Wanted a Reasonable Liberal for the 4th Bob Beckel Chair

1st Romana: But you can’t just spent the fifty years fishing.

4th Doctor: Well, of course not. I’d get bored.

Doctor Who, The Androids of Tara 1978

Irving C. Saltzberg: Just because I have an idea it doesn’t mean it’s great. It could be lousy.
Writer: It could?
Irving C. Saltzberg: Yeah! What d’ya think?
It’s lousy.
Irving C. Saltzberg: There you are, you see, he spoke his mind. He said my idea was lousy. It just so happens my idea isn’t lousy so get out you goddam pinko subversive, get out!

Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969

Most people understand the concept and appeal of the “Yes man”.

“Yes men” demonstrate power. By forcing others to conform to your opinions you Demonstrate your power generating fear from those beneath you.

“Yes men” create conformity: Because of fear yes men tend to gather together in a group each simultaneously trying to blend in for safety while trying to please the master at the top of the chain.

“Yes men” feed ego: People love to be told they are right, Yes men by definition constantly affirm the leader of the pack thus feeding the ego of the leader.

If there is one this a yea man is not, it’s interesting.

With the exception of high comedy such as this Monty Python Sketch

Yes men are not only boring but don’t add to the conversation.

And that brings us to the New DaTechGuy on DaRadio Panel and the Bob Beckel Chair.

I’ve decided to spice up the Radio show with the addition of a regular rotating panel The Panel will consist of me, Joe (when in studio) A guest conservative in studio (optional) a blogger on the phone, and a rotating liberal in the Bob Beckel Chair.

Bob Beckel of course being the constantly outnumbered liberal on the five. I know a legs chair would draw more customers but this is radio.

You might ask, DaTechGuy: We read you and listen to you for conservative thought, why would you add a liberal to your mix.

Well several reasons.

First conflict is entertaining:

Consider this commercial from nationwide insurance:

While that might work in a 30 second commercial, it can’t carry a show. I mean how interesting is it for me to say “Obama is wrong” and hear 2 to 3 other people say how wrong he is?

Much more interesting to have someone take the other side and deal with the conflict, interesting means more listeners and more listeners means a show that is more marketable.

2nd Conflict is educational:

The reason I watch Morning Joe every morning is to find out what the left thinks. If I know what they think I can build a better argument. By introducing a voice of left opinion to the mix it forces us on the right to be able to answer those arguments.

3rd conflict is confident:

A person confident in their position is not afraid of hearing another side nor are they afraid of being challenged.

Thus the addition of a liberal to our panel in the Bob Beckel Chair. Our rotating set of liberals so far are as follows:

Dominic Nanni not only a liberal but a defender of Marx and communism.

The Blue Barn Stormer Mike Hummell former Hostess baker, Beer enthusiast and Strong Union Man

And Maxine Baptiste my frequent twitter sparing partner weekdays during Morning Joe.

However this still leaves me one liberal short.

While Bob Beckel would be the perfect person for the Bob Beckel Chair it’s likely unlikely he will be joining our show anytime soon. unavailable it’s time to put out the request.

Are you a liberal who is confident enough in your positions to defend them on the radio?

Are you a liberal who is unafraid to take on two to three conservatives one Saturday a month?

Are you able to do this in a way that doesn’t violate FCC rules for radio keeping a civil tongue while you do it?

Then maybe you can be that fourth liberal to take that Bob Becket chair on DaTechGuy on DaRadio.