The Only Standard to judge if the Iran deal is a Good one for the United States

An awful lot of words are going to be said about the Iranian Nukes deal in the next few days. Quite a few well be said by me based on my reading of the deal and what I think our goals  as the United States and the leader  (assuming we still are) of the free world should be and how such a leader should act.

Others will judge this deal based on the needs of the region, the needs of allies or even the needs of humanity or their standards of right and wrong.

But when it comes down to it,  the government makes policy for a nation and their positions determine what deal is good and what is not.  So how do we figure out in reality (rather than by conjecture) if this deal is a good deal or not for America?  Well we have to know the answer to this question:

Is the Untied States of America willing to go to war to prevent Iran from acquiring/developing a nuclear bomb or not?

Mind you not the answer given in public to the nation or the world.  You can’t make the judgement without knowing the true answer to this question that is only known behind closed doors.


If the answer to this question is Yes”:

Then seemingly this deal is not a very good one.  Iran gets funds, has already announce the deal gives them the right to continue development and doesn’t dismantle anything.  It buys Iran time which is the single most important ingredient for an Iranian bomb to take place.  If you are willing to fight the last thing you want to do is put your intended target in a position to better defend.

If the answer to the question is “No”:

Then this deal is much better.  It saves face, gives the appearance of strength, kicks the can down the road and allows the nation to pretend that it actually achieved something that they could not.  Every day that there is seemingly “progress” your decision looks smarter and smarter.  The goal is to buy time for yourself with allies who are scared without revealing that you actually have no intention to defend them.  The longer those allies and the nations of the world believe it  And when Iran eventually  finishes their bomb and announces it to the world of (if they are REALLY smart) develops their bomb and then denies it’s existence publicly we can be shocked SHOCKED that Iran has done this, but oh well, they have the bomb, can’t risk nuclear war so we and the rest of the world will just have to live with it and hopefully contain them, after all it worked with the Soviets.

Since we can only guess the true answer to be base question we will have to wait and watch the re-actions over time to figure out what it is.