Pope Francis the Anchoress Follows up

I received a second email from Elizabeth (the Anchoress) Scalia on my Francis post

FWIW, Frank (weathers) thinks they’ll be jumping the bus, soon

The Pope emphasized that something similar or the very same thing is true in the 21st century: “The worldly spirit exists even today, even today it takes us with this desire to be progressive and have one single thought. If someone was found to have the Book of the Covenant and if someone obeyed the law, the king condemned them to death: and this we have read in the newspapers in recent months. These people have negotiated the fidelity to the Lord and this people, moved by the spirit of the world, negotiated their own identity, negotiated belonging to a people, a people that God loves so much that God desires to be like Him.”

She continued on the prospect of the left abandoning this Pope:

I don’t. They’ll continue to deny his orthodoxy for as long as they can. They just won’t report on stuff like this — Francis’ brave bold words from yesterday, which were so countercultural as to be dangerous to folks like the press. They won’t report on the pope giving out rosaries the other day, and calling it “medicine” from the “spiritual pharmacy”. That’s okay. If they want an idol, they’ll build one … but it will be built, as all idols are, on the nothing of themselves.

It has only been six months since Jorge Mario Bergoglio came to the world with a new name, but already MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, channeling his inner tween, has gushed, “is it too early to say Francis is the best pope ever?”

His effusion prompts a different question: Are we, like the ancient Jews at Mount Sinai, and Americans in 2008, molding Francis into an image and polishing him to a high gloss, that we might better see ourselves reflected in him? Are we treating him as we would a god?

She amusingly closes
But then again…there’s a book about that! 🙂