When last we left Tami Erin she was involved in the Hustler Halloween Party

and that involvement has to some degree had the desired effect:  She has passed 6700 twitter followers

tami progress 2

and her website has cracked the top 900,000 mark in Alexa

tami progress

Personally I’d put a twitter button on that web site to increase the number of followers (no charge) but alas the attention has started to wane.  If you do a google search for Tami Erin under news But alas there hasn’t been much in news since that last burst of activity.
tami progress 3
And the news that’s there isn’t good:

Tami Erin, now 39, starred as Pippi when she was just 14, but images from her childhood role as the red-headed character are being used on multiple websites to promote her recent porn flick.

Now, according to TMZ, Columbia Pictures—the studio behind the family-friendly movie—is ordering the images of 14-year-old Erin not be used to promote the X-rated film.

TMZ reports that lawyers for Columbia demanded sites remove the old Pippi pictures, or else the studio would sue.

That’s from Nov 5th and if you look at Ms. Erin’s twitter stream you will see the latest fan tweet is also from Nov 5th.

So already the interest is down and in fact the problem that I mentioned before remains:

Experience, intelligence and chemistry have little or no value. Her only card against other younger women is a 25 year old children’s movie remembered by fewer and fewer people as time goes by. There are already plenty of younger more voluptuous women ready and willing to carry themselves more provocatively than Ms. Erin. It won’t take long for the novelty to fade and then the stray lesbian kiss, topless shot or swing around a pole will not be enough to retain the interest

And therein lies the problem, is there a formula,  an example,  a business model for the almost 40 year old Ms. Erin to follow to establish and maintain a living in her now chosen field? 

Oddly enough there is. Continue reading “Tami Erin & the Magdalene St. Michaels Business Plan Calculated Risk Required (Content warning)”

If you remember the IRS scandal, where the IRS slow-walked unnumerable applications for non-profit tax status of conservative groups, you probably will see what is happening in Wisconsin as the next step. Last weekend, The Wall Street Journal featured a brief look at what is essentially legal persecution of virtually every group that helped Governor Scott Walker survive his recall election last year.

A bit of background is in order. Public unions had dominated local politics, especially school boards, for years. They had so much power at the school board level that the teachers’ union had their own health insurance company able to overcharge for health insurance. Further, even though the Milwaukee County public employees’ union did not ask for the pension enhancers that led Walker to run for and become Milwaukee County Executive back in 2002, they refused to give them up and were otherwise thorns in Walker’s side throughout his 8-plus years as County Executive.

Near the end of his run as County Executive, Walker asked the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, headed by Democrat John Chisolm, to open a John Doe investigation into an appointee suspected of embezzeling funds intended for veterans. That morphed into a multi-year investigation of Walker’s county staff and donors to his 2010 gubernatorial campaign headed by assistant district attorney Bruce Landgraf. Despite the fact that the John Doe proceedings are supposed to be secret, many tidbits that were played by the media, and specifically the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as well as the Democrat Party of Wisconsin as embarrassing to Walker leaked out during the run-up to his recall election in 2012. After plea-deal convictions of 6 low-level people including the original target, and rather questionable tactics against several people later exonerated, including jailing a businessman for contempt of court because he refused to break state law and turn over credit-card information, that John Doe investigation quietly ended shortly after Walker won his recall election.

Landgraf, apparently unsatisfied that the first John Doe investigation wouldn’t get Walker out of office, opened up a second John Doe targeting virtually every vocal group supporting Walker and the 11 Republican state senators who faced recall elections even before the 2012 set of elections. M.D. Kittle of Wisconsin Reporter has been doing yeoman’s work on the various aspects of this, and I will refer you to Wisconsin Reporter for the 13 pieces (so far) he has written.

In short, the groups are being targeted with subpoenas asking for all communications they made since 2011 and their donor lists, something that is, if memory serves, not a public document in Wisconsin. The fact that it is a John Doe investigation means that the targets are not to disclose that they are targets under penalty of law.

Three unnamed targets of the second John Doe have tried to get it stopped as an overly-broad overreach of prosecutorial power. A 3-judge panel on the Madison-based 4th District Court of Appeals shot that down yesterday. One of the judges was Joanne Kloppenberg, last seen failing to steal a Supreme Court seat from Justice David Prosser in 2011. A second was Brian Blanchard, architect of the Capitol caucus “scandal” in 2002 that attempted to make the Dane County branch of the DPW the dominant power in Wisconsin politics.

Penny: Is anyone gonna tell me what’s going on?

10th Doctor: What, you’re a journalist?

Penny: Yes.

10th Doctor: Well, make it up!

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime 2008


General Staal:Hah! The planet is going nuclear! I admire them. The bravery of idiots is bravery nonetheless.

Doctor Who: The Poison Key 2008

Today Doctor Who celebrates’ it’s 50th anniversary and  on DaTechGuy on DaRadio I complete my 3rd year on the Radio, and the first day of our new Post Nuclear Political world

We’ll be talking the whys and wherefores of the Nuclear Option in the Senate, how it is meant to be a distraction from the ship crashing and burning and the how the republicans should handle it and the Reporter/Master race.

In the Second Hour it’s DaTechGuy’s Panel with Fausta of My Magnificent Seven, old Friend Chip Jones, Joe back in the Studio with me and in the Bob Beckel Chair  Mike Hummell the Blue Barnstormer.

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