DaTechWife: Wendy Tapia A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

My wife isn’t very political and gets sick of me talking politics so much. She hates going to political events and tends to tune out when I mention stories that interest me.

But when I mentioned this NY Post piece:

The FDNY let her graduate anyway — and gave her five more deadlines over the past six months to pass the running test.

She failed all five times, insiders said.

And Glenn’s reaction:

It’s almost like it’s about quotas over qualifications or something.

She cut the Gordian knot in just a few words.

It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen when she kills somebody because she’s not qualified.

and she put the exclamation point on the subject:

“How are they going to explain “diversity” to a grieving family when somebody dies from her not being qualified”

Given our litigious society I suspect my wife’s former words would have a lot more effect that the later.