If there is one theme we have seen over and over again It’s how important it is to do things in a bi-partisan way.

The media has made a career of telling the American people how the GOP has to start working across the Aisle to create solutions.

Today the Upton bill allowing people to keep their health insurance plans passed the house with a vote of 261-157 with 39 democrats 18.5% of the Democrat caucus voting yes.

While those 39 votes are far shy of the 100 voters democrat votes that people were talking about before the president’s speech those 39 members of congress who crossed the aisle are 39 more than the number who did so to vote for the initial Obamacare law when it passed.

Now that a bi-partisan solution has passed the house I’m sure the mainstream media will celebrate its passage as a symbol of what can be done when both sides work together and Harry Reid in that same spirit of bi-partisan problem solving will bring it up for a fast vote so the White House can talk about how successful government can be when people of both parties work together to solve problems.


I hope none of you were drinking anything when you read that.

Update: Via Gateway pundit the MSM on the Upton bill

NBC called it the “biggest defection of the year.”

Note the use of language here:

When the GOP votes with Democrats it’s “Bipartisan”
When Democrats vote with the GOP they are “Defections”


The White House reiterated its veto threat of a just-passed House bill to allow insurance companies to continue selling insurance plans that don’t meet the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

After all it’s not “Bipartisan” bill it’s a bill passed via “Defections”
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Last week as you might recall Democrats met with Barack Obama in the hopes of finding a way to avoid the disaster Obamacare threatens upon the re-election chances of Senate Democrats who not only voted for the bill but stood unanimously with Harry Reid to make sure it launch was not delayed.

But as Americans en masse started losing their existing health plans that Barack Obama (and Democrats echoing him) time and time again promised, without equivocation, they would be able to keep the panic became uncontrollable.

But it didn’t matter Democrats could not cross Barack Obama. To abandon him risked the wrath of the White House and his fanatical base, including black voter who despite getting less and less of an every shrinking pie supported him overwhelmingly. No Democrat could dare take such a risk without cover.

But then came William Jefferson Clinton.

When Bill Clinton pronounced (without the slightest bit of irony) words to the effect that Barack Obama needed to keep his promises to the American People everything changed.

SUDDENLY: Media that was talking about how LOUSY the plans being cancelled were talking about how they should be kept.

SUDDENLY: Democrat Senators who stood united to keep Obamacare from being delayed and/or defunded and who stood with Harry Reid as he kept parks and vets from being funded to prevent this from happening were scrambling for a vote ANY vote to distance themselves from the Obamacare fiasco.

SUDDENLY: The White House that had no interest in changes to Obamacare was willing to make “administrative changes” to make the law more palatable to voters and healthcare plans that were “junk” a week ago could be kept the law be damned.

But most importantly Democrats SUDDENLY: had a leader to follow. A leader who had an interest in distancing himself and his wife, from this president and administration and a person they could point to when the most loyal of Obama supporters asked why they dared vote against him.

It was the official cutting of tendons of Barack Obama, the laming of the Duck and once the duck is lame the pols with something to lose, will suddenly follow someone else.


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