New Hampshire, New York & a Warning to the Newcomers in Texas

At Hot Air an interesting post links to this Politico post concerning a side effect of the success of Texas:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said here on Saturday that Texas could turn blue if Republicans get “complacent.”

“If we’re complacent, yeah, it could happen,” said Dewhurst, who last year lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the state’s GOP Senate primary.

The problem isn’t complacency, it’s success

But the new businesses bring a lot of people with them and then they recruit to fill jobs from all across America. The states getting hit the hardest with job losses – through no coincidence at all – are, in many cases, some deep blue ones, full of unemployed workers ready to pack up and move to where the paychecks are. So this has resulted in a new influx of fairly liberal blood strains moving in, working, buying homes, shopping… and voting. Combined with the previously mentioned demographic shift, it could eventually play out just as Dewhurst warns.

New Hampshire has seen this problem as well.  Person after person has left Massachusetts heading north to escape crippling taxes but now safe from the grip of Massachusetts they’ve forgotten HOW the state became what it is, not seeing the cause and effect as they cast those same votes in New Hampshire.

And the process is about to happen in New York City on an issue more important than mere taxes

It appears that New Yorkers will elect, as our next mayor, the Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio. He is a true-believing leftist. A supporter of the Communists in Latin America. The whole nine yards.

One reason they will elect him, I think, is that they have no memory of the bad old days. And they have no idea what it took to turn New York into the delight it is today — the delight it has been for 20 years or so.

As Myron says, New York is “always a city of newcomers.” How many voters moved here during the Rudy-Bloomy golden age? Lots, no doubt. They probably think the state of harmony is normal.

By “state of harmony” they are talking about the safe streets, the reversal brought forth by Rudy Giuliani and preserved by Michael Bloomberg. Jay Nordlinger sounds the warning:

Everything Giuliani and Bloomberg have done is reversible. None of their gains is permanent. The barbarians are always at the gate. They are never vanquished, permanently. They may be kept at bay for a while — but they wait to be allowed back in.

What can reverse our reign of peace? A mayor who submits to racial bullying. A government that is complacent, inattentive — that lets New York’s guard down. “Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth; and thy want as an armed man.”

The problem with history and culture is everyone tends to think of events in the past they were not present as things that were inevitable. It’s just not true!

The Japanese could have won at Midway and the Germans at Stalingrad and the Bulge. MacArthur could have failed at Inchon, Lincoln could have lost re-election,  Gettysburg could have been lost.  The Constitution was nearly captured by the British fleet.  General Howe could have headed north to support Burgoyne instead of south, Wilberforce could have failed in parliament, Islam could have won at Vienna, Magna Carta might not have been offered and the Church might not have preserved knowledge and the Christian concept of all people being equal before God might never have been advanced.

All of these things are the blocks that our free society is built on. Lose any one of them and time gets re-written.

And that’s the warning to the many people of the left who are now traveling to the Lone Star State in search of the life you can’t have in the blue states you are leaving. The life and chance for prosperity that you are coming for isn’t there by accident, it’s there because of the culture and hard work of the people in Texas, the land that you are entering.  If you change the land you change the conditions that generated what you came for.

You can have prosperity or you can try to re-create the faux progressive utopia which you fled, but you can’t have both.


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