…and a great Disappointment

Inigo Montoya: Who are you? Man in Black: No one of consequence. Inigo Montoya: I must know... Man in Black: Get used to disappointment. The Princess Bride 1987 Marn: Her cries will be clearly audible, your Honor. The Collector: What's that? The subtleties will be lost. The deeper notes of despair, the final dying cadences. … Continue reading …and a great Disappointment

Last week’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio now up

If you missed last week's DaTechGuy on DaRadio with RS McCain you can listen to it here. Remember to join me live at Jeffrey's antique co-op Mall on Route 13 Lunenburg MA (near the intersection of Routes 13 & 2A) as I'll be broadcasting live from there from Noon till 2 PM. Join me there.

Tami Erin: Is this Miley Cyrus’ future?

Links are all about selling a headline so when I saw "Pipi Longstocking sex tape" at Live on Five" my reaction was Huh? Apparently the story is as old as video tape  Tami Erin who played the children's character 25 years ago like many other women apparently thought it was a good idea to film a … Continue reading Tami Erin: Is this Miley Cyrus’ future?

Is Obama about to pull a Homer on Syria Iran?

Pull a Homer: to succeed despite idiocy. Urban Dictionary.com via The Simpsons Homer Defined 1991 Buck Murdock: Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. Airplane II 1982 Sometimes the most foolish decisions produce the most unexpected positive side effects. The US decision to back the Muslim Brotherhood has already caused the new Egyptian Government to begin … Continue reading Is Obama about to pull a Homer on Syria Iran?