Summary:  Can the forgotten heroes of ages past gain their rightful due?


Plot:  Peter Davison , Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy find themselves getting more and more concerned as the filming dates for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special comes ever closed ad they’re not called.    Their repeated calls to Stephen Moffat offices go unanswered and they are driving their families up the wall.  Finally with time running short they decide along  to act with Paul McGann (schedule permitting) to do something about it as Tom Baker is caught in a time eddy.  But if they can’t get Stephen Moffat  to change his minds can they someone sneak onto the set and get themselves in the episode without getting caught and thrown off the set?


Writing:  Peter Davison story is simply fantastic poking fun at all the idioms of both Doctor Who and the fleeting attention of fame.  The genius of the story is that while Doctor Who fans   a person who has never seen the show can easily understand the plot and the comedy.  It both respects and lampoons all the people involved.   The perspective of dealing with the fans on a daily basis really make a huge difference


Acting:   Davison Baker and McCoy all pull it off brilliantly McGann in a smaller role work very well.  John Barrowman who was also disappointed in not making the 50th has a great atypical part.  The number of cameos from not only those involved in the show but the  great and famous from Olivia Colman to Peter Jackson are all excellent but my favorites are the families particular  Colin Baker wife who is just hilarious.  Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat

Anniversary:  Do I really have to say it?


Great Moments:  The Dream sequence, playing with toys,  don’t tell anyone, celery and ice cream, I’ve locked all the doors,  Autographs That’s the making of Documentary,  Russell’s call.


Oddities:    If you look at the Shroud Scene in this picture and in the actual special they sure look alike, (and one of the shrouded Zygons in the actual special is suspiciously short.)


Pet Peeves:   Why are John Barrowman CD’s legal tender to get into the Doctor Who Experience?


Great Quote(s)

Jenna Louise Colman:  You were always my mon’s favorite…pause, camera moves forward then back to her  You were always my favorite


Janet Fielding: Your dreaming Pete, they’re not going to call you Pete, They don’t want you Pete, they don’t want any of you Pete, Get up and walk the dog.

Colin Baker: Oh you’re in the hobbit I didn’t know

Peter Davison: this is not some flash in the pan 500 million dollars picture, this is important!


Final Verdict:  Five Stars and easily of the 4 50th anniversary specials including the big finish , the Night of the Doctor and the Day of the Doctor the best of the batch.  Simply

If we were to rank this in the Doctor who specials of the Matt smith Era, it would be first.

We really can’t rank this as a Doctor Who episode but If we were to rank this in the Doctor Who episodes of the Matt Smith Era it would be 1st.  If I did rank it as an episode in the Matt Smith era it would be just behind Let’s Kill Hitler at 3rd.

Oh just watch it now

Lake County, Illinois
Lake County, Illinois

Mayor Rahm Emanuel favors adding 75 per pack to Chicago’s cigarette taxes. On top of the federal, state, and county fees, this new tax, if enacted, will force Chicagoans to pay $7.42 in taxes–the highest in the nation.

As I am the Marathon Pundit, the only smoke you’ll see me exhale is the kind that came out of my lungs during today’s chilly morning run.

But increasing tobacco taxes effects everyone. Because when smoking taxes go up, a number of things happen. Some quit, which is a good thing, others smoke less, while others seek out their smokes in cheaper jurisdictions, such as Indiana. The southeast side of Chicago borders the Hoosier State.

Even worse, some retailers sell cigarettes without the local tax stamps–not only depriving jurisdictions of revenue, but making it more difficult for honest merchants to compete. For convenience store owners, tobacco sales account for 40 percent of their sales.

Chuck Goudie of ABC 7 Chicago remarked earlier this month about Cook County–where Chicago is and where I live–that black market cigarette profits “are as high as dealing drugs– all at taxpayers’ expense.”

At taxpayers’ expense? Yep. And because smoking tax revenues almost never match bureaucrats’ collection forecasts, eventually funds need to come from elsewhere. So other taxes eventually are hiked. As James Thurber titled one of his stores, “You could look it up.”

The Heartland Foundation quipped that Rahm’s proposed move is “a tax hike Al Capone could have loved.”

Scarface Al, arguably the most famous Chicagoan of the last century, knew a lot about smuggling and illegal markets.

An awful lot of words are going to be said about the Iranian Nukes deal in the next few days. Quite a few well be said by me based on my reading of the deal and what I think our goals  as the United States and the leader  (assuming we still are) of the free world should be and how such a leader should act.

Others will judge this deal based on the needs of the region, the needs of allies or even the needs of humanity or their standards of right and wrong.

But when it comes down to it,  the government makes policy for a nation and their positions determine what deal is good and what is not.  So how do we figure out in reality (rather than by conjecture) if this deal is a good deal or not for America?  Well we have to know the answer to this question:

Is the Untied States of America willing to go to war to prevent Iran from acquiring/developing a nuclear bomb or not?

Mind you not the answer given in public to the nation or the world.  You can’t make the judgement without knowing the true answer to this question that is only known behind closed doors.


If the answer to this question is Yes”:

Then seemingly this deal is not a very good one.  Iran gets funds, has already announce the deal gives them the right to continue development and doesn’t dismantle anything.  It buys Iran time which is the single most important ingredient for an Iranian bomb to take place.  If you are willing to fight the last thing you want to do is put your intended target in a position to better defend.

If the answer to the question is “No”:

Then this deal is much better.  It saves face, gives the appearance of strength, kicks the can down the road and allows the nation to pretend that it actually achieved something that they could not.  Every day that there is seemingly “progress” your decision looks smarter and smarter.  The goal is to buy time for yourself with allies who are scared without revealing that you actually have no intention to defend them.  The longer those allies and the nations of the world believe it  And when Iran eventually  finishes their bomb and announces it to the world of (if they are REALLY smart) develops their bomb and then denies it’s existence publicly we can be shocked SHOCKED that Iran has done this, but oh well, they have the bomb, can’t risk nuclear war so we and the rest of the world will just have to live with it and hopefully contain them, after all it worked with the Soviets.

Since we can only guess the true answer to be base question we will have to wait and watch the re-actions over time to figure out what it is.

It does not matter how small the sins are provided that their cumulative effect is to edge the man away from the Light and out into the Nothing.

C. S. Lewis:  The Screwtape Letters

Then Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”

She replied, “No one, sir.”

Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, (and) from now on do not sin any more.

John 8:10-11

Back on Wednesday Glenn Reynolds linked to a post called Stripping on the side. I found it a rather sad story about a woman who made a lot of bad decisions

At work, I kept my night job to myself. No one knew I was stripping. And no one knew I was sleeping with Jay (although in retrospect I’m sure everyone suspected it). Everyone thought that Jay was a loser. I acted as if I agreed.

Jay’s not a bad guy, I’d sometimes think to myself. He lacked steady employment and had no place to live; I didn’t particularly respect his music and I’d have died if anybody at work found out for certain that we were together. But when it was just Jay and me, I felt at ease. I felt more like myself—normal, safe—without even having to realize that I’d ever felt otherwise. I sometimes wondered what Jay thought of me, whether he liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend, and then I’d remind myself that it didn’t really matter. I already had a boyfriend. Jay knows I’m in a relationship, I’d remind myself. He knows I’m practically married and that what he and I have is simply sex. We’re just using each other, I’d think.

and in return had a lot of bad results.

The name of the woman,  Melissa Petro , didn’t ring a bell with me but I googled her  and found a wealth of articles about her life including the NY Post Story that exposed her past,  got her “exiled” and  finally ending in her resignation from the NYC school system that tagged her under the rather logical assumption that parents might object to knowing the city had  an ex-hooker teaching their grade school kids.

We’re different. I’m from the east she from the mid west, I’ve very conservative, she’s very liberal, I’m a 50-year-old fellow she is young enough to be my daughter (at least if I had gotten married a bit sooner).

I also found we had things in common:  For example we are both trying to make a living out of freelance writing, but while she is writing for places like the Huffington Post, Salon and elsewhere, my writing is pretty much here as I try to draw sufficient monies to pay the bills from my readers rather than various publishers.   (Personally I think my model might work for her both on radio and the net).  I think she would be an excellent choice for the 4th Bob Beckel seat and if it was a paying gig  I think she might take it.

She’s a big Obama person but hope and change apparently aren’t enough

Some days — like when my rent is due and I’ve got less than $400 to my name (not enough to pay my rent), and I’ve got no work because the subways and servers are down, and I’m in a battle with my ex over the apartment we’ve shared for the past five plus years, the cheapest apartment in Manhattan that I can’t afford — and rather than mourning the loss of that relationship, we are bickering over who will get custody of the dog, and it’s suddenly winter and I don’t own a proper coat or boots, and then the coffeemaker breaks, and the world is literally crumbling around us, and Mitt Romney just might be elected president — selling sex sounds like a reasonable solution to at least some of it.

That was a couple weeks ago. Then I got paid. And Obama won.

Now, a week or so later, the fuzzy right-in-the-world feeling of that political victory has trickled away. And so has that paycheck.

One may or may not feel sorry for her but no matter what you feel I think she got a bum deal both from enemies and friends

More disappointing than the arguably predictable moral outrage I faced, however, was the lack of support I received from the very communities who had emboldened me to speak in the first place—namely, the feminists and sex workers whom I had assumed myself to represent. One online women’s magazine (which I now write for) described as “disgusting” what they saw as my desperate plea for attention. Sex workers contacted me to dispute my account of the work as “spiritually bankrupting” and my claim that working as a prostitute had required that I sometimes be dishonest.

Oddly the more I’ve read her work, the more it seems to be, well,  venting.  Almost as if writing about herself, was a therapeutic event.  A good example being the double standard of a Spitzer or a Weiner getting a shot while she was crashing:

After I was fired, I couldn’t pay my rent. (Even now, freelance writing and the seminars I teach barely pay the bills.) Because of the negative publicity, I lost the part-time jobs that subsidized my teaching salary. And it would only get worse: When I surrendered my fight for my job, the Department of Education contested my unemployment, even though my resignation agreement had stipulated that they wouldn’t; this was the only reason I didn’t go to trial. I moved back in with an ex-boyfriend, falling back into an emotionally abusive relationship. I was four years in recovery for alcohol and sex addiction and 31 years old. Selling sex was out of the question, even though this option haunted me more then than it had in years.

Perhaps it’s the Sicilian father in me always wanting to see people together or maybe because I still remember how crushing being alone can be I found myself oddly delighted to see she has seemingly found a nice guy:

When I met my BF, there were a couple “red flags”: he didn’t drink (alcoholic!), he was five years younger than me, he’d never had a serious girlfriend before, he worked for the NY Post. I’m glad I overlooked my prejudices and gave him a chance.

Because he works for the NY Post, something he told me in one of our first conversations, it seemed illogical to withhold who I was, and so I told him right away. He said something to the effect of “I’m sorry that happened to you” — regarding this. Then, he told me something personal about himself to even the playing field. Right response! Moving on!

I’ve now read about a dozen of Ms. Petro’s articles and several about her  It strikes me that her situation from the bad early choices ,  the inevitable consequences, ups and down and the daily struggle to regain personal dignity in an unforgiving world are likely more common in our modern society than we realize and that’s when it hit me…

…the pontificate of Pope Francis is made for people of this age exactly like her.


Pope Francis is constantly giving the message of welcome, from the washing of the feet  to those who have been rejected from the very start

That the emphasis of this Pontificate mercy Mercy MERCY:

I am always struck when I reread the parable of the merciful Father. … The Father, with patience, love, hope and mercy, had never for a second stopped thinking about [his wayward son], and as soon as he sees him still far off, he runs out to meet him and embraces him with tenderness, the tenderness of God, without a word of reproach. … God is always waiting for us, he never grows tired. Jesus shows us this merciful patience of God so that we can regain confidence and hope — always!

The culture and its norms are empty, they don’t provide purpose or support.  The drug and sex purported to be freedom provide no escape for the nothingness that surrounds them.  This Pope through Christ offers purpose of life, support in need and escape from emptiness.

Neither Christ nor his Pope reject you when you fail.   Francis constantly reinforces the message to the woman about to be stoned,  no amount of failure or falling back will make him close the doors if you a willing to walk in and try.

The Holy Spirit knows what he’s doing, at a time when the fruits of the rejection are coming to their height and more and more find themselves outcast and abandoned and at this very time the Spirit whispers first to the old Pope who steps aside, then to the college who fills the chair of Peter and to Francis who extends Christ’s hand who have found the promises of the world empty and shallow.

And sometimes he extends that message in person.  I’d get a charge out of that but when it comes down to it…

That’s why he’s here, the right Peter at the right time to help the Melissa Petro’s of the world find themselves all they have to do is ask.

And remember there are millions of Melissa Petro’s out there who need to hear that message of hope.

Update: Re-wrote redundant sentence.


Olimometer 2.52

It’s Sunday the last week of the month and the weekly goal has been restarted.

17 readers at $20 each will make the weekly goal. With the short fall from the beginning of the month it will however take 23 reader at the same price to make the months goal as well.

Be one of them, make it happen.