New York City with Nothing to Do!

Look out the door and see if Boney’s marching down the street, ” said Hornblower.

It was indicative of the innkeepers state of mind that he actually made a move to the door before realization came to him.

C.S. Forester Hornblower During the Crisis 1967

If you turned to CNN or MSNBC yesterday you saw countdown clocks showing the impending doom of a Government shutdown that the media has breathlessly hyped as a massive disaster about to strike America.

This morning I woke up  I noticed a few things that shocked me

1. The Sun still rose

2.  The TV Still worked as did all the cable channels.

3.  The internet was still up and I was able to access my e-mail and all of the sites I normally visit.

I was grateful for these small mercies when my youngest asked for a lift to the bus station where he takes a shuttle to his college 13 miles away in Gardner MA.  During our quick trip to drop him off at the bus station I was shocked to discover certain things:

1.  My Son’s college was still open.

2.  Bus service between cities was not ended

3.  Children were going to school.

4.  Cars and gas stations functioning

5.  Business’ were open, people were coming in and out shopping.

This would suggest that despite all the dire warnings we have been given the world has not, in fact, ended.  I know that’s hardly conclusive but it seemed very much like real life was going on despite the panic.

Of course Fitchburg is hardly the world and CNN or MSNBC have not been fooled into complacency.  Now that the shutdown is a reality and there is instead of a countdown to Shutdown we have a countdown of how long the shutdown has taken place detailing hours, minutes and seconds since you have done without all those “non-essential” government functions.

I’m sure once tomorrow comes they will add a “days” column to their clocks to emphasize just how bad it is.

Of course there are some people like, Michael Graham  think this is all for show:

There’s also a sense that some of the “shutdown” is really political theater. It’s known in political circles as the “Statue of Liberty play”–big-spending pols avoid making reasonable spending cuts, but instead shut down popular tourist attractions and let constituents call their congressional offices until the pork barrel rolls again.

And offers an example of the Obama administration  shutting down an open space

The National Park Service began barricading the monuments and memorials on the Mall and turning off its 45 fountains after the federal government shut down at midnight.

Park Service spokeswoman Carol Bradley Johnson said the Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, among others, would be barricaded so that visitors cannot enter them.

and asks the question:

Why do they need barricades? Because these monuments have NO DOORS. They DON’T close. They’re open spaces, like a park or a mall. I’ve wandered through the FDR and WWII memorials and never saw a park ranger. It would be like “closing the doors” of Boston Common.

The Obama administration is inventing this shut down of not-really-shuttable open air monuments. And why shut off fountains? Do government workers pump this water by hand?

Well the answer is obvious.   People can’t be trusted in open spaces, who’s going to make sure they behave?  Who’s going to make sure they don’t leave a bunch of trash…

…without park rangers present?

And while Stacy McCain accuses the media of playing the Statue of Liberty Card:

Or, at least, we had this government, before it shut down. And the idiots chattering on cable TV news shows seem to think this shutdown is a bad idea, for which somebody deserves blame.


If you take that kind of frantic nonsense seriously, you should seek psychiatric treatment immediately. Send the bill to ObamaCare.

He forgets the fact that with the Statue of Liberty is Closed there is absolutely nothing for a person visiting New York City to do!

If only there was a something else to see like a center for the performing arts, or perhaps a centrally located park or maybe in Brooklyn. If only there was a square to walk through , an amusement park on a boardwalk or perhaps a zoo. Perhaps if there was some kind of ferry service, a bridge to see , or at least one Museum of art, Science or something else to occupy one’s time in the largest city in the US.

If only a google was open so you could search for “New York City Attractions” and perhaps find web sites with a plethora of choices to choose from.

Yeah, if only.