Evil, Cowardice & the Expectations Game.

There is a divide in this country that once didn't exist a divide that is being illustrated very strongly in action both getting lots of press and being ignored" ************************* During the shutdown we've seen what US Park Rangers will tolerate. They'll tolerate strong-arming tourists and locking them in hotels, they'll eject WW 2 vets … Continue reading Evil, Cowardice & the Expectations Game.

Barack Obama’s 37% Solution

MP 1: We had better yield a point or two rather than go to war with the Americans Mp 2: Yes, nothing but hard knocks there Conversation in Parliament 1830' per Fletcher Pratt Preble’s Boys 1950 John Henry Thomas:They've got you outnumbered, lets start with that. Col Langdon:   Being outnumbered is a fact of … Continue reading Barack Obama’s 37% Solution