ICRC Leading the fight against Virtual War Crimes!

For those social sciences who don’t believe television has an effect on viewers, I offer the foregoing evidence:

I’m not implying there were thousands or even hundreds of telegrams. There were perhaps fifteen or sixteen. But if some adults, even a few, believed Gilligan’s Island was real, just think of hte effect other shows on television have—shows portrayed with much greater emphasis on reality, shows that deal with violence, sex drugs and crime.

Sherwood Schwartz: Inside Gilligan’s Island p 188 1988


Jimmie Bise tweeted out an interesting story from the Red Cross:

The International Committee of the Red Cross has confirmed that it won’t prosecute gamers for participating in pretend war crimes, but that doesn’t mean it wants to leave the topic alone. The Committee has released a statement in which it outlines its desire to collaborate with videogame developers to show the consequences of a player’s actions if they engage in virtual torture, the  harming of civilians, attacks on medical personnel, or anything else covered by the Geneva Convention.

Yes because the real reason why war criminals exist is because of video games..

the ICRC claims it’s “not involved in the debate about violence in videogames.” It’s not interested in excising the offending scenarios from games entirely, arguing that “sanitizing videogames of such acts is not realistic” given such atrocities do occur in real conflict. Instead, the Committee hopes the consequences it requests will halt the potential “trivialization” of war crimes.

One wonders how Communists, the Nazi’s, Slavers, all the way back to the murder of the Holy Innocents took place without video games to drive them?

Two thoughts:

I remember an article about the Game Squad Leader in he old General Magazine when a player taunted his opponent saying his only chance to win was to send his troops down a an ally swept by machine gun fire. His foe answered that he would certainly lose since he was not going to send his men into that deathtrap just to win a game.

The fact that his “men” were a cardboard square 1/2″ x 1/2″ didn’t mater as far as he was concerned they were real people and they couldn’t be sent to their deaths.

One can’t deny that the impressionable can be moved to think the unreal is real, that being the case I’m wondering if the International Red Cross will be directing any efforts toward HBO, Hollywood, Bollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC etc etc over television & movies.

I suspect they are not.


I question the value of publicly moving in this direction for the International Red Cross.  Even granting the influence of this stuff on the easily deceived it might be suggested with real war crimes and disasters going on with actual people being slaughtered, blown up, gassed, starved and executed the use of time, effort and monies, of the International Red Cross, monies raised from individuals and corporations to help and protect people in dire straights, to deal with virtual crimes is shall we say….ill advised.

But you never know maybe they will introduce natural disasters in foursquare and the ICRC will be able to launch successful fundraising drives to help alleviate these virtual issues.

If you told me I’d be writing these paragraphs 25 years ago I would have called you crazy.

Update: Stacy McCain piece doesn’t directly talk about ICRC but it’s the same thing:

A Ph.D. economist, Sowell describes the moral narcissism at the root of the liberal worldview — they support bad policies because doing so makes them feel good about themselves. Do these policies actually help the people they’re supposed to help? It doesn’t matter, Sowell explains in Chapter 4, “The Irrelevance of Evidence.”

What matters to liberals is the sense of virtue by proxy they derive by espousing the cause of helpless victims allegedly oppressed by evil greedy Republicans. What matters to liberals is their feeling that they’re “doing something” to advance their own good intentions.

ICRC does a lot of real stuff but walking down the virtual road is dangerous because it is so easy.


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