You DO Mess With the Obama

Oh for one hour of (Andrew) Jackson!

Reaction to President James Buchanan message on Secession 1860

Salim:  Okay. I want 50 percent of muchentuchen chain. Phantom & Salim Muchentuchen.
Phantom:  No.
Salim:  Twenty-five percent.
Phantom:  No.
Salim:  I want yogurt shop attached to store, like food court.
Phantom: Okay.
Salim:  I get profits from store.
Phantom:  No.
Salim:  Some profits.
Phantom:  No.
Salim:  I get free yogurt when I come to store.
Phantom:  Okay. Within reason.
Salim:  And I want some of your wives.
Phantom:  How many wives you want?
Salim:  Twenty.
Phantom:  No.
Salim: I sleep with one wife.
Phantom:  No.
Salim:  She give one pee-pee touch.
Phantom:  Okay.

You don’t Mess With the Zohan 2008

A lesson in propaganda and conventional wisdom.

13 Days ago Barack Obama was going to lead the United States into Syria.  They had Crossed his red line concerning Chemical Weapons and the full power of the United States was going to teach him the error of his ways with the British by his side

11 Days ago despite decision of the British not to fight Barack Obama was going to strike Syria and nothing was going to stop it.

8 Days ago the congress was going to vote with Barack Obama to authorize force in Syria as the leaders of the GOP Conference in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate were both going in his corner.

6  Days ago the French were behind the President’s plan to strike

4 days ago the President was non-committal on if he would strike without the congress

2 days ago the president was in a position to strike if he only had the senate voting with him

Last night the president after making the case that the US (which doesn’t do pin pricks) should strike Syria asked the congress to delay their votes on that strike in favor of a deal that allows Syria’s closest ally Russia to work out a plan that will eventually be presented to the to allow international control of his chemical weapons while Assad is resupplied with  conventional arms by that same Russia

And the media is describing this as a victory for the president?

Two weeks ago a victory the president was going to avenge hundreds of people including children with the help of allies to assert the US’ moral authority that nobody can use chemical weapons to slaughter civilians without paying for it.

Today a victory for that president is Assad the person he says is responsible for that attack is resupplied to continue to fight and win his war but Obama doesn’t have to face losing a war vote in the Democrat Senate or the GOP house.

Amazing how time can change even the simplest things

Closing thought here is that Zohan clip. Watch the reaction starting at 3:07.

Is not Salim Hamdi & Nasi dance of Joy not this president and the MSM celebrating his victory over the Putin the Phantom with an incredulous public looking on?

Olimometer 2.52

I’m writing this at 3 AM as I’ve just returned from DC and will have video later in the day and will post interviews with the public that attended over the course of the next week or two.

the good news is as I was frugal the entire trip including travel, batteries and food cost less than $40.

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