The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary: What is the Monster that is kidnapping the crew of a pirate ship?

Plot: The Tardis lands on a 17th century becalmed pirate ship but the crew is less interested in the Doctor Amy and Rory than in the strange Siren that is slowly taking the members if they suffer the slightest injury. Any man who sees the siren is drawn to her and when Rory gets a Scratch can Amy and the Doctor save him and the rest of the crew including the Captain’s stowaway son, out of her clutches?

Writing: Stephen Thompson script is easily the least impressive of the season to this point. Wikipedia claims this was meant to be just a “fun” episode and maybe the cast enjoyed it but there was simply nothing memorable about it. The best part is actually the resolution and the ending. Did not see what was happening.

Acting: You won’t find a lot of “phone it in” episodes of Dr who. This one felt like it.

Memorable moments:HA!

Oddities: Even with the fear of a scratch those guys should have been able to disarm Amy with no trouble.

Pet Peeves: I know the man who “dies and dies again” is supposed to be a running plot, but it felt very old in this one.

Great Quote:

Captain Avery: No! No! This is the treasure of the Mughal of India.
The Doctor: Oh good, for a moment there I thought it was yours.


Final Verdict: Two Stars to this point the worst episode of the 11th doctor

Ranking in Series 6 to date 4th out of 4

1. A Christmas Carol
2. Day of the Moon
3. The Impossible Astronaut
4. The Curse of the Black Spot

Ranking in Matt Smith Era to this point Doesn’t place

1. The Pandorica Opens
2. The Eleventh Hour
3. The Big Bang
4. The Lodger
5. A Christmas Carol
6. Time of the Angels
7. Day of the Moon
8. The Vampires of Venice
9. The Impossible Astronaut
10. Amy’s choice

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I spoke to the Louisanna State chair of the GOP Roger Villere

Many people might not know that as recent as 10 years ago Louisiana was blue as can be. It give the lie to the MSM south during GOP over the civil rights act of 1964.

Yesterday Allen West appeared in Nashua NH and gave a stirring speech on conservatism and conservative principles Here is the speech in full

I also interviewed Col West Briefly after the speech

The most amusing story of the night however was this young man whose father drove him all the way from Brooklyn to meet Col West & hear him speak

A lot of people want him to run for president but for me if he is inspiring youth such as this, then he is already serving his country well


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