Tami Erin: Is this Miley Cyrus’ future?

Links are all about selling a headline so when I saw “Pipi Longstocking sex tape” at Live on Five” my reaction was Huh?

Apparently the story is as old as video tape  Tami Erin who played the children’s character 25 years ago like many other women apparently thought it was a good idea to film a hardcore tape with her boyfriend during sex but now is angry that this former boyfriend is shopping it around:

39-year-old Erin called in moments ago and she was irate — blaming a bitter ex-boyfriend for attempting to sell a private hardcore sex tape to the media.

She said, “I think he’s the biggest piece of sh*t on the planet for doing this to me.”

Now of course  the wisdom of MAKING a hardware sextape is debatable and unless this tape was recorded decades ago she doesn’t have the excuse of foolish youth to fall back on.that Miley Cyrus does in terms of judgement.
However I think this story has a different driver.  Here is Ms. Erin’s IMDB page

This is a screen shot of her web site note the Alexa ranking worldwide:


and her twitter page


And here is one of her 47 tweets


Meanwhile here is my twitter page


I’m 11 years older than Tami Erin, at least 125lbs heavier (more like 150) She has beautiful hair, mine is non-existent. It’s a neutral objective fact that she is not only more attractive than me by leaps and bounds but if I tweeted out a photo in the same costume as Ms. Erin did above the only reason a sane person would want to see it would be to induce vomiting.

Yet this page rank is 19,700,000+ spots higher than hers. I have over 1000 more twitter followers than she does…but I might not for long. Here is another screen shot of her twitter page taken at the time I’m typing this sentence


Note that she has gained 45 followers in the time between the two uploads and two more since I typed this line. As I’m scheduling this post for later in the day there is every possibility that she will have more twitter followers than me by the time you read this (you can check here)

I don’t know Ms. Tami Erin, I never watched the Pipi Longstocking movie as a kid. She is certainly an attractive woman who has done a good job of taking care of her body at 40 one can safely assume that a rational man would be very happy to be seen with her on his arm.

But in the movie/TV business you don’t get work without being noticed. An attractive 40-year-old tweeting out a provocative lingerie shot, even with an iconic movie under her belt, can’t complete with a 20-year-old wearing almost nothing masturbating on national TV with her tongue out.

There may be a sex tape, there may not be but either way Ms. Erin is going to be noticed over the next 24 hours than she has in the last 6 months. Her agent will do her best to use that moment to turn that list of 5 film/TV appearances into six.

I don’t know Ms. Erin’s situation but I’ve got to wonder if it’s worth it.

Ironically I suspect Ms. Erin will consider this post a favor as it will help her get noticed, but if she wanted a real favor from me I’d introduce her to my friend Eric who is about her age. He’s a handsome fellow in good shape, not famous or rich and will not likely get her any new roles but I guarantee he would treat her with more respect that the last fellow, but would she be wise enough to recognize it?

Exit question. In 20 years will Miley Cyrus find herself sending out a nude 3d holographic projection in the hopes that she will still be noticed? Or will it even take that many years?

Update:  Between he time I wrote this post and the time it went up Ms Erin has picked up over 400 followers on twitter.