One final thought concerning  the Bullyville post on Neil Rauhauser I wrote about earlier:

Stacy McCain noted some interesting and felonious threats directed at the author of the article:

That attracted two comments from someone signing themselves as “Long John Silver,”  who had murderous things to say:

I am simply amazed that this Bullyville guy, James McGibney, is still alive. If I was listed on his website I would put a bullet in his head. It’s as simple as that. His home address has been posted online. And he makes scheduled public appearances.

After the first comment drew attention, “Long John Silver” added:

Did you know that over 40% of all murders each year go unsolved in the U.S.? Since I use TOR and a random person’s open WiFi, I can’t be tracked you nitwit.

There is a big or arrogance and stupidity in those comments .  There is always a way to track someone and if the task can be crowdsourced rather than paid it becomes easier.  While police or the FYI (threat of murder over interstate lines you know) have more resources there are certain methods of simple deductive reasoning that can narrow the field considerably without any help from the NSA.

Stacy of course has some thoughts:

  There was much else and you can read the whole thing. Of course, Neal Rauhauser will deny being “Long John Silver,” just as Neal always denies being any one of the numerous sockpuppet accounts (e.g., the “Gaped Crusader”) he has used to threaten, harass and smear various people over the past three years.

While his speculation on who Long John Silver is comes from experience and past history let’s not forget what the title of this post is.  Given the evidence of those two comments we can clearly deduce this: Long John Silver is NOT Sicilian:

The first clue is the initial comment. While the content of the message is consistent with a Sicilian style threat, the making of said threat in a public rather than a more private setting suggests otherwise. A Sicilian makes such a threat to a public person in a private setting so the target can acquiesce to a demand without a public loss of face. Making that threat in public increases the pressure of the target to resist.

That’s strong evidence against, however it has been known for the odd Sicilian to be hot-headed and speak impulsively in public, therefore the first comment doesn’t definitely disqualify Mr. Silver as Sicilian.

The Second comment however does, I bring in as my expert witness, Professor Henry Hill late of New York City

Key testimony:

When I heard all the noise I knew they were cops, only cops talk that way. If they had been wise guys, I wouldn’t have heard a thing, I’d be dead.

The second threat by its very existence would normally be enough to prove  Chi non è Siciliano.  The re-issuance of a threat is considered a sign of weakness a signal that the person issuing it doesn’t want to act, but the clincher is the statement about tracking.  That personally identifies Mr. Silver with the threat as opposed to the first comment that could be said to be a general statement that could be portrayed as such in a court of law.

Therefore while Stacy McCain may still be correct that Mr. Sliver might be yet another Rauhauser sock-puppet or one of his allies, we can say the following with certainty:

Long John Silver non è Siciliano.


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Calvera: You’ll do much better on the other side of the border. There you can steal cattle, hold up trains… all you have to face is sheriff, Marshall. Once I rob a bank in Texas; your government get after me with a whole army… whole army! One little bank. Is clear the meaning: in Texas, only Texans can rob banks.

The Magnificent Seven 1960

I hate to say it but  in one respect the Kimberlin/Rauhauser crowd has been rather successful.

The primary service they, in my opinion, perform for the left is to tie up bloggers who would otherwise be promoting other stories that could expose and inconvenience their goals.  There is always the chance that bloggers hit a story,  get it promoted high enough up the food chain to be noticed and/or reported in the MSM to the general public.

This is why I believe the far left people and groups who have funded Kimberlin in the past are, again in my opinion, funding him now.

So like a scratch that can become infected it’s my opinion that Kimberlin/Rauhauser et/al basically “clean” said scratches by tying them up, either in litigation or by drawing at least some of the attention of said writers away from what his happening in the world.

Now there have been some large blogbursts on the subject including  “Everybody write about Brett Kimberlin Day”.  Stacy McCain’s posts on the subject have gotten their share of Instalanches as well but there has been one constant in all of that.

The knowledge and outrage concerning these men has remained largely in the political blogging community and hasn’t broken out to the general public or the low information voter.  We are all known within our sphere, some are even famous in those circles but we are only vaguely known to the public.  Glenn Reyonlds once described it like being a “Champion Bowler” (if you don’t believe me tell me who Earl Anthony was without doing a web search).

As long as this remains true, that the activities of  Mr. Kimberlin, Mr. Rauhauser et/al remain a topic of conversation within that bubble, they can continue to be effective, particularly if you consider who is running the Justice department these days.

Which brings us to the web site Bullyville.


As you can likely tell from the masthead and the facebook page the site is all about bullying both online and in person.  The proprietor of the site, James McGibney has fought an effective battle against those who wish to bully others both online and elsewhere. If you doubt said effectiveness “Revenge Porn King” Hunter Moore might not.

a Nevada judge finally issued a ruling on the case, proclaiming that Mr. Moore must pay Mr. McGibney $250,000 in defamation damages, as well as pay his legal fees.

We reached out to both Mr. McGibney and Mr. Moore and will update when we hear back.

Update:  Here is a statement from Mr. McGibney:

“this judgment is the least of Hunters worries. It just helped to pave the way for the class action lawsuit already in the works against him. He thinks these young girls have forgotten what he did to them; think again. And when you threaten to rape my wife while my kids watch, you’ve earned my undivided attention. Never forgive, never forget. #expectus”

While I likely disagree with Mr. McGibney on some subjects I would not doubt for one second his effectiveness, nor would I question his reach:


…which on twitter is 20 times larger than mine and triple that of friend RS McCain

That being the case his new-found interest in the Kimberlin/Rauhauser crowd can’t be good for them:

If you simply Google the name Neal Rauhauser; you will quickly see what kind of man; he really is. He’s a cyber-terrorist, who is buddies with an actual convicted perjurer and domestic terrorist, who was convicted of bombing an innocent American citizen, blowing his leg off and ultimately resulting in the suicide of his victim from pain and suffering.

The same domestic terrorist who associates with and employs his ex-prison buddies who were convicted of possession of child pornography. Neal Rauhauser is considered one of the most notorious bullies on Twitter.

That is is the tame friendly part, go to the Bullyville site for the whole ten yards.

It’s bad enough for the Kimberlin/Rauhauser crowd that Bullyville took an interest in him and directed his large readership  to many Rauhauser foes in the process:

So run along and connect to a TOR node in Switzerland and create a bunch of pastebins about me that 100 people will read. By the time you’re done with that, I guarantee you over 250,000 people will have read this.

but the TYPE of readership Bullyville has that means a lot of trouble.

Bullying is a hot topic, a week can not go by where the national media doesn’t bring it up, it’s become a cause célèbre for the famous and many millions of ordinary people who likely never spend a single day on a political blog have an interest in it.

That means that like the Three Stooges when their shorts were first shown on TV, the Kimberlin/Rauhauser story is now being exposed to an entirely new audience who are not only being informed but are being directed to a series of web sites that have told their story with even more detail than Mr. McGibney and all of this is going on while the Kimberlin suit is going forward.

I suspect this marks the beginning of the end of their effectiveness. Particularly if Mr. McGibney decides to take an interest in the source of their funding which I suspect is a very interesting story indeed.

My advice at this point to the Kimberlin/Rauhauser crowd would be to ride on, to cut and run in the hopes that he doesn’t pursue this further, I suspect, however that it’s already too late.


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We’ll talk the elections in VA& NJ what they are and what they’re not, we’ll talk a little about the Kimberlin case focusing on a piece at the Bullyville site as well.

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Chico: l could have told you they´d sell us out. Farmers…Farmers! No honor, no loyalty – nothin´. All they care about is their precious crops and the miserable dirt they dig in. l hate ´em. l hate ´em all.

Chris: Sure you hate them. Because you come from a village just like that one. You yourself are a farmer.

Chico: Yes. Yes, l´m one of them. But who made us the way we are? Hm? Men with guns. Men like Calvera and men like you. And now me.

The Magnificent Seven 1960


Yesterday I  wrote about how the fears of Obamacare have existed on the left for quite a while, but there is one other fear that the current Obamacare panic that to some degree crosses party lines and is one of the reasons why the Tea Party frustrates both the left and the right.

When you have people whose entire life is political the possibility of losing a race is the end of the world.  Where shall they go when their influence is gone?  What shall they do if they haven’t stored up sufficient chits with the movers and shakers who demand the favors from congress.

That’s why the Tea Party and their candidates confuse them so.

Invariably Tea Party members have lives.  They are nurses or businessmen or career soldiers.  They are retired people with grandchildren that they could be spending their time and efforts with.  While you will find the odd opportunist in the lot anyone who has attended or covered Tea Party events realize the basic truth that they have meaningful lives outside of the political sphere.

This extends to many tea party pols elected to congress.  Their lives had purpose before congress and the long term plan for them is to return to those lives, so electoral defeat while painful and not welcome is not the end of the world to them.

That is what bothers their opponents on K street. It’s very hard to buy or scare people who aren’t afraid of what you threaten it’s also why a longtime GOP operative could endorse Terry McAuliffe with this words

“I was looking at the candidates, and I saw Terry McAuliffe as the guy who will work with everybody to get things done,” Marcus said in a phone interview with the AP.

The AP noted too that McAuliffe’s campaign touted the endorsement in a statement from Marcus: “I’ve never before supported any Democrat, but this election Terry is the clear choice for mainstream conservatives.”

…back in August and nobody in the GOP said boo.

The Tea Party might bother K-Street but it absolutely terrifies congressional leaders of both parties and political operatives.  If there is one thing they can’t understand it’s a pol whose first thought isn’t his own advancement, let alone the concept that there is something more important than re-election.

and there is nothing a person fears more than something they don’t understand.

The worst time to send out tweets like this:

Is two days after a GOP operative helped defeat the GOP/Teaparty nominee in a governors race.  It causes me to link to posts like this:

But remember: big tent! We must all stick together! Unless it’s Richard Lugar refusing to back Richard Mourdock after being beaten in the primary; or Charlie Crist switching parties; or Karl Rove attacking Christine O’Donnell on the night of her primary upset; or the attacks on Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and a host of other conservatives who continue to vex the “pragmatic,” “pro-business” (read: crony capitalist) GOP establishment, who has watched as outsiders — citizen legislators — have invaded their turf and upset status quo that “comity” and “collegiality” covered for.

I’ve already written that if the GOP & Tea Party work together is a winning combination but such a partnership can only be built on trust and that trust has to be earned.


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