Obama manages to give Radical Islamists ANOTHER 9/11 victory

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There is one factor in the Barack Obama’s speech last night that nobody has talked about nor did I see it until I had a full nights sleep.  The long term effects of this address at this time are going to be more damaging than anyone thinks.

Regular readers might know I really hate all the breast beating on 9/11 while the war on terror is still on. The culture of our enemies is such that it only serves to encourage our enemies on the day of their greatest single victory.

It’s no coincidence that the Benghazi attack took place on 9/11 It’s purpose was to put an exclamation point on the day for radical Islamists.

MSNBC’s replay of the Today show footage from 9/11 gives Islamist a propaganda victory, the headlines generated by Barack Obama’s speech has given them another one.

Think about it, on 9/11 the headline leading US papers is about the united States and Barack Obama backing down from attacking a Muslim country.

Never mind he would have helped Al Qaeda and Islamists by attacking.  Never mind that the empowerment of Assad at this time is the worst possible result in the field.  Never mind that not attacking or at least delaying an attack is not only in the best interest of the America people but reflects their will.  Never mind that this speech and the delay of the vote was all about the president’s single-minded narcissism to stop a disastrous vote at all costs.

None of these realities matter

What does matter is that on 9/11, the day Islamists would most like a victory over us, our president took an action that has produced headlines all over the world of an Islamic victory over America.  A “victory” they will be talking about in madrasas all over the world for decades.  A victory he could have denied them by giving that speech any time from Thursday on.

With this administration record of supporting the Muslim brotherhood at every turn one might think Barack Obama decided that if he couldn’t deliver the MB a victory in the field he decided to at least give them the next best thing:  A propaganda coup.

It’s a tempting delusion to fall into but before you do, let me remind you all of Hanlon’s razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Given past experience with the demonstrated diplomatic skill of this administration I’d say that’s one explanation that fits this move to a T.