the document filed with the court, and it is absolutely devastating to Kaitlyn Hunt. “These photographs are explicit and depict the defendant [i.e., Hunt] nude, sometimes engaged in sex acts such as placing her fingers inside her vagina.” According to the document, Hunt also sent the younger girl at least one video that “explicitly depicts the defendant [i.e., Hunt] masturbating by rubbing her vagina with her fingers while moaning.”

This isn’t the kind of thing you send to someone you have a no contact order with when facing a statutory rape charge, this is the type of thing you send to the city of San Diego when you want to apply for the job of personal aide to Mayor Bob Filner.

There is being young and stupid, but this ridiculous. What level of idiocy does it take for this women to directly violate a judge’s order 20,000 times and throw in a self-made porn video while you’re at it?

PT Barnum said you won’t go broke betting on human stupidly but even he would have bet against this.

Even if you are a supporter of Kate Hunt, even if you are convinced that what she did wasn’t wrong and her arrest was a travesty of justice your jaw has to be rolling on the floor right now.

The Daily mail reports that the court has made a second plea deal offer JUST THIS WEEK

Kaitlyn Hunt is being urged to accept the new deal which would keep her out of jail and prevent her from being registered as a sex offender – if she pleads no contest to two misdemeanor battery counts and one felony count for interference of child custody.

Considering the literally tens of thousands of violations of a judge’s order the offer to stay out of jail & avoid being registered as a sex offender is the fatted calf. Any lawyer with any sense would urge no BEG their client to take a deal and thank their lucky stars. So how has the Hunt family reacted?

her mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, denounced the offer in several message sent to the “Free Kate” Facebook group.

Well I see where Ms. Hunt the younger gets her good judgement.

I haven’t gone to the Wheel of Fish clip to describe stupidity in a long time but if this nonsense doesn’t warrant it, nothing does.

If you are on this bandwagon and have been looking for an excuse to jump off, folks this is it.

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Ms Hunt the younger has a defense fund that raised tens of thousands of dollars online from many contributes.

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Day two at the RNC Boston became was a story of media rushes and speeches.

The schedule showed several open events for Press including a town hall that I was anxious to attend:

and a woman’s forum that I also attended (both will have their own posts later on)

rnc last stills 002But for the rest of the people carrying press credentials the only story worth getting on Thursday was Chris Christie who the MSM has dubbed (fairly or unfairly) to be the moderate club that was to be used to beat down the GOP base (Right up until & unless he gets the nomination then the Media will dub him a conservative ogre beyond the pale)

Unfortunately for that plan Chris Christie’s scheduled speech which was closed to the press although there were mummers by some of sneaking in a recorder and unlike Newt Gingrich who engaged the press the day before

Since Christie didn’t have a press open event the goal was to get that Christie Shot so any potential chance to do so was a priority, such a priority that an escalator became the place for the media to be

Christie never came down that elevator and when the media walked away dejectedly I would have paid real money to see him come down after the last one left.

They next set up opposite the room where Christie dined with a large GOP contingent, the cameras were set up as they waited for the doors to open and the Governor to come out. Alas Christie did not come

The people who attended Christie’s speech were impressed and those quotes obtained 2nd hand produced a lot of press and the next morning the MSM had the story they wanted, a GOP divided, a candidate hitting the base, a party in demographic trouble that needs to reject its base.

But if they had talked to Morton Blackwell they would have heard a different argument

to my mind the party grows when you’re open at the bottom and make it clear that the people who generally share our principles are welcome to the party.

That description would include not only Chris Christie to the party but the Ron Paul people and social conservatives like me.

and if that media they had taken a few minutes to look around them, they would have seen the GOP alternative to Elliot Spitzer in NY

but his story was not the story they media wished to tell, as evidenced by an exchange during the GOP event on women in the party.

The reality is it doesn’t matter how many republican women screamed at the top of their lungs the GOP war on Women was BS. If the people didn’t hear them because the media didn’t show them and masters of culture didn’t acknowledge them, as far as the voters were concerned it never happened.

That’s why I spent as much time as possible talking to delegates and state chairs instead of joining scrums like this one.

I’d be just as interested in getting an interview with Reince Priebus as the next guy but he is not the story here. All of these people who have come from all over the country to make or influence the decision of the party are the story and unless we tell and spread these stories the only message that will come from the RNC meetings in Boston will be from the MSM Template

Here is my summary of the day

I have dozens of interviews to post and I’ll be doing this over the course of the week. Tonight I’ll be in NH to cover Allen West and a NH party/grass roots event It should be an interesting contrast.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM finds that newsworthy.


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