7:58 PM The New Jersey Turnpike A familiar Unanimity in DC Today

As the net has been very slow on this bus I can only give some quick updates to today’s trip. familiar

As a general rule it’s a bad idea to wear a 12 ft scarf a big hat and a suit in 90+ degree weather. It ended up rather sick once I got on the bus.

The crowd was smaller by a factor of between 17 & 28 to the 2010 event that I covered with Brietbart.

I met a lot of great people and will be uploading a flock of interviews once I have an internet connection that can handle it.

It was great to see Herman Cain again. I think a lot of the increase in Traffic here came from my interviews with him in the past.

I’ll be writing a MUCH longer and more detailed post tomorrow that will likely be late as I’ll be getting home incredibly late but there is one thing I’d like to note right.

Three years ago I talked to a lot of people during the day, over 1000 I asked them if they trusted the GOP and to a man they gave a resounding NO!

Today I asked every person I interviewed on Syria, did they support the war on or. To a man not a single person did and to my memory the biggest reaction of the crowd came when the subject came up in speeches.

Most interesting was almost none of the arguments concerned the rebels. I oppose war in Syria my opposition is solely based on Al Qaeda but that’s the smallest of small factors to everyone else there.

Frankly I think Glenn is right concerning the House GOP leadership, I think they are giving the party cover to say no and the base will come through for the base.

Would that the same thing happen on Obamacare funding AND Immigration.