The latest in my series of Reviews of the Matt Smith Doctor Who years

Summary: A series of gruesome deaths take place in Yorkshire and in the eye of the latest victim, is the image of the Doctor.

Plot: Madame Vastra is engaged to investigate the murder of a reporter by his brother She Jenny and Strax head north to Yorkshire to Sweetville a new utopia run by a Mrs Gillyflower and her very silent partner Mr. Sweet. In the course of infiltrating the commune that only accepts the very best Jenny discovers not only that the factories are a front but find the Doctor chained and infected by a horrible disease (The crimson horror) After explaining to Jenny what happened (including his adoption by the Mrs. Gilyflower’s blind daughter Ada he then tries to discover Clara but even with Clara, Jenny Vastra and Strax can he stop Mrs. Gillyflower’s plan to purge the earth.

Writing: Mark Gatiss has another winner I suspect this might have been almost a pilot for Vastra, Jenny & Strax For an episode where the Doctor arrives late. It never stops being interesting. It’s a fun episode the really holds up well.

Acting: OK everyone expects me to be complementing Diana Rigg (she was great) but it’s Rachel Stirling her daughter playing, Ada who steals the show and it’s not easy to steal the show when Dan Starkey has it in his pocket and is about to walk away with it.

Anniversary 5th Doctor: Brave Heart Clara

Memorable Moments: We are going to the NORTH, Tom Tom, the wrong hands, my monster, that’s my girl.

Oddities: Vastra’s existence is not all that well known yet are hired off the street

Pet Peeves: Exactly where do those photos the kids found come from?

Great Quote(s):

The Doctor: I’m the Doctor, you’re nuts and I’m going to stop you.

The Doctor: In the wrong hands that venom could wipe out all life on this planet.

Mrs. Gillyflower:
[showing her hands] Do you know what these are? The wrong hands!


Two clips that go together that can’t be appreciated without being seen: So Jenny

Then Strax

Final Verdict: 5 stars Great Actors + Great Story = Great Episode

Ranking of Season 7 2nd of 13

1. The Bells of St. John
2. The Crimson Horror
3. The Power of three
4. The Snowmen
5. The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe
6. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
7. Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
8. Cold War
9. A Town Called Mercy
10. Asylum of the Daleks
11. The Rings of Akhaten
12. Hide
13. The Angels Take Manhattan

Ranking in Matt Smith Era to this point (top 10 shown) 9th

1. The Bells of St. John
2. Let’s Kill Hitler
3. The Girl who waited
4. The Doctor’s Wife
5. The Pandorica Opens
6. A Good Man Goes to War
7. The Eleventh Hour
8. The Big Bang
9. The Crimson Horror
10. The Lodger

Update: Left out Hide for some reason, fixed.

This week Monsters University came out on DVD & Blu-Ray. Millions of copies will be bought, once it’s up on various sites it will be streaming on TV’s and Tablets everywhere.

It’s a great picture visually stunning with a spectacular transition that I don’t want to spoil. As a person whose initial major was computer graphics, this movie really played well with me.

Of course the voice work was fine as well with John Goodman and Billy Crystal projecting both chemistry and conflict with ease but what really struck me about this movie was how it was all about…Traditional Conservative Values.

Mike is all about hard work, he decides he is going to make it and puts his full effort into creating success for himself. He motivates himself and others to believe in the possibility of success. Meanwhile Sully thinks he can get by without effort, without trying, more interested in just being a party monster. He figures he’ll make it because of who he knows and falls flat.

It is Mike’s work ethic and his unwillingness to accept setbacks that eventually bring them towards their goal but it’s the climax and resolution that really teaches the lesson that hopefully the kids watching it over and over will learn.

That lesson alone is enough to make a conservative’s heart go pitter patter but there is much better to come at the climax of the movie

Serious Spoiler alert to follow click at your own risk

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Starman: The empire grew quickly after that, nobody wants their world blown up from under them

DC Comic Presents #36 Whatever happened to Starman? 1981

Captain Hughes: In fairness to all of you I am honor bound to ask this question. Is there anyone here who doesn’t want to be a member of his majesty’s navy?

Seaman: ( Steps forward) Me Sir!

Captain Hugues: (Produces pistol and shoots the man. He drops dead with a groan & thud) Is there anyone else reluctant to serve

Yellowbeard 1983

Yesterday morning as it was revealed that the Administration’s rollout of Obamacare was slightly more successful than a camel spotter I as I normally do tuned into Morning Joe to see what the administration defense was going to be.

It was a doozy.

In case you don’t have the inclination to watch the entire video here is the chart notice the circle at the bottom right:

The obscured words are: “Under Penalty”

Think about the argument he is making, “Well yes people don’t want to sign up now but wait until we start forcing them they’ll come around.

I know I’ve heard that argument before somewhere

The builders of the pyramids, The captains of Galleys & Slave Ships , Islam, the British Press gangs, The East India Company, Draft boards, The Germans in Occupied France, The builders of the Berlin Wall, the government of Cuba and now the Obama Administration all agree: Once we apply the power of the government to the population , the reluctant will come along

That a cheap Chicago machine pol would use gangster tactics to make people pay is not shocking, As a Sicilian I don’t expect any better from Barack Obama.

That an administration proxy will tell me on camera that compelling the populace to act will prove a law success and/or popular. Well that just insults my intelligence.

What’s even worse is this: Someone had to prepare that slide for use on the show, so the decision to use the: “It will all be popular once we force people to use it.” was not a spur of the moment line, this is the actual position of an American administration.