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If you’re not in the mood for a long video here is the same point made in about 60 seconds

Just picture if the Rules of Obamacare were applied to your apartment, your meals, your clothes etc etc etc…

The “sex-tape” is not a political statement. It is a social statement of how Americans are more likely to click on a link labeled “sex-tape” than they are legitimate news.

Alyssa Milano 2013

When last we left Tami Erin best known for playing Pippi Longstocking 25+ years ago she had gone from complaining about her boyfriend leaking a “sex tape” to deciding to market that same sex tape on her own.

She had also gone from about 1000 followers to over 3000 followers on twitter.

Well yesterday word came of the launch of her sex tape was released by Hustler Mag.  TMZ reports she has decided to ahem “embrace” the entire sex industry meme:

If she was shy before, she sure as hell ain’t now — Tami Erin (who starred in the 1988 Pippi Longstocking movie) has gone full-on Vegas stripper after her sex tape hit the market … and she’s even making out with one of Tiger Woods’ ex-mistresses.

The pics were snapped at a Halloween party she hosted over the weekend at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club — surprise — and the ex-mistress on the receiving end of her smooches is porn star Joslyn James … aka Tiger mistress #11.

Her Twitter stream has an interesting set of pictures as well

And she’s gone from Longstockings to er…different stockings

Thanks to these decisions she now has nearly 6000 twitter followers and growing as she gains a clientele whose um …curiosity has been ahem aroused.


This tweet is typical and not surprising.  As my friend Robert Stacy McCain likes to say, it is a neutral objective fact that Ms Erin is an attractive women and it is also a neutral objective fact that there is a market for images of attractive women, particularly women who have appeared in mainstream, in various states of undress. Given photos like this… Continue reading “Tami Erin and the Hustler Gambit (Content Warning)”

Back in April when the RedSox Sellout streak ended I wrote this:

It appears the Boston Red Sox streak of sellouts is going to end this year. The Sox have a 6 state customer base, one of the most historic franchise in the nation and a ballpark that is not only one of the smallest in the majors but is itself an attraction in itself.

“It’s going to rest in peace sometime in April, I suspect,” Lucchino said of the streak, which began in 2003 and is the longest in U.S. pro sports history. “That’s not such a terrible thing. It’s an extraordinary accomplishment.”

But even that isn’t enough if you don’t put a worthwhile product on the field.

Sports Illustrated agreed, here is their projection from their baseball preview issue:

Boston Red Sox

2012 Record: 69-93, fifth in AL East

2013 Projection: 77-85, fifth in AL East

and they questioned the acquisition of Shane Victorino

Biggest Loss: Cody Ross

Ross was one of the few bright spots in Boston last year, a good-natured clubhouse presence who played solid defense in the outfield and produced at the plate: he slugged 22 homers, drove in 81 runs and had an OPS of .807. Yet the Sox essentially replaced him with Victorino, who will cost some $13 million more over the next three years (Ross signed a three year, $26 million deal with the Diamondbacks), who has a similar personality and plays even better defense, but, at the same age as Ross (32), had an OPS last season that was more than 100 points lower. In an offseason full of sensible changes, this seems to have been a questionable one.

In April I would have agreed to cover any Red Sox fan willing to bet on them to win the series and given them 100-1. If I had I’d be in worse shape than Obamacare.

That’s why you play the games

While the experts were all wrong there was at least one young lady who knew better and I met her in April.

An amazing thing happened at the Supermarket yesterday.

I was in the 12 items or less line when a family of three were behind me started talking to the cashier. I tend to hear all kinds of things that I store away but when the young lady named Catlin told her friend about her father talking about putting a TV in the shower for her it stopped me cold.

I had to turn and inquire:

“What about water on the set”

“It would be high”

“The water is going to splash off of you and up”

“We’re going to put plexiglass over the screen.”

As my head continued to spin I finally turned to this young 15 year old girl standing with her parents and asked the following question:

“Young lady, can you tell me one thing that is going to be on your television set that is so important, so critical and so unavailable in repeats that it can’t wait for a time when you are not wet and naked in the shower?”

She silenced me in three words:

“Red Sox Games”

How does any New Englander answer that?

I guess she knew better than me & SI I wonder how many Red Sox wins she watched in that shower this year?

I’ve never been so pleased to be dead wrong.

This morning I went into Boston very early and caught the line of people hoping against all hope to score tickets to tonight’s game.

The person first in line had actually arrived on Monday. He had just finished one job and was about to start a new one giving him the free time to spend two night in line.

Several Hours later when the sun had risen I perused the line again to get commentary from as many people as possible

I was surprised at how many people came from so many different places all with a common goal to get in somehow.

Given that the decision to pitch to David Ortiz with First base open was one of the most controversial decisions of the series to this point, as repeatedly asked if those in line if they were managing St. Louis would pitch to Ortiz with a base open. While a few of the people said “yes” the general consensus was; walk David Ortiz even if first base wasn’t open.

Ironically after I left this line I ran into a large group of Cardinal fans who declined to go on camera. I asked them my David Ortiz question. The Cardinal fans answered bluntly. They didn’t care if the bases are loaded and the game tied, They’d all give Ortiz a free pass each time up rather than risk pitching to him.

On the other side of the park they were still conducting Fenway tours. I spoke to one of the attendants and they indicated they would continue to do so till 4 PM. I talked to a couple from Vancouver Washington who was attending one.

I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the fans waiting in that ticket line considered trying the tour instead and hoping to lose their escort & hide in the mens room to get in.

It turned out I wasn’t the only person who was doing some independent journalism. A young senior named Samantha was too.

There will be a lot to see at Fenway tonight. Hopefully all those who waited many hours in the hopes of seeing it person will be rewarded.

Around 10:30 things got exciting on media row at Fenway Park for an entirely unexpected reason.

As I was circling the park for the final time as I got half way down Van Ness street (by the Right Field grandstands )police suddenly required us to move from the area requiring us to move back to the intersection of Van Ness & Ipswich streets.

Mixed in with a very long line of media vans there was a plain brown van parked opposite a NECN media van. It wasn’t clear at first which van was causing the police concern the media van or the plain one but the public and the media were pushed back from the scene as the closed either end of the street.

After several minutes a black Boston police special operations van came down Van Ness

and parked on the opposite end of the street. The cameramen deployed at the crosswalk at Van Ness and Ipswich to film the police one of them lying on the soaking wet ground to get the best possible angle as the police deployed

After approx 15 minutes the all clear was given the public was allowed back down the street and the media was allowed to re-occupy their vans.

Although I was able to ascertain that the issue was with the media van rather than the plain one when I spoke to police on the scene (one of them wearing a K9 unit badge) they were unable to answer question, told me no media officer was going to be on the scene and the Sgt on duty suggested I call HQ’s media department for info that they could release.

When I called Boston police there were only able to confirm that they received a call concerning said van and deployed to investigate, no details beyond that: who called, why the van was considered suspicious, or what they were looking for, were forthcoming and there is no word on if the call was related to the possibility of President Obama attending the game.

Hopefully he will choose otherwise so the fans, players and media can concentrate on the thing that matters the possibility of the Boston Redsox Wrapping up a winning World Series at Fenway for the first time in nearly 100 years.

Update: Added video of the van row before the incident.

Update 2: CBS reports some details

What’s the use of being elected or re-elected if you don’t stand for something?

Grover Cleveland

I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.

G.K. Chesteron, 1923

Yesterday in the Washtington post Chris Cillzza lamented that the political middle had disappeared.

In 1982, there were 344 Members whose voting records fell somewhere between the most conservative voting Democrat and the most liberal voting Republican in the House. Thirty years later, there were 11. That means that in 1982 the centrists — or at least those who by voting record were somewhere near the middle of their respective parties — comprised 79 percent of the House. In 2012 they made up 2.5 percent of the House. So, yeah.

I find it interesting that apparently the left has become just as liberal as the right has conservative yet is never called “extreme” but I think Cillizza is his lament and chart seems to miss something about politics.

It’s not a fraternal order.  It’s not the Elks, the Eagles or the Lions club.  All are decent clubs that do good things but there really isn’t much of a difference between one or the other,

A political party isn’t supposed to be like that.  A party has a platform and a particular beliefs.  In theory a person joins and supports a political party because of those common beliefs and values and votes for one party over another because he or she wants to advance those ideas or values.

If people are however in a party because it happens to be the club they joined then belief and principles becomes “flexible” because the purpose is to serve the “club” rather than the people.

For example, consider this quote from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography:

Sam Rayburn:  Now I don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not you like the legislation.  If it’s a party issue, your obligation is to get it on the floor.  Once it gets there, of course, you’re on your own and you’re fee to vote your conscience—or your district.  But on the Rules Committee, if we need your vote, you’ll give it to us–even if you hate the bill , and even if it goes against the economy of your Area.

Now to a Chris Cizilla and to those who miss the good old days when things got done there is absolutely nothing wrong with he concept.  This is simply how things were done and it’s  same they aren’t done that way again.  It’s  no big deal.

Think about what that actually means.

It says that to get power and advance what the bosses want you are expected to ignore the voter who you work for,  the principles you believe in and the region you represent to serve what others want, you are not a public servant, you are the servant of the bosses.

It doesn’t bode well for the people but it’s perfect for special interest, you don’t have to buy dozens or hundreds of members of congress, you just have to buy a few leaders and you’ve got whatever your client wants.

Now if you have a leader like Sam Rayburn whose primary thought was the good of the people that enormous power to make or break will usually be advanced for his interpretation of the common good.

But how often do you actually end up with such people in leadership, how much more often does such power go to those who wish wealth for themselves and the hell with the people along as they and theirs get it, remember even Tip O’Neill another man of the people was famous for these words to Democrats when he needed a vote and believed he was wrong:  “I don’t need you when I’m right.”

Me I’d much rather a person who works for me, stands with me and fights for the best possible deal for me, government of the people rather than government of the interests.  Look at the large Unions and you’ll see where that leads.

If that’s the type of government that the left pines for it says something about them, and it isn’t good.






In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion. This man is outraged by the suggestion that he is the flesh-and-blood tribute to the success of his indoctrinators.

William F. Buckley Jr., Up From Liberalism (1959)

Martin Rittenhome: Young man I sell over $14 million dollars a year worth of Geritol, Geritol, that’s the kind of businessman I am. That show twenty-one, cost me 3 1/2 million dollars year in and year out. Sales went up 50% when Van Doren was on. 50%! So the very idea that I was unaware of every detail or aspect of that show’s operation, well frankly it’s very insulting.

Quiz show 1994

British Tommy:  Takes time, it do. But you’ll get the hang of it.

Sgt York 1941

With my oldest moving home I recently upgraded internet package to get more speed. Part of the upgrade included something called Streampix which comes with a selection of movies and TV which includes The Good Wife, the popular CBS Sunday night show that my wife enjoys that I’ve been watching with her lately.Every episode is available on StreamPix so I as I came to the series late I took the liberty of watching it from the beginning.

It’s been an experience not only because it caught me up on a series that has a fair amount of reoccurring characters and motivations that are carried over from previous seasons (there was a time in TV when that was rare, now it’s almost mandatory)  but because the liberal spin was just so pervasive.

A lot of it was subtle, for examples a surrogate wanting to make the choice to keep the child (supporting “choice” by having a child the opposite of the reality of the “pro-choice” mantras.  Other bits less so the use of Religion as a phony thing in a campaign foiled by the St. Alicia decides to embrace her atheism in public.  The evils of big pharma, the NSA, Obamacare, the GOP candidate for Governor as the consummate liar.

And the deal isn’t just to influence the public to liberal causes or inclinations as right.  On occasion the show nudges the left slightly away on issues that might hurt them.

A character Kurt McVeigh was introduced (Gary Cole) , a ballistics expert, with strong pro-gun views conservative views.  Uber liberal Dianne Lockheart (Christine Baranski) slowly falls for him culminating in their marriage this season. She is seen shooting guns and her liberal friends are intolerant of him. It’s a good piece of writing but it makes the play to the left that perhaps we have to go easier on those gun nuts.

Oddly enough moves against the 2nd Amendment have been politically costly for the left as evidenced by the successful recalls in Colorado which I’m sure had nothing to do with the decision suddenly push the idea of getting along over guns.

It doesn’t take long for a political type to see each message carefully packaged to paint a the picture the left wants painted and it’s no coincidence that some high powered leftists have appeared as themselves on the show.

Before I go further let’s  make something clear, propaganda aside the writing here is all first rate.  The plots are powerful and subplots hold you (The best being Kalinda & her ex played magnificently by Archie Punjabi & Marc Warren).

And the acting is even better.  The leads are all played well,  of note is Chris Noth who may be an ass concerning the Tea Party but makes a spectacular Peter Florick (Why is he listed as a “special guest star” when he’s in almost every episode?).  The Supporting cast is strong particularly Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, Mary Beth Peil as Jackie Florick and the vastly underrated Zack Grenier as David Lee the lawyer we all love to hate.  Finally the reoccurring characters (Nathan Lane as Clarke Hayden , Jerry Adler as Howard Lyman and Carrie Preston who’s Elizabeth Tascioni who might be able to carry a series of her own) are so well acted that it’s no wonder the show has won awards from the Casting Society of America 3 of the last 4 years. These actors, writers et/al have earned every single accolade they’ve received…

….and that’s precisely why the propaganda is so effective, you are so taken in by all that you are seeing and characters you care about, or hate or wonder about or laugh at that the liberal cultural message is almost subliminal.  If you want to know why conservatives lose the low information voter, this is it.

Until we decide to take this fight to the left, with shows and magazines to match  we will always be playing defense.

Q: How do you know the fallout from Obamacare is an absolute disaster?

I still get a lot of readers asking why I watch Morning Joe almost religiously in the AM?

There are many reasons, The show is fun, Mike Barnicle is from my home town (Fitchburg MA), Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski have incredible chemistry, I’ve met & interviewed Joe, Mika, Barnicle and Willie Geist and genuinely like them all and particularly like how they treat their fans. It’s one of the few MSNBC shows that will give a conservative perspective.

But the most important thing is this: As the first morning political show of the day if you want to find out what is the message of the day from the White House/left is this is the place to be.

Today however the lede from Morning Joe was this story.

President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.

That’s from Lisa Myers of NBC and led the 6 AM segment that is repeated at 8.

When a story it’s so bad that you can’t dodge it and have to lead with it in the hopes of answering it fast and being done with you know you have trouble.

Update: They led the 7 AM hour with this too and did their best to spin it but the real gem was Joe Scarborough cracking up over how much people love us when they tried to throw the NSA stuff on George Bush. When I have the video I’ll put it up.

Update 2: Linked by Stacy who says:

So all those promises — that rates would go down and that people could keep their existing plans — were deliberate lies. And all the conservatives who tried to warn that ObamaCare was doomed to failure were correct. But the liars were all Democrats, and the people who told the truth were all Republicans, so there will be no apologies and no repentance. Instead, they’ll just come up with new lies.

He has been doing some first rate culture war blogging lately.

Here is that video I promised key quote

You’ve got a drone dropping phone tapping president

Watch it to the end.


Olimometer 2.52

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