Fonzie: I only got one thing to say to you shortcakes…you put out an advertisement, somebody is going to answer that ad.

Happy Days Joanie’s Weird Boyfriend 1977


Cyrano: And eh, when do you bestow the laurel wreath, how many prodigies of poetry must this new Hercules perform?

Roxeanne:  I do not know. My friend you men own the world and all that’s in it. A woman is at best a prize, a property valued much the same as horse or dog, on length of hair and sheen of skin and  soundness of teeth and limb.  Well if I must be chattel and the terms shall be mine and the price according to my own values.

Cyrano de Bergerac 1950

There is an interesting piece at Chicks on the right that dove-tales nicely with the Miley Cirus story.

Today, a clever and competent reader sent me this article, in which the author complains about the fact that the Sydney University student magazine, Honi Soit, was yanked by the Student Representative Council because the cover featured the photographs of 18 different women’s vulva. All up close and personal like.

Quick background: The magazine said they wanted to show vaginas/vulvas in a non-sexual way, as an exercise in “female empowerment.” I’m not even making that up. When the SRC deemed it inappropriate for the newsstands, Honi Soit was outraged, as was the Jezebel author. Honi Soit said, “That in 2013, vulvas can still be considered something that should be shunned and hidden, or offensive, is absurd.”

Jezebel echoed that sentiment, remarking that, “You know, since more than fifty percent of the population has one (a vagina), maybe we shouldn’t be so weirded out by seeing them?

Which proves, once again, that liberals of today simply cannot comprehend that there is a difference between being comfortable with and loving your own body parts versus shoving them into innocent bystanders’ faces.

This NSFW photo reminded me of a deck of cards some guy I know had 30 years ago.

This prompted a post at the Fog of Law:

There’s a lot of things I could talk about here – how the very same women who complain when men view them as sex organs shoot photos of their disembodied sex organs – but there’s a foundational issue that needs to be addressed.

Excuse me, but in what alternate universe do normal women actually worry that their naked bodies do not measure up to “[d]epictions of female genitalia in culture” – and, speaking of which, what culture regularly exhibits female genitalia?

If I were in bed with some dude who thought that my naked body did not measure up to porn, there are loads of things I would do, like grab his schlong between my thumb and index finger and ask him, Mr. Turkey Gizzards, who he is to judge. Or perhaps I would knee him in said schlong and tell him to find a new girlfriend.

read that post and watch Miley Cyrus’ performance again

then answer these two questions:

“Which woman is the empowered one?”


“which of these two women consider themselves chattel like the Roxeanne from hundreds of years ago.?  Miley or the author of that post above?”

I think the answer to both is pretty clear.

Closing thought: On twitter Smoochach said the following about Mika’s objections to Ms Cyrus

I wrote about that a bit ago:

Mika Brzezinski is a 46 year old woman competing in an industry where image is king (if you don’t believe me count the toupees on the news screen). And if image is king for a man imagine what it is for a woman where sex is used to sell everything, consider this photo.

Mika may or may not have considered it a fun picture, but there is no question that this pose was used for its erotic value and not to highlight her ability to hold her own in an argument nor the excellent chemistry & patter between the two hosts.

That raised an interesting question in my head that I tweeted about this morning and Rush Limbaugh alluded to on his show. In an industry where she has to compete with the likes of Lady Gaga normal state of undress and Avril Lavigne making it Danica McKellar did MIley who has been in the entertainment industry a long time despite her young ago consider this the price of being noticed no matter what the quality of her music? As Rush put it:

She didn’t just do this in a vacuum. She thought it was what was gonna take to get mentioned, which worked, get noticed — which worked.

And if this IS what it takes to be noticed what does that say about our culture?

I’ve mentioned the Allen West event from earlier this month but Mr. West was not the only person to speak, here are some faces you might see on your ballot in NH for Governor, senator or Congress

Meet Karen Testerman

Jim Rubins

George Lambert

and Gary Lambert

and Andy Martin

I’m also including this speech by William O’Brien

but he has decided to change directions:

Former state House speaker Bill O’Brien has decided to end his nascent campaign for Congress.

O’Brien, a lawyer and Republican state representative from Mont Vernon, had been gearing up to challenge first-term U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster, a Hopkinton Democrat, in 2014. But he started a new job yesterday as chief operating officer of the Cambridge, Mass.-based U.S. subsidiary of Brainloop, a German software company.

He said he’s done legal work for the company for years, and the job prospect emerged in the last couple of weeks.

“It’s just such an interesting opportunity for me,” O’Brien said. “It’s good for me. It’s good for my family. It’s just something I couldn’t pass up.”

As a result, he said, he won’t run for Congress.

Of course you’ll hear more about all these folks over the next several months but the best place to find out what is going on in NH? We all know that’s Granite Grok

I remember back during the Starr investigation of Bill Clinton seeing a publicity stunt by the left. A bunch of them dressed up as Puritans and when Starr pulled out of his driveway they chased his car waving bibles. The clip was shown all over the news and the media mocked Starr over it.

That came to mind when I saw Morning Joe today when they led with this performance from the VMA awards last night.

Mika Brzezinski reacted with shock saying young Ms. Cyrus needs help.

I disagree, I think she has learned her lessons well.

Ms. Cyrus is 20, and all her life she has been surrounded by a culture that pushes the idea that Judeo Christian values  are wrong, oppressive and prudish so much so when we objected to actions by a president of the United states the media went after the right we were gone after as a bunch of repressive prudes and the Bob Filners of the world stood behind him and were celebrated for it.

The moment social conservatives suggest there are limits, any limit to the “if it feels good do it, with who you want, whenever you want it and however you want it.” the long knives come out.  We are just sexually repressed bible thumpers who  want to force this repression on the world never realizing all those kids conservative Christians seem to have,  came from somewhere.

Take a look at that entire performance and realize this.

To pull off this off for a national TV show there is plenty of rehearsal, dancers have to make the right moves so they don’t collide or mask shots, the singer has to hit the right spot and the right time, so that when the big entrance takes place the network is able to get the right image they are looking for exactly when they want it. What you saw took hours of practice and effort to produce, and the goal was to get exactly the reactions they got.

Because of the amount of time and coordination I’m sure Cyrus & Thicke considered his work and when it was over there first thought was “Right, we nailed it!” and when they saw the media reactions were doubly pleased because it generated exactly the reaction they wanted. She was selling herself as a sex object, to men she was saying you should want me as a sex object this way and to young women she was being a role model proclaiming saying how cool it was to be a sex object. Consider this article at Us magazine:

Hot duo alert! Miley Cyrus is set to collaborate with Robin Thicke to his smash hit “Blurred Lines” at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday, sources confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.

“They’re friends and she loves the song,” a source tells Us. A second insider adds, “It’s amazing. She comes out of a giant bear wearing a very provocative outfit.” The prop is perhaps paying tribute to her raunchy “We Can’t Stop” music video in which she danced suggestively with massive stuffed bears.

“Today’s already the f-cking best day ever! Just wait till VMAs tonight,” the 20-year-old star wrote via Twitter hours before the big show. For his part, 36-year-old Thicke later tweeted, “Who’s ready for my performance at the @MTV #VMA’s tonight? #VoteThicke.”

This was by design, it’s what they wanted!

This has been the image that our friends on the left have been pushing for more than a generation and those lesson have been learned by one generation and is being taught to another, to wit:

At the heart of the “Free Kate” argument is the claim that Kaitlyn’s 14-year-old victim was competent to consent to sex with an adult, and if one buys that argument — in effect invalidating the legal age of consent — then who is to say that Kaitlyn’s sister’s public boasts about her going out to drink are off-limits? In fact, one Hunt family acquaintance claims that nothing has been off limits for these girls:

[Kelley Hunt Smith] has always allowed her daughters to do as they please. I know for a fact that the 2nd oldest dated a 20 year old when she was only 14! The mother would allow these things. The girls [were allowed] to have boys over for parties, that would turn into a sleepover, where there would be drug and alcohol use. This was a few years ago, but the kids at that time ranged from 13-15.

Hmmm. Permitting her minor daughters to have sleepovers with boys “where there would be drug and alcohol use“?

Where do you think Kelly Hunt Smith got the idea that it was fine to let her daughter do she pleased with who she pleased at whatever age she pleased? Where did the culture teach her the boundaries were and when her children tried to stretch those boundaries, as kids do how far did she let they stretch?

Well in this case she let them stretch to the Indian River County Jail.

Open porn is at least honest, it doesn’t pretend it is selling anything other than what it is.

The Amanda Marcottes might critique me as a misogynist for daring to object to this performance, the Mika Brzezinskis of the world are appalled at this performance, folks on the left who are tweeting her saying to leave Miley alone might say it’s no big deal and my leftist friend Mike on twitter might say:


but let’s be plain. The left who are complaining about the objectification of women and have attacked and fought social conservatives have worked for very hard for this result and what will follow. And the same network that is bemoaning Ms. Cyrus this morning told the world and the culture was All In when it came to defending Kelly Hunt Smith & her daughters actions.  They have imbued those lessons to any generation with a TV set or a smart phone.

Kelly Hunt Smith & her daughter Kate learned those lessons well.

Update: here is the Morning Joe Clip

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

and Stacy McCain’s answer to Mika’s words about Miley Cyrus needing help


can I get a Bazinga?

Update 2: What is the difference between Miley Cyrus’ performance last night and the Hustler movie Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Miley Cyrus’ 18th Birthday?

One is a cynical attempt to make money off exploiting Miley Cyrus as a sex object and the subject of young men’s sexual fantasies.

The other is a porn movie.

Update 3: Rod Dreher at the American Conservative

I was going to snark about what a train wreck that girl has become, but I thought instead about linking to the sad interview her semi-estranged father, Billy Ray Cyrus, gave to GQ a couple of years ago, not long after he and his wife, Miley’s mother, broke up, and he moved back home to Tennessee. (They’re apparently back together now; he remains a mess.) Excerpts:

After the first two seasons [of Hannah Montana] he felt things changing. “The business was driving a wedge between us,” he says. He tells me that he has never been able to discipline his kids and that he now wonders whether that was a mistake. “How many interviews did I give and say, ‘You know what’s important between me and Miley is I try to be a friend to my kids’? I said it a lot. And sometimes I would even read other parents might say, ‘You don’t need to be a friend, you need to be a parent.’ Well, I’m the first guy to say to them right now: You were right. I should have been a better parent. I should have said, ‘Enough is enough—it’s getting dangerous and somebody’s going to get hurt.’ I should have, but I didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know the ball was out of bounds until it was way up in the stands somewhere.”

I am so happy I don’t have daughters and I worry about those who do today.

Update 4: Two related post at The Fog of Law and Chicks on the Right that I’ll discuss more later.

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