There has been something bothering me from the start of the Richie Incognito & Jonathan Martin and it likely comes not so much from my age but the age of my parents.

My folks were born in the 1921 & 1924 respectively, they grew up in a hard era where a man was expected to be manly.

Think of the classic movie Tarzan the Ape man from that era (1932) Tarzan is not only a fit man, but he hunts, he fights, he stand up to every challenge, and consider even the white hunters when (Jane) Maureen O’Sullivan is tossed into the pit with a gigantic beast they don’t hesitate to go in themselves in an attempt to save her.

The cultural lesson was plain, a man was expected to be a man, to stand up and fight even in a bad spot.

As a kid I remember a fight I had with a bully. In one respect it was an embarrassing spectacle. He kept knocking me down and I kept getting up and charging back until finally another kid put a stop to it. On the other hand, I had stood up for myself and that fellow never bothered me again.

My kids were born in the early 1990’s in a totally different era & culture. I gave them very specific instructions to deal with bullies.

1. Unless a bully is armed stand up to him.

2. Don’t throw the first punch unless there is an insult to your mother and/or grandmother, if that is the case give one warning before striking.

3. If you are facing an armed bully back off and then go to a teacher.

These rules resulted on a single fight when my youngest had to deal with someone who continued to insult his mother. I was called to the vice principal’s office where I told him in no uncertain terms that my son had followed the instructions I had given him and if the situation was repeated he was expected to do the same.

My son was punished for violating the rules but privately the VP told me that he hoped given the same situation his sons would stand up for his mother in the same way.

and that brings us to this story in SI on the Miami Dolphins mess.

Football is a game of skill, it’s a game of strategy but above all it is a game of strength & endurance, particularly on the line. If you are a football player you hit and get hit for a living. If you are a lineman you hit and get hit even more than everyone else usually by people who are some of the biggest and strongest people in the country.

By definition a person who does this has to be physically & mentally tough. As Lydon Murtha put it in SI

Incognito was made a scapegoat for the hell coming down on the Dolphins organization, which in turn said it knew nothing about any so-called hazing. That’s the most outlandish lie of this whole thing. The coaches know everything. The coaches know who’s getting picked on and in many cases call for that player to be singled out. Any type of denial on that side is ridiculous. I have friends on more than a dozen teams, and it’s the same everywhere. What people want to call bullying is something that is never going away from football. This is a game of high testosterone, with men hammering their bodies on a daily basis. You are taught to be an aggressive person, and you typically do not make it to the NFL if you are a passive person. There are a few, but it’s very hard. Playing football is a man’s job, and if there’s any weak link, it gets weeded out. It’s the leaders’ job on the team to take care of it.

Even in a world where the manly values have been rejected The idea that a person employed in such a way couldn’t stand up for himself is bad enough but the consequences in the long run, are going to be worse:

Martin is on the opposite end of the spectrum, but no more likely than Incognito to return to the NFL if he wants. In going to the media with his problem, Martin broke the code, and it shows that he’s not there for his teammates and he’s not standing up for himself. There might be a team that gives him a chance because he’s a good person, but the players will reject him. They’ll think, If I say one thing he’s going to the press. He’ll never earn the respect of teammates and personnel in the NFL because he didn’t take care of business the right way.

If this kind of thing continues, as one ex player said concerning rule changes concerning hits, you might as well fit the players with flag belts now and get over it.


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Ok I’m not going to make a lot of friends with this post but I want to remind everyone of some basic facts. Let’s start with the Tea Party.

If you are a tea party member and you think that rest of the GOP establishment is going to go along with us as opposed to K Street just because we are right, you are living in a fairy world.

If you think that powerful interests who would like a share of the tax pie put into their hands and the consultants who make a fortune off of campaigns donations are going to sit back and let us bring spending under control without a fight you didn’t study the reaction to the Pork Busters campaign.

If we want to change the way people who are not with us vote we have to provide an incentive, either a carrot or a stick and that carrot or stick has to be bigger than the other guys.

Contrariwise the GOP establishment needs to learn this:

The Tea Party hasn’t trusted you from day one. Tea party members volunteered for you, donated to you and worked to put the house in your hands because you were the best possible alternative but the deal from the start always was, if you mess with them, they will not stand with you.

If you wish tea party to support you in general elections when your candidates win primaries, you have to return the favor.

Almost all of the Tea Party people were not involved in politics prior to their involvement. If the GOP establishment chooses to push tea party members hard they will happily leave the political field for real life and allow you sit in the minority.

United Tea Party Conservatives can not only win elections, but can also persuade people to the conservative point of view. Divided both the cause of conservatism and the cause of getting the power that comes with Committee Chairs and the White House will be beyond your reach forever

You have all been warned.

Update: And a word of advice to the Establishment GOP, your insistence that the Tea Party support you and calls for unity would carry more weight without stories like this from back in Aug:

“Longtime Republican political strategist Boyd Marcus is endorsing Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor and will advise his campaign,” the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

Marcus had worked for, the AP reported, the “aborted gubernatorial bid of Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.” Bolling refused to support Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli after he won the primary to face off against McAuliffe.

Protein Wisdom nails it

But remember: big tent! We must all stick together! Unless it’s Richard Lugar refusing to back Richard Mourdock after being beaten in the primary; or Charlie Crist switching parties; or Karl Rove attacking Christine O’Donnell on the night of her primary upset; or the attacks on Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and a host of other conservatives who continue to vex the “pragmatic,” “pro-business” (read: crony capitalist) GOP establishment, who has watched as outsiders — citizen legislators — have invaded their turf and upset status quo that “comity” and “collegiality” covered for.


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Britt: Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

It’s T-24 hours since the Election in Virginia and I have little sympathy for the voters who did this to themselves and like Rush I am very disappointed at the opportunity the GOP establishment threw away in VA when we had the chance to put an exclamation point on the box Ted Cruz put the left in vis-a-vis Obamacare:

However now that we’ve had a day to vent which is good for the spleen, but now it’s the next day and that means it’s time to look at where we are and take advantage of the situation.

And that brings us to Virginia and NJ once again.

Yesterday we stated is that the Tea Party Candidate lost narrowly because the GOP didn’t fund him against a Democrat money machine, Chris Christie didn’t support him and the GOP activists abandoned him.

Today lets look at the other side of the coin.

With the GOP not supporting him, Chris Christie not appearing for him, the Democrats not only outspending him but financing a 3rd party candidate to take votes from him Ken Cuccinelli erased a 10 point deficit and came within a few days of defeating Terry McAuliffe.

How is this possible, how can that be? The clue to the answer also appears in the exit polls of Chris Christie’s victory in NJ

nj poll

NJ is a state with a huge advantage in registration for democrats. Not only did Democrats outnumber Republicans by 12 points the electorate was only 28% republicans.

Yet in that state Obamacare polls unfavorable 50-48 with 34% STRONGLY opposing him.

Democrats running next year know what this means:

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other senior administration officials met privately at the White House on Wednesday with frustrated Senate Democrats facing reelection in 2014 to discuss the botched Obamacare rollout.

The two-hour meeting comes as the Obama administration and congressional Democrats work to assess the political fallout from the health care overhaul’s troubled implementation. Lawmakers passed on the frustration expressed by their constituents and the White House walked through their steps to repair the program.

Cuccinelli’s defeat gives them some degree of public deniability but Allahpundit’s headline from HotAir nails it perfectly:

Panic room: Frustrated Senate Dems up for reelection next year meet with Obama, Biden over ObamaCare debacle


Thanks to Ted Cruz the idea of delaying Obamacare is a tough slag for the administration, it was just yesterday Sebelius insisted Delay was not an option.

Meanwhile in NH:

and Louisiana


Bottom line Obamacare almost elected Ken Cuccinelli despite the best efforts of the GOP establishment & the left. Jay Carney not withstanding not withstanding sooner or later Democrats running in 2014 are going to have to choose between Obama and their own self interest. If the GOP is smart they will make that decision as difficult and as costly as possible.


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Oh and this is likely the only time in history that Barack Obama will paraphrase James Coburn